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Discussion in 'Ideas Under Review' started by Survival Streak 0, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Um boys I think we are getting off track here, peace and luv in the forum, keep the mayhem and death in the game :eek:
  2. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    My 2 cents: this isn't necessary. So I'm looking forward to the announcement later on today that this has been implemented.
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  3. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    this doesn't matter to me, but if it's not hard to implement, what's the harm?
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    hahahaha Yup I bet ya right :p
  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    well not sure if I want my ingame message box filled with News, I am a very social player, :confused: have so much clan and they never shut up , whether ingame or in FB groups and messages, one more message could bring me to a dark place:mad:
  6. Hellhavenofury:)

    Hellhavenofury:) Active Member

    like this possibility great idea
  7. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    I think news to our inbox is not necessary. I already have plenty of messages to go through from clan, and sometimes even have to delete some just to find one I wanted to reread. People just need to make a habit of looking at the news link more often.
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  8. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Just don't make these inbox messages sticky for 2-3 days as the News are now :p
  9. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    Wendy, you might want to take that face mask off. It is squeezing your brain cells a little to tight :p
  10. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    How about putting a setting on the page where you turn 'alerts' for the news on/off?
    That way people who aren't interested in reading news in their inbox won't be bothered when new news comes in.

    Also the setting would be setting would be off by default :p
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  11. Dale Barrie

    Dale Barrie Active Member

    I like they idea but I'd also like it so it doesn't show a notification for news for ones I've all ready read like the current news does! I believe someone said similar so it must be annoying for them too :)
  12. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I would definitely ask the developers to include an opt-out for sure.
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  13. kamikazeweasel

    kamikazeweasel Active Member

    Definitely a good idea love it
  14. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    I am afraid I wouldnt like that because I feel it will cluster my inbox. Keeping the news on the side of the game is probably best
  15. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    its practical ideea, news on home page are also visible but why not!!?!!
  16. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana Well-Known Member

    I heard the word pizza, I am hungry
  17. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    ONLY if it means I don't constantly have a new news flag when there is no new news.

    Quite honestly, Not a fan. We are now too lazy to look to our left?

    And the important ones are in WC anyway.

    So meh. But hey whatever floats your boat.

    Just one more thing to delete from my inbox so msgs with links don't go missing.
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  18. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    I prefer that more important issues are looked into first (send all for gifts :p )
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  19. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    kano has stated that a lot of these ideas are on the back burner while they take care of other things.
  20. DeathMo the Drifter

    DeathMo the Drifter Active Member

    I like the idea i dont get enough messages anyway :) pizza was great lol

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