[ZS] Developer Update - May 24th Challenge Helper Bonus Fix

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, May 25, 2011.

  1. malific

    malific Member

    I know what you mean, hence the reason I asked for energy requirements to be higher on new outbreaks (that means bigger XP payout, hence better job helps since it´s 6-15% of the actual job payout).

    As for the change: it doesn´t change anything to me since I don´t play enough to get the 25 helps a day. But I´m curious: if many people start whining about the 40 fights a day, will you guys raise the bar on that too? Or about fight XP? I don´t think that´s the way to go to be honest, if you´re posting something don´t fall back at the first couple whiners.
  2. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    That would be nice.

    40 attacks is pretty low....when someone likes to fight. I don't personally care for that limit as I can get that in 30 seconds on some people if they don't hide.

    The problem that I have with the 40 attack limit, is that the person you were attacking can attack the hell out of you on the HL, then hit you 40 times (I don't mind that cause they lose), and you can't do anything back at that point except hope someone lists them.

    I think it would be nice if the 40 attack counter got reset when they hitlist you. Otherwise it should stay at the current time for resetting attacks...just my opinion though cause all I really like about the game is fighting. :D
  3. jon french

    jon french Member

    What is the harm of not having any limits? Well, people potentially could create automation to aggregate help links from all their friends, suck down all that free XP and level without actually really playing the game. Having players high in the game without actually playing the game is something that I think everyone can agree we want to avoid.

    So lets go back to the beginning shall we as most seem to have lost the plot here. I mean really, you take the pie away, we complain, you give a bit of pie back while keeping most for yourself and everyone is running around going Good Change, well done Kano!


    You created this change because YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE USE OF ALTS IN GAME.

    This is your problem to deal with, deal with it, stop punishing players.

    I have to deal with it as a player, i expect you to eliminate ALT accounts NOT PUNISH ME FOR YOUR INABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR GAME

    As to Wiorld Boss - this is more Kano humour is it? My bonus on third hit was something like +396XP - wowsa! That really offsets loss of challenge help and death duties of nigh on 7000 XP

    Get head out of clouds and stop ruining the game

    And, as you deleted my post elsewhere for bad language (which is hysterical as the forum is full of posts with bad language that are still out there - maybe as those posts didnt nail all of your failings as a developer is why they still sit upon the boards?) i will re-iterate what all players truely want

  4. jon french

    jon french Member

    And while we are at it, how about actually answering this one - orignally posted 15 days ago to no repsonse by Kano...

    I know you have no choice but to go with facebook Credits as Facebook are making it mandatory for all Apps, however why do we get a worse deal using facebook credit to buy UN than the current system?

    Couple examples:-

    Current system - 214 UN Credits = £24.26/$39.75
    New System - 200 UN Credits =24.42/$40.00

    Slightly more expensive to get 14 less UN! Its gets worse....

    Current system - 560 UN Credits = £60.66 /$99.42
    New System - 500 UN Credits = £61.04/$100.00

    Again but this time you lose 60 UN
  5. jon french

    jon french Member

    As i see it everything going on now is about additional revenue potential for yourselves.
  6. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    You know they aren't going to admit to anything publicly about revenue gain.

    I agree with a lot of your points though, although I play on MySpace mainly. Not sure if this credit system will affect us or not. Hopefully not.

    But I do notice that Kano is taking away certain little features that benefited higher level players and helped us level on the same pace as everyone else in the game. They're putting out new countries, while the previous 1-2 countries don't even have co-op bosses or even DD/shooters. The outbreaks take the same amount of energy and give the same payout for the last few countries.

    We're getting minimal new features that are awesome, and Kano seems to be implementing stuff to hinder our leveling/game play because you have people that bitch about "I have to work all day I can't play as much as them." BOO HOO to them.

    They likely aren't the people spending a ton of money on UN anyway, which means they aren't furthering the game's existence except the fact they play. But everyone else that pays is keeping Kano alive. So instead of bitching they should be thanking people for having a god damn game to play in the first place.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Hey i just got my 50 max challenge help bonus but i still have my half day to go, mind increasing it to 100? I guess i'm way too handy lol:D
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    With regards to Facebook Credits, it will be mandatory July 1st and we will be tweaking the percentages at that time.

    Anyone that thinks we as developers get more from Facebook Credits in terms of revenue percentage should Google it because it is not true.

    For the players, we will be moving the amount to be in line with other offers in terms of $$ amounts as we move closer to the July 1st timeline as we will be eating those costs, not the players.
  9. Kamandi2

    Kamandi2 New Member

    They are in business to make money, just like every other business out there. Why would this be a surprise? Or are they supposed to work for free? If so, perhaps you'd be willing to quit your job and take a job that doesn't pay you anything? :p

    On the issue of assists, man, some of you people must have a massive number of friends to fill your squad if you are hitting the daily limits!!!!
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Since the Calender Help is a special type of thing and does not occur very often and is a celebration we have gone ahead and removed the Calendar from having any type of XP help restrictions. Enjoy!
  11. Hashshashin

