[ZS] Developer Update July 20th - Death by Boss Patch

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We just pushed out a bug fix for death caused by a boss attack. Players with low max health can be killed by a boss, when a player is killed by a boss it will now result in a reset of their survival streak and result in 0 XP. Eventually this will be changed to a loss of XP as it should have been from initial release.
  2. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    So question if 0 exp is awarded on attack if you die will you still get the drop from a single boss if you do 2 hits but die? I don't like this change much myself as I was experimenting with a 110 health character over on hi5 who pretty much gets taken to 0 health after only 1 attack for most bosses. Its also extremely difficult to unlock power attacks on bosses already and this will discourage lower level players from joining in high level players bosses to help unlock because they will die. Not everyone runs a strat of super high attack and some of us NEED the power attacks unlocked to do decent damage.
  3. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    Uhm not really wanting to disagree but if you are wanting to get a drop from a boss, then you should at least have the health to survive it's defence.

    It was a little disappointing when i learned that it was only a fake death before, dying but with no XP loss. I felt cheated, people were claiming to have died but were merely put into a very temporary reductionless coma.

    I am very pleased with this, not because i don't have enough stamina to get round everyone, and the less clicking and friendly gesturing of boss munching is easier (less effort) and friendlier, but because this is the way that i would think everybody would assume it to be and the way that i believe it should be.

    You know what, i don't believe it... I'm actually almost satisfied :eek:

    And then i remember the 12bils that slipped through my fingers and i'm back to needing to kill every last one of them and all their friends to feel content.
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Kendall, the feed that comes up when you attack a boos and die says " You were killed. add more health.... Now i have no where near low health for my level, but I do have low def. NOTHING is said about having low def when attacking a boss and dying. When i was killed for the first time attacking a boss yesterday, all it told me was to add more health.

    I'm really not happy to hear i will (at some point) start losing XP when dying and attacking a boss.

    In my opinion, Kano has already crossed the line when it comes to how a player should build there account. Kano is trying to be to involved and is in fact pushing us to be more all rounded players. You keep making these kinds of changes that will force people to change how they have build there account. Why? Why can't you let people be boss killers, or energy freaks, or fighters?
  5. if health is high enough or you watch how much stam your using,you wont die

    i agree that you shouldnt lose exp on a boss(but shouldnt gain exp either)

    well its technically suppose to be a fighting game so i can see about the energy freak thing.
  6. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    awww man >.< it always gave us 0 xp tho lol :p does it add to our death count now?
  7. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    I would just like to point out Kendall that Kano ABSOLUTELY FAILED with this patch, before the patch when i died from this method i gained no xp and no money already, now i get money from it, thanks for the extra cash ^_^

    THE GREAT ONE Member

    Death by bosses, yay, so exciting.... 10 extra stamina usage on power attack... amazing.... certainly revolutionizing online gaming.... I am not loosing interest in the game at all... and the game isn't the same BS over and over each day.... I don't have to play 4 Kano games just to have a variant in gaming experience.. wait they are all the same but with different clan/squad/mob sizes o_O different themes and they are all filled with alts, ego-maniacs, overgrown children, bot users and hackers.... ouch! truth hurts so badly
  9. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    The problem for me is, most of the time I can't see my health. I have had this problem for a couple of months now and Kano have said they don't know why. On the screen shot I sent to support showing I died on a boss, you can't see my health at all.
    No I don't think you should get any XP either, or money. Like you seem to get now.
    I wouldn't say it's a fighting game. The fighting aspect is more limited then any of Kano's other games.

