[ZS] Developer Update November 9th - Hitist / Booby Trap Bugfix

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Craig KillZZ

    Craig KillZZ Member

    What is WRONG with you People ? . If someone spends $200 Billion to hit someone and that person jumps on a $10 billion booby trap it makes the hit process USELESS. The money MUST go back to the person spending the money to list the person..Period.. While its true that there are "other" problems, kano seems to be working them out, just a tad slow at times.
    As far as Chain Hitting.. True[/SIZE] there should be a limit somewhere down the line maybe 5 from each person.

    Then lets talk about Taunting... That's Part of the Game. To Get a person ANGRY, ..dud.. there is NOTHING Wrong with that, its a game for christs sake.

    and lastly,

    Some of you at higher levels, seem to have forgotten how you got there! I seem to remember lots of complaining that there were too few people to do battle with !! Now that we have many more people AND ANY level can and will list "anyone", (including the top 10) WHY are you Complaining? SOME People 1000 levels above others, are attacking and KILLing without even a punch!! (Over & Over) Every detail of this game CANNOT be changed to suit the few who are the "Professional Complainers." People who are 'trying' to get a foothold, may NEED to KillZZ someone at a much higher level, (several times) if they can get the money to serve that revenge, SO BE IT. We have all paid our dues to get to where we are. Live with it.

    Quit Constant Complaining - Play the Game
  2. Sarah Hughes

    Sarah Hughes New Member

    No it doesn't... it just means that person who 'jumps the booby' wants you to waste your $200 Billion as you are obviously stupid enough to list someone at that price/ are part of a chain listing campaign...

    No it shouldn't... if that is the case then the person listed needs to get their exp back/lose none, because they still died.

    Don't agree with this either!! Why should there be any restrictions?? If people are gonna heal up, then it's their look out if someone is being vengeful enough to want to chain list them. This is where the 'jumpin on a booby' tactic is a perfect defence... wait a minute while I go around in a circle?

    Okay...done :p

    Finally, something I AGREE with... ya don't like being taunted... use the block button... simple.

    Yup... tru dat... !!

    P.S I just agreed with your last point, as I really didn't understand what you were getting at, in the main, and would hate to be thought of as totally disagreeable :D
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  3. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    i like the way u go on this nice long tirade with all the big bold letters about why u think its pointless for the money not to go back to the lister and then throw this line in there...LMAO, what a joke!!!
  4. Craig KillZZ

    Craig KillZZ Member

    you have as much Brains as a tick. Chain listing has nothing NOTHING to do with hit list money!!
  5. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    so what does chain listing have everything to do with smart guy??? now it makes all the sense in the world why u say the things that u say...U ARE CLUELESS!!!
  6. Craig KillZZ

    Craig KillZZ Member

    addressed to Bo Baby --> I dont care how many times someone chain lists another person. It just seems to me after reading what 'others' wrote that if a high level person (say 1000) goes after a smaller person (say 500) that the higher lvl person will be spending next to nothing to hit list them and can repeatedly hit (say 20 times) spending maybe 5 billion dollars total. while on the other hand the lower lvl person will be spending at least that hitting the lvl 1000 person the FIRST time! any repeated listing of the higher lvl person will cost higher and higher amounts. Dont you think at some point it gets a little 'lop sided' ?? I personally could care less, however, try looking at it from a lower level position. Day after day the amounts reset and day after day that high lvl person could 'ruin' the lower persons gaming experience. You being a 'grand master' should be thinking of all lvls, not just for yourself, and YES, I call that attitude a "tick" Brain. Do you want new blood entering the game? or do you want them to go elsewhere? IDIOT

  7. So if we are going to have a problem with the levels thing... Okay sounds good. If your not within 100 levels of someone being HITLISTED then your not allowed to go after the catch..

    See how dumb this sounds..

    There are lvl 15's, 60s, 150s, 300s going after ALL LISTS... And yes im the first one to tell you i will beat them down senseless, punch the crap outta them for hours on end and even list them to kill them..

    And yes if i feel like it i'll continue punching them day after day..



    If there is an idiot lvl 300 or above that is an idiot i'll chain them into next year.. Thats my RIGHT, my BUSINESS, my way to play.

    All this bs is happening over the change that is simply stupid.. waaaaaaaahhhhh I want my money back if someone Booby Traps out and kills themself..

    I was once a low level, and now im not. I went after people that were 700 lvls ahead of me and i paid the price..

    I didnt cry, i didnt moan on the boards that it was UNFAIR ... I accepted the fact that i went after a higher lvl and dealt with the punishment afterwards..

