[ZS] Developer Update November 9th - Hitist / Booby Trap Bugfix

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Ace

    Ace Member

    As I do right now: trying to let my friends get my bounty rather than my foes.

    But there you just stated another point on why the update's silly. I respect if you dislike how the game's progressing right now, and we agree on this subject too.

    It's too bad if you wanna leave, but that's your business, I'll just have to seek a few new enemies since you guys were pretty much the only ones worth the time.

  2. Yeah you are right Sarah... The Crybabies would be whining about that also. Some of the good things Kano has been doing for the game get completely thrown under the bus with this Stupid fix..

    And of course if you and Thomasina just BT'd and Listed one another and got your money back, People would flip out and cry about that also..
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Good to see all the activity on this thread. Thanks for everyone adding their input.

    I understand some players concerns. My question to the players that are upset with this change, what do you think should happen to the cash?

    It was an undefined part of the game that has of late been causing an increase in the amount of support emails.

    We did not make this change because of whiners, we made this change because of the increase in support issues around the undefined behavior in the game.

    If we are to revert this change and make the cash just disappear, how can that be explained to players in a clear manner to be a part of the game so that support issues can be reduced?
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    If I list someone and they hit a booby trap that's my loss. The cash is lost and guys need to dry their eyes and move on. We know the guys who are likely booby themselves.
  5. So what

    So what Member

    just a suggestion

    LOL ...ur running a losing battle .....they list ..just for the hell of it..no attacks needed

    not to hard to work it out .... 25 lisings per week doubt if 4 times i lose to anyone 21 booby traps ...


    you also run a lottery

    how about the cash from boobys is all taken into consideration...and given out like the lottery
    its fair game then ....to anyone who plays...

    might make them consider WHO or why THEY ARE LISTING ...THE CASH WILL be given to a lottery winner

    YOU STAND A CHANCE OF LOSING ALL your cash AS THIS LISTEE NORMALLY BOOBYS...DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LOSE YOUR CASH >>>>>>> in the same red writing you show currently warning them not to punch as ...they are open to retaliation
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  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    OK, I am going to do this the old fashion way. Going to create a poll, results of it will help us make the decision on whether to revert the cash being refunded or disappearing.

    Even if a change is what we think better for the game, when a bug exists for so long and players use it as their strategy I understand where the frustration comes from.
  7. Ace

    Ace Member

    IMO, if the cash isn't meant to be lost, make a "Cash Lottery" just like the one working right now, and send it to the jackpot funds. I can post a more detailed explanation if you like.
  8. alka

    alka Banned

    Question, what happens if they place a bounty and it doesn't fall to the person they want it to?
    Would you give them a refund?
    The point is the person they list dies as a result of their action and as they can't guarantee the winner of the bounty (or can they??) THE MONEY IS GONE.!!
  9. So what

    So what Member

    AGREED,.......thing is ..if kano can track the LOST cash FROM THE BOOBY TRAPS.....why not have a lottery
  10. Sarah Hughes

    Sarah Hughes New Member

    Developer Speak for W H I N E R S......
    People crying into your inbox??
    Well, they need to get out of the kitchen if the heat is too much.... :D

    Its real simple.

    The person that lists another person 25 times isnt punished or anything or should we now consider that HARRASSMENT..

    And im sure somewhere in the TOS for Kano, HARRASSMENT IS BANNABLE.

    So when someone is listed 15 times and 12 of those times Booby Traps and kills themself... SO WHAT.......

    There isnt a Defense for a Hitlist. So to somehow account for any kind of payback besides the Hitlist back is you booby out and they lose their money.....

    There is Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    And again the same argument comes down to one simple fact.

    There are very FEW people that do this

    This looks more like a direct fix towards Pog because she does it alot and so what, she gets listed by a ton of people and like i've heard from a DEV before, you BUILD your CHARACTER to have Certain Areas of STRENGTH.. There are many others that can do it and have done it and whether they want to or not is simply BY CHOICE.

    I've done it myself and made someone lose 85 billion and they were freaking out.. Well guess what thats too bad, I guess that's what happens when you decided you wanted to Chain me.
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

  13. alka

    alka Banned

    If Kano are concerned about keeping the money ingame then why not reduce the percentage loss on selling back weapons?

