Wondering something! i think is wierd :s

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    Hello everyone when i'm playing pirate clan on (myspace) and then attacking normal people in battle thats has alot more inner circle then me then i win battle there i get like 30-50 exp per hit if i go in cagematch and attack someone with same lvl as me and lower captains i get like 70-80 exp per hit and iam only lvl 224, not sure if its right exp i should get :p but i dont care its just great for me i make like 10 lvls in 5-10 min :p
  2. cages depends on your attack strength and opponents defense strength.base stats where capts dont count.

    ive been finding myself caging alot on hi5 since im a fair size and some are small.

    and if small for some time you naturally add heavy atk/def which equals a cage warrior

    i just saw that your opponents are larger.......well either way same concept
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  3. Samme

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    Ohh allright thanks! didnt knew dat :p but now i do :p
    I'ma try out hi5 tho :p

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