    And besides.. There are sooo many cheaters in this game now... So many that were banned and still playing.. How many lower levels are actually even legitimate..
  8. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    To me the cash was never a bug. You pay the money for them to die. They hit the trap, and Die, so You got what you paid for.

    What I thought was a bug was the fact that people can hit traps and stay alive on the hitlist if they healed fast enough.

    My answer would to just make them fall out of the hitlist after hitting the trap. With the trapper recieving no money, but a hitlist kill on their stats.
  9. alka

    alka Banned

    The 2nd highest bounty hunter on the leaderboard is level 441 and has $6.5 trillion in the bank!!!
    I fail to see your argument for the low level guy with regards to funds.
    If a low level wants to punch a high level they should pay the price. As we know most are alts and some are run by *cough* kids guided by mummy or daddy to punch the baddie person because they are too weak to do so on their own, so quit yer caring bo**ocks.
    Yer brag message at the end of yer posts is aimed at making you look the low level "big man", so I guess YOUR not doing the low levels any favours if they try to follow your example.
    So before you go around insulting other peoples input you should research yer facts, quit yer whining and feed yer "tick".
  10. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    ok people first off there is only maybe 5 people that can do this..depending on who in on and who is hunting im surre there r a few more that can pull it off...i can for one,sometimes,lol but still i agreee with this... only b/c bountys r so big nowa days and for 200bill to go no where is just more silly then everyone on here crying about it...for the most part this has been a money tight game...of course if u hunt then money is no issue for the most part.....but anyways, the only reason other then money being lost that im for this change is being hitlist is a punishment and if a player choose to list a person there should be no other reward other then for the person who made the kill... if u dont like getting listed chagne ur game play, like me i know i piss people off but u dont see me crying about how many time i die u know in stead of crying about this or crying about being list or chain listed or whatever chain booby someone it stop them from trying u at least well ur on line there already a defense to the hitlist and its called booby trapping come on people.... not sure if anyone remember this or not but u used to not die from the hitlist if u boobyed out so at one point in time someone or a group of people got that change.to what now people r crying about....and yet again part of the people crying on this thread about this issus r some of the biggest whiners/crybaby that ive ever been around in my life.....but who cares change dont chagne it it wont stop me from playing the way i want to play ..... just saying...
  11. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Luke, this change wasn't just made to ZS on FB. It was made to all Kano games across all the networks. While everyone can't do it, there's a load more then only 5 who can. lol
  12. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    well honestly, to me im considered neither a high lvl nor a low lvl, but i am now closer to the higher end..."grandmaster" just means that i have made 400 posts on this forum...haha

    as far as any of the comments that i make though, i speak on behave of the lower lvl bc when i first started playin mobwars i got into beef with the higher lvls and ever since then i have been a target...it does not phase me, but i am not like most of the newbies that come into a game who dont study that game nor align themselves with people that know how to play, so i speak for the lower lvls in regards to what is fair

    i am 100% against people being able to HL anyone more than half of their lvl though bc just like u mentioned the money is not the same no matter how u try to look at it (jobs dont give the same cash and its harder to catch bounties) and i am also 100% against people being able to collect bounties outside of their fight range but now they we have achievements for 30k hitlist kills i know for a fact that this will NEVER change so it is what it is
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    I guess it's still ok with you for someone as low as level 10 to punch the highest player and not have that considered as bullying? And yes it is bullying if the high level can't attack back after a certain time!!
    As for hunting, I have over 30k bounties in MW ( I stopped a few years back when levelling went crazy), and I feel as a hunter you go for everything that comes up and suffer the consequence of your action.
    I used to defend low levels in MW and other apps, but as they are riff with alt accounts these days I say if they step out of their yard they pay the price.
  14. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    well to be honest with u, if a person is truly upset that a lvl10 punches them then i feel sorry for the person that got punched bc they have a lot to learn...lol, but people that want to lvl up to the clouds past everyone else should not be given any extra benefits just bc they are up there...when u are a low lvl u understand that ur fight tab starts to dwindle as u lvl (u dont really realize this until u hit lvl500 though) so at that point u need to know that the more people u pass the less people u will be able to fight, thats just the way it is...however, there are so many features in this game that allow those "cloud lvl'rs" the opportunity to still fight almost anybody they want to which is beyond me, especially the ability to HL lvl300 which is completely something that i will not even fix my mouth to say...lol

    yes i agree that low lvls are riff wit alt accts, but the way the game is set up, its almost designed for people to create alt accts since they need 2 accts to defend themselves against these people that are allowed to HL them once they reach lvl300