    Hashshashin Member

    That's awesome, thanks Kendall :D
  12. Localsiding

    Localsiding Member

    I am a daily player and because Kano's "Help" is of no real help, I am moving up legally the best I know how because I cannot afford to pay real money to get Davey Jones points to do it that way. I am on a limited income. With that said, when I first started Pirate Clan there is nothing in the "HELP" that told about the amount of "Recruited Captains" you could add after you reached a certain level. I still do not know what that is, and if I had known, I would have gotten my 1000 quota before I reached the level that limited me to 2 "Recruited Captains" each time I leveled up. That would have given me more time to concentrate what Davey Jones points I earn and put them towards the "Hired Captains." My point with that is that your "HELP" is very vague in many areas and a person has no way of knowing certain strategy to help get stronger. Just like this item, you posted in May of this year about the XP change in the Challenges because people use Bots to cheat. I guess I had not noticed it all this time or maybe never reached the limit because I know I was getting the maximum XP for Challenges to help me level up when I was only a few hundred points away and had no Stamina or Energy to use to get the XP. I understand the issue you are having but it penalizes people like me that play every day and by the rules. Many of those "Rules" that are not in your "Help" to know they even exist. Forums are great but if I had to go look at and read everything in a Forum or on pages about the game that really don't define game rules and strategies I would never get to play the game. I do not know what the answer is because cheaters will always find a way to cheat. That is what they do. I just want to play the game and have fun! It would help everyone if the “Developers” kept the “Help” current to the changes made in the game so you would have one source for information. I have to say that every game I have ever purchased in the documentation tells what the game is about and the strategy of the game. I hope you people do not get as crazy as Zynga did with Pirates of the Caribbean, which a ton of people stopped playing including me because they would not fix issues with the game. Most of the people I know that played that game came to your game.
  13. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Mayhem and Havoc Resurrected
    Level 1485 Woodsman

    I get almost 2500xp for doing a challenge help. After the update for max energy decrease came in i spent at least 12 hours of a day just hunting for challenges, world boss, and outbreaks to help in as i now had nothing else to do. After using around 15000 to 18000 energy that day including my energy boost i leveled twice.

    You guys really need to focus on the more important things, as far as i noticed there already was a max for challenge help, i helped enought each day after that update that i started to get 1xp for helping
  14. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    This game has really screwed me over lately :/ I Just feel like blowing all my money and going into hibernation -.-
  15. About the calendar....

    Kano has mixed the Xp that we receive from normal rockets and challanges....with the Xp from this "special calendar"?
    It's started from less than 1 hour and i already get

    You are now helping Jill. You earned 1 XP. Start your own Leap Year Calendar!

    Can Kano fix this problem?Thanks....
    and as i seen...kano left just one empty spot for the key....reloading each 20 minutes....it's just stressfull...

    For the next "Special calendar " is it possible to add just 2-3 more empty slot in which people can "collect" keys?(as happens in all calendars and all rockets)
    I mean reloading time is just 20 minutes(and it's ok)...but i think all players will be glad having 3-4 slot empty instead just one reloading each 20 minutes...
  16. alka

    alka Banned

    Agreed with the 1 xp issue. Mine dropped from the start and was down to one in no time. I'm still doing the challenges because there are people out there who won't collect the 3 keys if we don't help them.

    As for the 1 key slot, I like it. It's fun to think of those multiple alt guys rushing their a@@ off trying to complete the calender for all their accounts...lmao. After all, the rewards are worth the trouble.
  17. Martyn i am agree that for guys with multiple accounts is impossible....
    but also for people like me that has a pg in zombie slayer, one in pirate clan and one in viking clan...
    it's very hard being in less than 20 minutes in each game...it's for this that i asked if it's possible to have 3-4 keys..just to do possibility to play also other Kano apps....
    being in less than 20 minute in each application ist's something hard...
  18. Rudl Popudl

    Rudl Popudl Member

    Can we pls get an answer?

    In case you didnot get it (like Smack), I will break it down for you and explain what Luca meant:

    Before 2day-Calendars:
    Each day we could get a bonus from helping the first 50+25 challenges - after that 1xp/help.
    In addition we got full bonus on every help for the monthly calendar.

    Before Leap Year Calendar:
    The usual 50+25 per day on challenges.
    Two-Day-Calendar help followed the same pattern as daily help (50+25), but only gave half the bonus.

    There is no difference helping on challenges or calendar - you get a bonus for the first 50+25 clicks. So if you arent already down to 1xp-bonus you should not help on calendars, since they have only half the payout, but count towards your 50+25 limit.

    What will it be?
    I am fine with adaptations, but you should announce them properly.
  19. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    The daily calendars (ones that are not a full month like cupid's carnage) will follow the current challenge help limits.
    For month long calendars, they will stay as they always have been.
  20. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Drake ... Ya, I too am a cheater, in your dreams

    I agree with everyone here ... know why I got so angry this weekend, cuz out of 3 days, half went to looking at 1 xp in the face as my frustration went through the roof. This is absolutely unnecessary. If you have cheating possibilities, do a program, WORK, to stop those cheaters and if they find another way to circumvent your new program, re do the program to stop them again. This is a fact of life. In any game you will have mental midgets looking for a way to get around the rules and u have to program those cheats out, even if they keep coming up with new ways. It is grossly unfair and insulting to me to lump me in with the cheaters and make me suffer because they are cheaters. I am not a cheater and won't be made to suffer because of them. Grow up guys, u can't take the easy way out.

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