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    The point of hitlist here is to make the person dead. If that mission is accomplished, why would the lister be getting back his money??? I love Ace's idea bout the unclaimed hitlist money going into the lottery :)
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    just tell them what we already know.....They didnt lose any money....they payed to have somebody dead and thats exacly what happened. END OF STORY!
  16. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    Good solution PimpGrandmaster and I am sure most of the POGS wins are people attacking her, and her winning. I always look at people who are attacked in my friends and her name is always PogMcfister is under heavy attacks from "" and it's always level 100, or 500 or what ever. This people get attacked back because they take the risk of attacking.

    I dont bounty anyone though lol but I am weak
  17. You see Pog's name up there because of the Little fan club here that decided they wanted to make a Cool People's group to say She is the devil and needs to be banished away from this game and her faction should be destroyed.

    Pog's name is also there because she is listed so much and on the hitlist for whatever amounts of cash and she has the ability to get herself killed on another Booby Trap while being listed. So the punishment becomes the one that spent all the money listing her watches their money go down the Toilet and whoever was on the hitlist trying to catch her gets 0.

    So this issue was the money should go back to the Lister....... Why is that? So they can relist again? They get a 2nd chance now..

    It was perfect how it was, You listed, The Person finds a way out of the Hitlist and kills themself, and you just burned your money.

    The person that died on the booby still loses the XP, The Money is simply gone.

    Can be looked at in many ways.. Teaches you that if you list certain people they will make you burn your cash and none of their buddies sitting around in the chatroom get to collect.. Or maybe i dont want to waste such and such amount of cash because nobody is going to catch it anyways..

    Making these little rules up along the way is ridiculous.. Im sure Terms of Service for Kano says Harrassment of another player is against their T.O.S. and bannable.

    So i guess maybe that person that is listed 25 times in 2 days is now being harassed?? You see we can go on forever and ever and find little things to make a change or what not and the game completely goes to Crap.

    Kano has done a very good job at the things like New Bosses, Outbreaks, World Bosses, New Death Deal, decided to throw down a Chat, A Lottery, etc etc..


    What you have done here is nothing short of Dumb. Basically Someone that Hitlist can just freely do so because if that one person that BT's out of them gives you a 2nd chance and your money back. Basically no punishment.. Oh yeah that person that BT'd out still loses their Experience, still Dies... I guess thats really fair right.

    People play the hitlist for the big payday, but should expect yes you are getting payback and will probably in most instances die. The funniest thing about that Julie is All the Crybabies out there that attack off the hitlist and immediately send you a Lets be friends Add me to your squad, Send a msg along the way.. You want to play with the Big Boys and Girls expect to get whats coming to you...

    There are people in this game that think you should not pay back them. Dont punish them.. Why are you picking on them?

    Its funny and it doesnt work. Expect Punishment at its fullest. And yes you may get some extra punches etc after the fact.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I completely agree with what u said about people who hit u on bounty and they think that we shouldnt retaliate because they r lower leveled or because they simply wanted the coin.....What planet r they from? regardless of ones level or reasons....the only way to collect on a bounty is to kill them....even if u didnt get the bounty...THE INTENT TO KILL WAS THERE! Dont acted surprised, slighted or bullied when u get the whoopn u most certainly deserve!
  19. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    The problem I see is the hitlist has become a way to pass another player cash instead of a way to try and deter someones playing style. A couple of months ago there was this huge energy account boom. These accounts made ridiculous amounts of money. I really don't think Kano realise just how much money some people are sitting on with the sole purpose of using it to pass to another account, whenever they feel like it. Especially now their are ranks you can get on the leaders to show off just how much your worth as well.

    Being able to blow a booby while listed is the only defence a lot of players had to stop others using them as a way to pass money to themselves.

    For someone like me, this change means I will be spending a lot less time on the game. No one stops me healing, I don't care about the XP loss but I do care about where my bounty is going. If I can't blow a booby trap to stop someone from passing cash to an alt or faction member or whoever, what reason do I have to keep healing? None. It's gonna get old real fast.

    I think a lot of times when Kano make changes we all bitch an moan as soon as they come out about how stupid they are, but once we give them a chance we see it's really not as bad as we thought.

    This isn't one of those times.

    I believe most of the people who wanted this change, wanted it because their not seeing it as the person they listed dies, they see it as the money didn't go where they wanted it to.
  20. Very well said Relentless. There are sooo many other issues that are way more important then people crying about those BTing themselves out.. There are sooo many cheaters, alts in the game now its ridiculous. They have in the same sense made alot of nice changes to the game.. But this one is flat out dumb.

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