[ZS] Developer Update January 24 - Squad Contracts

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    I didnt notice the Update quite yet. was going on information i collected a few hours before.

    Why am i limited to only the friends of my friends? What if i didnt have a lot of squad? there are a lot of hidden factions... This is still making it harder for people to expand their friend base...

    I know you hate "undoing" updates because you put a lot of thought into them in the first place, but its still bunk.

    If people are having problems with their contracts suffering from their own foolish acts on the game, first and foremost they SHOULD just step more lightly and watch their mouths.... but since you want to help them hide their friends... it defiantly should require some effort on their own part.

    I dont want my profile hidden from anyone. Im proud of what i have created here in the last 2 years... I guess thats why i keep playing the game.
  2. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Only thing I see this favoring are the people who fill the feed with hate while dead. no way to do anything about it except report them I guess.
  3. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Here's your chance folks. bored as all get out with nothing to do but read the hate in the feeds. I'm logging off for the night, get the bounty while you can.
  4. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    yep. Update still stinks. lower level lists me and dies (I was offline) not a thing I can do about it, it's staying dead as usual. How about speeding up the healing process on these folks that don't play the game.
  5. slave

    slave Member

    Is there anyone at kano that actually plays this game? If there was you would have a much better idea of why everyone is so pissed off when you release updates that add NOTHING to the game, if you spent your programming money on value added content, more outbreaks, more bosses, more fighting rivals.....then we would have less to bitch about. let me see what you have done on the last three or four program updates....delete button on elites, mobile for phones, world chat update, and this is the big one....new crafting bullshit....
    It tells me its quite apparent you guys dont have a resident high level player at your company/house/basement or wherever it is that your doing these program updates, cuz if you did you would be giving us real content and trying to get ahead of the people that are waiting patiently for something new to do. i would think you would want to release so much new content we wouldnt have time to complain....
    but thats just my humble opinion...
  6. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Pretty good opinion ;)
  7. Michael Massey

    Michael Massey New Member

    LMAO too late to worry about that Alter:D I would like to see that punching update here, though.
  8. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    rofl. And here I was skipping over people and trying not to overlist the same people. Well except for 3 of them that really should have their mouths sewn shut ;)
  9. sTINKer

    sTINKer Member

    I agree with alter, hash and all above....game is becoming a hiding spot for p*ssies...might as well rename it zombie eharmony....factions should not be allowed to hide and the contract shit is pure bullshit!
  10. sTINKer

    sTINKer Member

    At least give us the same punch option as fb...i have fb acct and see u update it much more than ms but i still hate fb and think u need to reconsider neglecting ms some will never follow u to another platform...

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    "THE KAMIKAZE"s link in squad contract shouldn't be hidden at all ;)

    + We should be able to click on every single squad contract of our rivals
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  12. Although I think there are a few on here that are just whining, I will admit that I do not understand why you would want to disable a squad contract. Are they not there to benefit? However, I do like the fact that you cannot attack from the squad contracts anymore. Keeps people from targeting others just because they want to help. I guess I will just have to find those I have business with by other means.
  13. disabling last 2 positions(defense and offensive boosts)can be beneficial by the possibility of getting better exp

    if 1 players has there defense elite while the attacker disables there offensive

    the exp yield would be slightly better

    in the long run that little exp makes the difference
  14. makes sense

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