[ZS] Developer Update - Incomplete Protection Feature Enabled

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, May 17, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    This evening a bug was accidentally pushed on an incomplete feature that was started months ago and then shelved.

    This was a feature that has been partially implemented for some time now based on repeated support issues but was not released due to other pressing issues plus we knew it would likely not be a fan favorite for some and would need to be rolled out with a proper introduction and explanation. What happened today was a developers mistake un-hiding a feature accidentally while doing maintenance on the profile code.

    Since we did not get that chance to get input or introduce what this feature would be all about, I will take the opportunity now to talk about it.

    Some saw the "UN Slayer Protection" option from the profile with some details on what the limits were for the test case while it was in development but this is what was called out in the features spec:

    - cost of UN Credits (15-25)
    - time period (14-days)
    - cannot seek protection against lower levels or people in your fight range
    - basically protection would only be against hitlists and punches
    - you can only have a max of 5 people protected against
    - you cannot seek protection from a user while you are in their retaliation window
    - protection will cut all pvp actions between players for 14-days

    The reason why this feature was partially built was based on the amount of issues dealt with players writing into support about chain hitlisting by people far above their level, this feature was aimed at cutting down the number of requests on this issue.

    We have not released this feature, it was put into development months ago but then shelved for other priorities for us to visit in the future, today the incomplete feature made its way to the profile. So now that we know it has not been released and is incomplete, please take the opportunity to discuss those points above and let us know what you think they would do to the game.

    Again, this feature was not released, it was put into development to reduce support issues months ago and then shelved for other priorities, today an interface was made visible by accident by a developer doing maintenance on the profile. We also realize that we have made one change the user privacy for factions and would not think about releasing something like this until we addressed players concerns with fighting which is why Faction Wars is our highest dev priority at the moment.
  2. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    ok so this seems alot more better and more fitting though i think you should try to establish a way though with out a new player having to waist there uns at the start of the game cause a level 2000 wants to chain list them i know back a while ago they said they were working on a bug where once a higher level kills a lower level then they cant attack that person or kill them anymore wouldnt this all be solved simply by simply fixing that bug ? they have it now that they cant attack you once they kill you but yet they can hitlist you all they want over and over again ... i know when i started i used all my uns to get weapons and gear and such so even if you had this back ewhen i started to get chain listed by the highers i wouldnt of even had the uns to do it
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We did fix that bug that you are referring to, the bug (if we are talking about the same one) was when a user was in a retaliation window could be repeatedly hitlisted that that wouldn't count as a kill, so if i am level 100 and punched a level 1000 they could hitlist me unlimited for 24-hrs and I would not get removed from the retaliation window.

    We are very much aware of the importance of pvp fighting and the competition that brings out and we do not want to eliminate that so any changes we want to be very careful about.

    For the privacy of Factions in retrospect it would have been better to hold off for Faction Wars to introduce that, but the amount of support issues we were dealing with we decided to take action sooner.
  4. Can there please be some clarification on "all pvp actions" as i don't think hitlist attacks should be disabled for the 14day period, for the same reason as they bypass ambushes.
  5. AresDeimos

    AresDeimos Member

    its still a issue in all honesty the only thing that got fixed was that they cant attack them over and over again . ok say a level 1000 kills me they cant fight me again till i touch them back yes that they did fix but they still can hitlist me over and over again i dont like to hitlist lowers as much so i try to just fight with people i had someone lower then me waist 40 stam on me giving me 40 losses ok i attacked them back say ten times they hitlist me so i hitlist them ok then instead of hitlist them i go back to just attack them but that option is gone now so in that aspect yes its fixed but i wanted to see if i could still hitlist them and that i still can do so for a lower player to have a level 1000 or so not be able to attack them thats great but yet that lower player is still able to get chain listed by that higher player which at level 1000 has a hell of alot more money then most lowers i see it all the time someone getting hitlisted 20 times in 5 mins thats the the part that should be stopped not just the ability to attack them
  6. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Sorry,but everyone should get the full protection.It's meant to completely block,including the hit list.Otherwise it's just the same as it is now,only no punching.That would make no sense.Blocking from the hit list would be the main reason,and that is the reason it must happen that way.
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  7. malific

    malific Member

    I´m not sure if I got your post right, but what Ahad meant were hitlist attacks and not hits placed... Meaning if the person who blocked you gets listed, you should still be able to hunt for them. Of course if you block somebody they shouldn´t be able to list you.

    As for the feature: Explained properly it looks much more promising, to be honest. Especially the limit on blocked people, since it would be pointless to block everyone in-game (even if it takes a lot of UN points). I´d even increase it to 10 or 15 people, so just in case you´re getting bullied by a faction you can cover up for the most aggressive group of them if you´re willing to spend the points, but I agree completely in setting a limit for it.
    Only doubt I have is regarding Hitlist attacks on somebody protected, I´d like to think protection wouldn´t stop you from that or hunting would get a lot lamer.
    Also I´d like to know what you guys consider fight range... I´m guessing it´s people with +/- 10% of your level, but I´d like to know what happens in the case I get attacked by somebody way lower because there´s few people in their fightlist and I´m showing (Let´s say a level 550 comes after my lv. 710 slayer). Would it be considered my fight range?
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  8. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    i know all who i will block....cos it will drive ye wilde...................
    Bring it back
    bring it back

    You just killed Gabriel Mad Bull with a punch to the face!