    Each time players find a way around the limitations Kano give us, they make another upgrade to put a stop to it.
    I think this is largely because they simply can't keep up with us. This has been something i spoke to other players about when I was still on FB. Zombie Slayer took off a lot fast then Kano could keep up with it. I'm not saying that as a put down to anyone at Kano, they do a great job, but the whole changing things that have been in place for a year or more, really needs to stop. It's not like they didn't know about these things, a lot of this stuff was talked about on the forum ages ago. Kano just didn't have the time to deal with it back then so people built there accounts to accommodate these things.
    Now every week another one of these "bugs" is being fixed.
  10. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    You can say its 'supposed' to be a fighting game all you want, but as long as its possible to do anything you want, then you can make whatever you want of it. it doesn't have to be, and anyway as I've pointed out many times, you guys are a good fighter? you have 200k wins and 20k kills? that great! good for you! I have over 6 billion kills though, and i'm proud of it no matter what they are.

    THE GREAT ONE Member

    Zombie Slayer IS more of a Fighting game than any other Kano game... simply because it is more about fighting and not warring.... 20 squad.... fighting your enemies.... the boss raids are not that difficult... try playing Legacy of a Thousand Suns or Dawn of the Dragons..... 1000 man raids that have over 100 billion health... those are versatile raids that drop more than 2 or 3 loot items lol Zombie Slayer can only really be known best for its fighting interface since it is its best feature.. that's because the other aspects are weak as hell compared to other games.... what extra options does being part of a faction give you? NONE... you still do what you would do without being in a faction... I get daily points just for the loyalty points achievement... meh... all there is really is obtaining exp and cash by doing outbreaks which are pretty good unlocking bosses and later stages at the same time... but the bosses or outbreaks aren't really what makes the game.... NO fighting is really... that is the only honor and pride I see in the game... who the hell is proud of leveling fast and having a negative win/loss ratio lol its all about boasting your stats and who can bust the most nuts... so it is a fighting game... for most anyway.... of course you have the hiding cowards.... the energy and boss levelers.... you have trigger happy listers that fail at winning so they have to list or ambush... you have people who don't really care about the game and LIVE to just cause trouble, you have cheaters.... you have all sorts of different players playing the damn game.... BUT it all comes down which are the best players... which are playing the game for the right reason... and that is to be the best.... its all down to fighting and being the most dominant force on the game.... I don't need to buy... I don't need backup... I don't need to make excuses or cheat... I am the real deal and I play to be the best, fight me and I'll fight you back... that's how simple it is.... ZS = FIGHTING and mashing zombies.... Pirate Clan and Viking Clan = WARRING and MYTHOLOGY.... Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra = WARRING on a lower scale of numbers and mafia style...

  12. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    Well i don't have a negitive win/ loss ratio
    Fights Won: 17,700
    Fights Lost: 4,916

    And just because you like fighting doesn't mean that's all there is to the game, that is a very narrow and short-sighted view of it. I'm proud of how i play and i enjoy it that's all there is to it. As long as you enjoy yourself, like how you play, and you aren't breaking the rules, you are playing the game just fine.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    You die, you lose XP. no exception =)

    THE GREAT ONE Member

    Don't get me wrong Bob... I fight bosses and do outbreaks like a beast BUT what I was simply saying is that the game is more focused and built upon fighting.. not all that the game is about... look at it this way... you have.. punching.... attacking, ambushing, hitlisting... booby trapping... you have your fight stats right at the tippy top of your stats.... you have factions fighting each other... you have faction alliances butting in and fighting... you have enemies of your allies fighting each other and quite possibly you too... what do you do in outbreaks? o_O obtain the items you need to unlock an outbreak and click that button like a boss... then on to the next one when its completed... why do people spam bosses... for the exp, and the loot (if your gear sucks more than the lewt from bosses) people don't boast about killing a boss... fair enough I've seen people jauss for unlocking Argentina or whatever but realistically... I see more people boasting about PK's, hitlist kills, fight kills and YES even whining about being killed or attacked.... so FIGHTING is the talk of the newsfeed... and is the exclamation point of the game... I wasn't putting anyone down or dissing anyone's style of play (well maybe a little bit) but the bottom line is.... this is not a case of who plays their style of play... but a case of what the game revolves around.... and that is fighting with mass whining on the side :)
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  15. Ace

    Ace Member

    Yeah... That's how it should be. I didn't know bosses don't make you lose XP, that should be fixed.

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