[ZS] November 4th Update - Kano Chat Beta

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Loren, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Kano Chat Beta is now live on Zombie Slayer, here is a quick usage guide:

    - By typing: /w <message> - Messages can be posted to the World for 1 Speaker, Speakers can be purchased through the UN.
    - By typing: /f <message> - Messages are posted to your Faction, granted you are a Faction member. Faction message posts are free.
    - Filters on the right hand side allow you to Hide/Show particular message types. Filter states will be remembered on your next visit to the game.
    - A Minimize/Maximize and Close button are located in the top right hand corner. Min/Max values are remembered, so on your next visit to the game Chat will open in that view.
    - Should you choose to close the Chat Client, a CHAT icon will be present in the Game Bar. Click that to re-enable the chat feature.
    - Hover over a player to get their full name, click on their name to get options:
    1) Mute : mute all messages from this user until your next visit to the game.
    2) Report: report a user to Kano Support.
    3) View Profile : view the players profile page.
    - You can un-mute players by clicking on the Setting icon in the bottom left hand corner then removing them from your Mute list.

    Additional Notes:
    - All messages are logged, so please watch your language otherwise you will be banned.
    - Messages are limited to 110 characters.
    - Posting any non-relevant link through Kano Chat is not allowed. Spam links are filtered. Relevant links include links to your Network Profile, your Game Profile, the kano/apps website, and the kano/apps forum.

    The Group Chat feature:

    - Click on a players name to open up the settings, then click Add to Group. This sends an invite to the target.
    - The target user is prompted to Join or Decline the invitation.
    - The Group's creating User, then has the option of removing active group members by clicking on the Setting Cog in the bottom left corner.
    - Alternately players can also leave a group by clicking the Settings Cog and clicking the Leave Group link.

    **Note: If the group owner leaves a group, Player Removal rights do not pass on. You are better off to leave this group and create a new group with active players.

    Your Kano Chat Group is persistent, so the next time you load the page you will rejoin your group. Group Chat history is logged which should give you some context of your groups discussion while you are away. On the Setting panel you will see a list of recently active group members.

    The ability to invite in-game friends is still under development, we should have that feature tied in soon.

    Please post any feedback, or issues here and we will address them.
  2. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson New Member

    Any way to earn speakers?
  3. how long do speakers last? since you have to pay for that feature, seems kind of pointless in a way doesnt it? I mean you got facebook chat, groups, im, etc etc.
  4. So what

    So what Member

    nice feature

    but oh so open to abuse..and no im not impressed with this

    ahad yermahan.jpg ahad yermahan.jpg

    Welcome Zombie Slayers to the Kano Chat Beta
    a day ago
    Chat Admin:
    Please note that all messages are logged any unacceptable language will result in a ban.

    well his comments are unacceptable

    not the first of his ,,,lets see if its his last
  5. Rofl. Stop crying.

    Hey Kano, this is a STUPID addition. And yet another place where you try to PROFIT instead of releasing CONTENT that matters to your PLAYERS. (who are the ones that keep your money coming in mind you)
  6. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    how long do speakers last? since you have to pay for that feature, seems kind of pointless in a way doesnt it? I mean you got facebook chat, groups, im, etc etc

    from my understandings of the chat is that it cost 1 un per post wether it a world or group post...i agree with anthony kano should do more for the game it self then making more way to spend uns... come on kano this is kinda silly...
  7. jon french

    jon french Member

    Pointless and inane addition to game.
  8. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Speakers last forever, there is no expiry date so use them at whatever pace suits your need. Right now, there is no way to earn Speakers. We are doing this to prevent players from spamming the world message board. Although some messages are still sneaking through, yes we are actively banning players for posting rude messages.

    If you do not find this feature useful, you do have the option of minimizing it or hiding it all together. Note that Faction Chat and Group Chat are totally free though, so can be a nice easy way to communicate with your Friends. Especially for players on KanoGames.com who do not have any method of chatting.

    Look for a Group Chat enhancement real soon, allowing your to invite your in-game friends to your Group.
  9. Ace

    Ace Member

    I don't like this feature, at least not for ZS. I get the point on the three other apps where people need to massively get other players to join their squad though.

    I just hope a new challenge comes out soon. India's been the last for over 6 months so far.

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