    Your booby trap was a success, you have killed Gabriel Mad Bull and earned 751 XP.
    YOU DO THIS ....cos your still copying everything i do

    try and find out a few tricks for yourself will ya
    the fixation is getting boring.......................
  9. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    this is my problem with hideing faction and this new thing ur telling us about now, is i already cant hitlist lower levels or fight them whatever til they hit me first or punch me thats there perfection right there. all these people that r whinning to ur report should understand the game first. if they dont want to die or get listed whatever then dont punch or ambuse a person that can destroy u. that all im saying y do we need all these new upgrade to protect the low levers when there is something already here. and alot of players that love this game the way it is.now however i dont see anything wrong with let say all level 500 can blaclist or block whoever they want for a cost but after level 500 they cant do this no more this would stop the bully and give these new player a chance to make mpney and be able to defened themself when the time comes
  10. Ace

    Ace Member

    Nice XP, good to know you lose over 14k XP each time you die, encourages me to keep whacking you :D

    @On Topic: It appears to be quite a reasonable fix once you made things clear. My only doubt would be the same than Ahad's. Does this block you to attack that person if s/he gets hitlisted by anyone else?
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes it would be a complete block both ways.
  12. malific

    malific Member

    I don´t like quoting your posts since all you do is trolling, but what has that to do with my question...:confused:

    Oh and BTW, I´m not gonna block anybody, no fun if I don´t have rivals to fight against. Just curious on how it would work and affect my gameplay.
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    I might be missing something here, but whats to stop anyone in a faction listing a guy who has his member blocked, until the 14 days are up?
    I thought Booby Traps and increased bounties every time you list someone was to prevent chain listing!!
    As has already been said in this thread, stay away from the big guys and only attack within your own level. That said, a novice player attacking a hunter around their own level could be chain listed for days as the hunter would have the $$, and not be bothered about the booby traps!

    My point is, whatever hole you try to block up another one will appear.
    I'm not bothered if you introduce it or not, but I think it will die a death within a month or three. It may be worth paying your programmers to come up with something that will pay you better dividends.
    Maybe they could come up with a better idea than GP's. Something like a proper Faction League to include all stats over a period of time, while penalising the use of ambushes,booby's and lost fights. That's how to get the game rolling again and get people spending, not introducing limitations.
  14. Ace

    Ace Member

    You got that right alka, but I guess it's too hard for the level 200 whiners to understand that since they keep sending messages to support, and of course, a thousand messages put pressure on Kano.
  15. Seth Mad Dog

    Seth Mad Dog Member

    If you really want to protect people put in limits and or blocks across the board but don't make people waste hard earned UN points for it. Bad enough I got to waste mine to upgrade properties so I don't have to wait 2 months for a property upgrade. People who are broke and jobless are already at a big disadvantage in this game don't add this to it.;)
  16. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    BRING BACK THE BLOCKAGE....i know exactly who id pay to block....FOR THE JOY OF IT

    and i love you have to pay to list me 1300 + BEHIND ME..AND REGULAR AS CLOCK WORK.when you can afford it..and i love tripping the booby so u DIE LISTING...then u pay and then i trip another of your boobys to die....trebble payment ..shawwww

    you keep my bounty up:eek:
    stops any low level cash cows ...(alts ) ....and as ususal
    I get to kill you as well....you pay for ambushes ( my kano makes a fortune out of you)
    you die every time !!!!!!!!!

    funny...you havent leveled much latley
    bad allocation of skill points
    331 stamina wont get you far....not at your level...
    but you KEEP BUYING THE UN
    Last edited: May 20, 2011
  17. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    eh newsflash bud...like your brother ..your dead all day beacuse we punch kill you...so WHAT game play are you talking about...ROFLMAO
    you die listing me......another attention seeking junkie who cant ,Level..... either....and your att / def dosent help you at all.....

    must be desperate to keep seeking attention.....seek professional help..........:D
    AND SKYLER.....take a chill pill......YOU DONT PLAY
    seek..another forum...
  18. wtf do you ever shut up? Seriously, this is supposed to be about feedback on a new feature, and all you are doing is posting player names, and making idiotic taunts. Are you trying to insult somebody or demonstrate the dangers of inbreeding??


    A block both ways would certainly be beneficial, even if it's only 2 weeks. I especially like that it can't be used to block lower level players. I wonder if the protection period shouldn't be extended a bit though, for the UN being paid 14 days seems kind of short. At the lowest levels 25 UN is nothing, but at the higher levels when the fight list drys up, 25 UN can be hard to come by.
  19. Ace

    Ace Member

    So? I lose 2100 XP, you lose over 14000, you need to kill me 7 times for each time I kill you to make it even.

    Too bad you go to sleep as soon as you get bountied once or twice, I'm itching to take your bounty as high as you want it to be :D
  20. So you're shouting at yourself now?

    More people than you realise play this free game, successfully, for free.

    And as for the topic, i support this baby bubble as a certain someone that thinks they would be able to bubble away from the people killing her would be in for a shock. There is only one person in the game she would be able to waste her UN using it on, and that person is squad. lol.

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