[ZS] Developer Update September 12 - Level Up Energy Refill

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  1. Kano already made it very clear they will help those with more energy than the capped amount by allowing a reallocation of skill points on a case by case basis.. STOP BITCHING
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  2. Kamandi2

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    Aside from using language, that if I was a mod, would earn you a permanent ban, you clearly have no understanding of the issue.

    A reallocation of points is meaningless if you the player is forced to completely change the play style of the game they have been playing for a year and a half. Kano is trying to force (intentionally or not) one play style as valid and another play style as invalid.
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Please write into support directly, long time players are much easier case to deal with than a 60 day player.

    This is our fault, when releasing new locations the game designer was not taking full consideration into the amount of energy that was being rewarded on level up, with the most recent 2 locations (last 60 days) this has become a major issue and we have to make either a change to the rewards paid out from outbreaks or tweak the level up refills, our decision was to make the energy refills more balanced with that of what players are getting for stamina.

    If you have an issue with the refill please write into support directly and we will handle it on a case by case basis.

    Where it becomes tricky is for 60 day players that have gone all energy, that have relied on other players to kill all there bosses.
  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will be lowering the refill energy down to 4500 and think that will be a fair balance between stamina and energy in the game with the new location that is about to be released.

    Again, if you feel that this unfairly impacts your account please write in to support and we will do our best to make you as happy as possible but it will very much so have to be handled on a case by case basis.
  5. Kamandi2

    Kamandi2 New Member

    Since I'm still about 350 points away from hitting 4500 energy, I'll see how things go. Since I'm guessing that the refill level is nothing that can vary from account to account and is instead a global variable that applies to all accounts, I'll have to see what happens once I hit 4500. I guess I can start throwing more into Stamina since it can be used on bosses and I'm only at 515 points there. I still have no interest in the fighting aspect of the game, but who knows.
  6. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Look i can understand this update, with the speed you can level between the 500's and up to 1000, but once your over 1000 and in the 1400's like me, even having 9000 energy doesnt level you very fast, would it be an option at all the put the energy limit as a percentage times the players level?

    I don't mind you not wanting to do this thats understandable, but i have sent a few messages to support but they are really taking their time, and i wuld prefer to try and get this sorted out if i can sometime in the next 2 days, as i am going away for a few weeks very shortly
  7. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Kendall, i have conteacted support as you told me to, but i am not happy with their offer to reduce my energy to 7000.
    Kano has wronged me by doing this and therefore i should be given a full compensation.
    I would like to please have my energy reduced to 4500 and to be given 4464 skill points in return, i would be willing to accept for my energy to be dropped to 5000 or 6000 at the least Thankyou for hearing my case and i expect to recieve a reply results soon before i leave for my holiday in 2 days.

    If for some reason you do not wish to give me 4464 skill points to allocate as i please, i will be willing to talk to a member from kano to allocate them for me.

    I would also like to point out that yes, you said something about your developers making a mistake with having the energy maximum to high, thats fine, if you believe now that it was to high then by all means reduce it, but as YOU clearly said yourself it is your developers fault, not mine or any other energy player; so it is completely unfair on us for you to not help us get back on track after completely destroying our characters.
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  8. It was unfair to the players of the other Kano Games, VC PC and LCN (each receiving only 500 energy upon levelling up alongside a somewhat measly 50 stamina), and a substantial quantity of those players have been playing for more than a year. Some for more than two years.

    Players spending so much of their lives clicking pictures to do some jobs (whatever they may be called in the game they play), killing some bosses or killing some fools that find their way onto their rivals list should not be made to feel insignificant by some new starters that think they are the mutt's nuts by putting all their skill points into one area.

    Endless outbreak levelling requires no thought, no tactics and no timely reactions / mouse movement. (i have done it, albeit only to whatever level i got to before i, myself got banned and had to relinquish all of my accounts to regain control of this one)

    Endless outbreak levelling combined with an alt+tab and then the timely reactions, mouse movement and clicking/killing is a different matter entirely. But that is not allowed and i shouldn't have done it :p

    Just had to see what could be done, what i could do.

    Even one hitlist catch in this manner would be significant, no need to mention the fact that there was a Faction Message Board full of them on this occasion.

    What was i meant to be talking about again?

    Oh yeah, energy accounts being the easy mode and them being balanced to bring the fairness that Kano strives for to the already laden table of gameplay that we all experience.

    I suppose a One Trick Pony won't fare too well in a moderate distance competition filled with professional Racehorses now, will it?

    Sure, it might hold the weight of a Wee Man... Maybe... But what is it going to do once that Wee Man levels up, grows older and puts on a bit of middle-aged spread?

    Switch from Lurpak to Utterly Butterly, featuring Omega-3 oils?

    Now it might just be me, but something smells fishy about that...

    Maybe it tastes fishy, who knows. I just learned to reach up my nostril with my tongue and i'm having difficulty undoing that which i have just done.

    I seem to be unable to tell the difference at this moment in time, can't it just always be both?

    Please just let it be both, c'mon man i can't even chew things!

    Anyway, i'm quite fond of analogies.

    In the case of putting all of your eggs in one basket, what do you do when the handle snaps!?
    No, telling the chicken to give birth to lighter babies wasn't the correct answer. Our survey says... Eh NERRRRRRR!

    tl;dr: Powerlevelling in ZS is FAR too easy, try playing VC, PC or LCN and see how lucky you once were with your non-stop, endless outbreak levelling into 4-digit level figures!

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