[ZS] October 11th Update - Limited Quantity Items

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    An update was released to Zombie Slayer today that welcomes the introduction of Limited Quantity Items. These items are similar to the Limited items we currently offer however they are not limited by time but rather quantity sold, so once each item sells out they gone forever. As such these items will *not* be available as Sale items in the future.

    To view and/or purchase these new items head to The UN under Limited Items or your Inventory under the category of your choosing (Weapon, Armor, Vehicle). You will be able the items stats as well as how many are remaining to be bought.

    The UN


    Home Page
    You can use the link on the bottom right to toggle between the regular Limited items and the Limited Quantity items. There is no default view and it will randomly pick a limited set type to display when you hit the homepage.

    As with any of our new features we appreciate your comments and feedback so please add it to this thread.
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    If they are ever added to the home page, please make a confirming button. It would be a shame if someone buys it accidentally, asks for a refund and the item's lost forever.
  3. Are these a one-off treat?

    Or rather a guinea-pig for future limited quantity limited items?

    Is there a limit to the amount of times i can say "limit" or "limited", hey maybe even "limitation"?

    This requires careful consideration and downright contemplation!

    No no... No, no no no... No, no no no, no no - I don't know where I'm going
    ...with this.
  4. Smack

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    There are more sets of limited quantity items planned to follow this if that is what you are asking.

    Are you channeling your inner '2 Unlimited'? That last sentence is eerily similar to the lyrics for "No Limit" by 2 Unlimited but you are gonna have to set your way back machine to 1993 to pick up on that.
  5. That was indeed what I was asking, VERY good answer! :D

    I currently have no UN after rather foolishly... Nevermind.. That doesn't need to go here.

    Good thing this past year has taught me a valuable lesson. A lesson I don't really think I should share, it's not that hard a lesson to learn so why not let everyone learn it for themselves.
    I'm D:reaming of a petrifying Halloween. That's all I need to say :p

    And here I was just thinking I had developed some sort of typing stammer...

    Fortunately there is no (no, no no no no) need for one of these "way back machines", lol, the past can be brought right up to the present with that thing... erm... (Audi)O-Tub.

    You'll never believe it! It will even revive the memory of MC Hammer!

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