    the fighting style of MW (i believe the other apps too) is unreal bc there are too many other variables and people do not have to truly set their characters up right to be fight effective and now 5 skill pts gives u more leeway than the 3 skill pts that we used to have...the reason that people feel as though the fighting is gone from the game is bc of all the extra stuff going on where it doesnt matter if u can fight or not since u can lvl up through other areas (however, fighting still gives u the best xp/stam ratio when u do the math)...there are ambushes and rigged ignitions where i admit can bring excitement for some people but it means that u dont have to pay any attention to fighting skill points nor ur bounty price and those 2 categories right there are what fighting is all about (beating people and listing them)

    being 100% against people being able to collect bounties outside of their fight range means that i am 100% for people that are listed gaining xp while riding (at a percentage of normal xp gained though, so maybe 1/3 or 1/9)...i have grown to accept the rival list though for a 24 hour period and possibly only being able to list lower lvls in retaliation to being listed by them would be acceptable too but still not being able to list more than half of ur lvl first...

    the app that i came from allowed for the fighting style that i mentioned except for the ability to have a rivals list and i think if both were incorporated into the KANO games it would put the focus on building a strong "fighting" character for these "fighting" games

    yeah i know my post kinda left the same zip code as this hitlist/booby trap topic but ur response drifted my mind to a whole new topic...lol
  15. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    well relentless there is only a hand full that can do it and im only talking about fb zs i dont play anything else really.and im sure there r people who can do it if people like me wasnt hitting them,lol, but the point is if ur listed someone should get the kill there should be no reward other then the collecter getting the money......in my eyes anyways...but at the same time it could stay the way it was i mean ive lost lots of money b/c of this but i would have lost it anyways and im a hunter so money is easy to come by for me, but its not like that for everyone else u know... look kano change it once already long time ago..im sure it will change again... but i feel as a player it is more fair to the group of players that u shouldnt even be able to hit a trap if ur on the hitlist i mean u cant get punch, ur ambuses dont work on people y the hell should u be able to kill urself.... just dumb to me...
  16. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    see here is where the prob comes in and those voting for the refund to the lister dont understand the concept so i will make it clear...

    as the lister, u are payin for the person to die and not directly payin someone to kill the person...so as the lister if u are upset when they step on a rig then u should have no prob with them not losing any xp for this since u are allowed to get ur money back, right?

    for anyone that thinks this sounds dumb u are correct, and thats how dumb ur argument sounds to give the money back to the lister who accomplished their goal whether someone collected their money or not
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  17. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    look im not necessarily for the lister to get there money back i just simply want to see that u cant hit a trap while on the hitlist,i feel its is dumb that u can do it to begin with, i feel being listed is a punishment,ok think of it like this when ur on the hitlist riding and u have ambuse set on some one they dont work,also u cant be punch and u gain no exp from loses by the hitlist fight so what make it right for a player to kill there self and not let someone get the reward of the bounty..
  18. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    bc ur missing the point of the hit...the point is not about who gets the money, its about u paid to have that person die and whether they are able to trip a rig or somebody else catches the bounty they are dead so the lister has accomplished what they set out to do no matter what...but the people listing should get total immunity in this situation, there has to be consequences for their actions too and this is one of them
  19. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    I'd like to how they would make this possible? There would only be one of two ways.

    Either Traps will fail while because the lister is on the hitlist, or There will be a messege displayed, that You cannot list somone while you are on the hitlist...

    I dont like either one, so what do you want to see?

    And in regards to, Somone paying a lot of money and getting an advatange... What do you think people pay the money for??? I mean are their dollars not green? Does money not equal power? Yes I think somone who has either payed in, or worked hard enough to have a ton of people attack them on the hitlist until they run out of stamina, should then be able to use whatever strategy they can find. It is afterall a fighting/strategy game.

    Ive said this before... This must be a problem on facebook, because on myspace The one riding the lightning would much rather give the money to thier friend, so they could list you a handful of times with your own money... and then, most likley going to the one you payed to kill in the first place.

    If you dont like the money disapearing, maybe you should play on myspace. We need more players :)
  20. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Nobody answered my question from before....

    Does the trapper get a hitlist kill? It only seems right, they had to pay gamecash for the trap. The very least consolation they could recieve is a hitlist kill on their stats.

    Really i think they should get money for it too... but in that there is too much chance for abuse. Maybe they could just recieve the same amount of money that they payed for the trap.

    If you guys HATE that "bullies" Waste your money for bounties AND traps, Maybe you should be pressing the issue of what happens with the trapper.... Believe me, They dont want to help you out by adding to your stats, and refunding money you payed for their trap... They would then turn to thier friends to ask for boobytraps instead of wasting your trap money.

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