[ZS] June 30th Update - New Characters

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  1. cbhitman

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    If ya get all 3 characters does that increase on health, stamina etc. Continue on all and can ya change characters often
  2. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    if i am the butcher and still purchase the woodsman, can i alternate them??
  3. It may seem inferior, but i'm actually starting to think it's not that bad. I've been thinking... No "ouch" this time, i swear! :confused:
    1 point of energy gets you what? 1xp if you go ALLLLL the way back to USA. It then increases as you progress, but it will never; ever match stamina for gaining XP... OR killing fools.

    1 point of stamina gets you what? Anything from 20ish xp all the way up to 150/160/170xp from a fight. Around 300 for tapping a boss, dropped to 150ish after the doubletap.

    Hit me up when 1 energy can give you 300xp.

    Stamina does need to be slower than energy, but i do agree that it could/should/hopefully would be a bit quicker than it currently is with the Butcher/Machinist. Not too much, just a little bit quicker... That 2:40 sounds ok, but maybe 2:30 would be better to give it a nice round number :cool:

    You are an incompetant buffoon. Maybe your forum name should be ibhitman instead, because you certainly are not a competant buffoon. They don't even exist.

    Of course i know about getting stamina boosts from the daily reward, you incompetant buffoon but that is a 50% (?) chance once a day, and the first couple are pretty measly amounts.

    I was trying to get us a regular, daily, guaranteed stamina refill we could send our squadmates as the daily reward keeps on giving me energy when i need more stamina to kill fools like YOU!

    Give it up with your wanting to swap between characters, that's a stupid idea. Make your choice, go through with it and stick to it. If you want the income boost that badly then buy the one with the stamergy method that you use the most. Or just buy the new character every time you change your mind. I'm sure Kano would love for you to do that. Maybe they would let you switch between them at will after you have bought them both twice, or bought all 3 of them once.

    And hey, since you seem to think i don't play hows about you punch me and let me play with you...

    Come on.. Say hello, please. I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!

    EDIT: To the Mods, you seriously can't delete this post for me linking a player...


    And someone needs to teach him to use the EDIT button, talk about needless double/triple/quad? posting...
    Forum nubs spamming to increase post count is so lASt year...
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  4. cbhitman

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    Dont have no facebook, anyway i guess ya dont know the answer to the question at hand....
  5. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    The answer is NO

    You cannot buy one, then the other and alternate between them.
    There is no need whatsoever to use multiple characters and change between them, you make your choice and stick with it. You can't have everything.

    Stupid questions require no answer other than some sort of /facepalm or other similar gesture. You got lucky for some reason. You got an actual answer and a facepalm!

    Well actually because i came back to this thread to add actual numbers rather than guesstimation on a much more serious matter at hand. The weight of the regeneration rate between stamina and energy...

    You earned +329 XP for joining this Coop Boss Fight.
    +$43,972 | +26 XP | 120 Health Lost | - 1 Stamina | 5,179 Health Damage Dealt

    +355 XP for 1 stam, +381 after the second tap so +190 XP per stam for the double tap

    Double tapping bosses is much more effective for quick levelling than unloading for drops (that are utterly useless for me now, what's the point in nearly 100 Striker Gears or 27 Lion Skin Capes when we have a top squad of only 20, and more than half of them are UN), single 1stam taps on every boss may give more xp per stam but that is highly foolish in my opinion! You lose out on a small slice of xp upon the death of the boss, and much more importantly the small chance at a free UN

    Now look what you're gone and done you stupid [CENSORED] you've only gone and given away your tactic! :confused:

    Oh look, i'm such a nub i don't even know that i can get stamina from the daily reward.

    :eek:What's that???

    There's a daily reward? What's a daily reward?

    Can i just have cake instead?
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  6. cbhitman

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    If you are able to purchase a new character, you have all weapons, gear, etc. Which is alright so why not character???
  7. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    If i have the butchers cleaver now, and purchase the woodsman and get the hedge trimmer both are in inventory,, but what of characters???
  8. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    THOUGH THE SENIOR MEMBER REPLIED, I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD FROM KANO..... KANO needs money if people buy all 3 characters hmmm...
  9. i would agree to be able to test all 3 new characters before making a final decision


    i would also say that any items from the previous characters are gone from inventory

    maybe have test period a week or 2 per character

    giving 3 or 6 weeks to make up your mind
  10. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    I think that goes without saying though...

    Seriously, it's not like there's an advert in Kano's parking lot with a load of Kano branded Wacky Wailing Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men advertising these week or 2 trials on new characters for Zombie Slayer...

    "Come one, come all.. Flail your fingers over your mouse on top of this BRAND NEW BUTCHER/GARDENER/MACHINIST and try them out, free of charge! for ONE, maybe TWO WHOLE WEEKS just to see if they suit you. AND IF NOT you can always try a different one! AND IF NOT... Who cares we'll still give you the items you would have gotten if you actually had went through with the purchase and become one of these BRAND NEW CHARACTER CLASSES!"

    Picture it. You know what i mean.

    It's just NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

    SIDENOTE: These Wacky Wailing Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men just reminded me of something i was meant to do hours ago. Thanks, Wacky Wailing Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men, i'll get right on it!
  11. Ace

    Ace Member

    Hell no, leave it as it is, there are three new characters so people actually need to choose, if you feel like switching between them like crazy, Kano's gonna be more than happy to receive 100 UNs for each time you do.

  12. well if i wasnt specific in my last post

    ill specify it a little more

    it wouldnt be "free of charge"

    in order to test them out

    you would of had to spend 100 UN on one of them

    and if ya wanna switch

    those 3 starting items from previous character should be taken away

    and if decide ya dont want any of the 3

    100 UN wasted lol
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