[ZS] January 27th Update - New Orleans Bosses

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    2 new bosses were released to New Orleans in Zombie Slayer today.

    The Jester - Single Boss
    Beware the twisted terror cackling down New Orleans' ruined streets. This maniacal monster will tear you apart with glee. Will the curtain fall on you as you battle the Jester, or will you have the last laugh?

    Dr. Voodoo - Co-op Boss
    You'll venture deep into the twisted heart of the dark bayou to battle a new swamp monster. Can you survive the wicked black magic of Dr. Voodoo?

    Please leave any feedback regarding these new bosses in this thread.
  2. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    Thanks for putting out the bosses relatively close to when the location came out.

    I was getting sick of waiting a month or two for bosses. :)
  3. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    about time:) but ya took so long now we need another country with new outbreaks. that would ensure your players to keep playing along with some automatic slayers for our fightlist, its been over a year with the same old faces everyday! how boring!!!!!!!!!!
  4. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    same old ugly faces everyday, im just saying we need something auto on the fightlist!!!!!!!!!
  5. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    automatic, KANO bots, whatever do something though!!!!!!!
  6. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    You're not that pretty either hahahahaha :p
  7. 011

    011 New Member

    Keep the new
    countries coming !!
  8. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    The Undead does help with the fight list and is similar to what you suggest.
  9. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    undead? please! come-on, un-dead..bahahahaha
  10. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    This Zombie Slayer is no longer available for attacks, give them a break and try attacking another Squad! I EVEN GET THIS TRYING FOR UN-DEAD.. BUNCH OF B.S.

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