[ZS] Developer Update December 6th - Energy Refill Tiers

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Today we pushed an update to how Energy Refills per level as a secondary update to one that we released a month or so ago reducing Max Energy Refill to 4500. There continued to be a small trend of some all energy accounts created, which when further investigated turned out to be alternate accounts for other players, mostly because no player would invest close to 100% of their skill points into energy and would require others to kill their bosses. We wanted to keep the payouts high for current locations and new locations to come and really the only way to do that while at the same time removing the ability for players to climb levels fast by going 100% energy was to add a tiered max refill per level.

    From the updated help:

    Each time you level up you will receive bonus energy depending on your current level (see below) up to a maximum of your character's max whichever is less. The maximum bonus energy refill will increase at different level tiers throughout the game as shown below:

    Level +1 => 1500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +360 => 1800 Max Energy Refill
    Level +475 => 2000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +525 => 2250 Max Energy Refill
    Level +655 => 2500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +695 => 2750 Max Energy Refill
    Level +755 => 3000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +845 => 3500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +955 => 4000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +1100 => 4500 Max Energy Refill

    We may tweak this further and may be something we add to stamina to give higher payouts at higher levels. Feedback is always appreciated.
  2. This is really cool. Fair I would say. Thanks

    THE GREAT ONE Member

  4. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    At level 900 you can get an entire level with a lot less then 4000 energy unless im mistaken, you could probobly take another 500 off each and add in an extra tier
  5. Sounds fair to me
  6. cbhitman

    cbhitman Member

    This awesome and thank you so much for giving us a new place to travel like new york! We will complete this soon...fyi
  7. Agree with Bob Cooks. you need to put 100 more levels between the energy raises. Else it have no effect at all. But liked the idea. And yes stamina xp is crab compare to energy xp, feel like it was a waste to have 1000+ of them could settle with 200 as it is now.
  8. Bob Cooks

    Bob Cooks Member

    I would suggest something more like:

    Level +1 => 1000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +200 => 1250 Max Energy Refill
    Level +350 => 1500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +475 => 1750 Max Energy Refill
    Level +525 => 2000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +655 => 2250 Max Energy Refill
    Level +700 => 2500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +755 => 2750 Max Energy Refill
    Level +900 => 3000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +1000 => 3500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +1250 => 4000 Max Energy Refill
    Level +1500 => 4500 Max Energy Refill
    Level +2000 => 5001 Max Energy Refill :eek:
    Level +3500 => 7500 Max Energy Refill ;) hey i can dream right?
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  9. relu22

    relu22 New Member

    Thank you for this update and can you put this in all games . thank you
  10. alka

    alka Banned

    Sorry guys, I'm missing something here. You are cutting back Energy at certain levels because of ALT accounts????
    Maybe if you had listened and capped Energy at 1k this situation would not be causing you such a headache.
    As I've said in the past, it's a war game not a shopping game. You can use Energy without the need to heal and when they level they dive into bosses to hide back in er? What quality are they bringing to the game other than to list their enemy?
    This action will promote an inactive game and STILL leave the fighters with an empty fight list thus encouraging them to pile skills into Energy in order to level!!
    Oh yes, and the ALTS will then have the game all to themselves.
    Looks like another good app gone West
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  11. alka

    alka Banned

    Utter rubbish.
    Most players who play LCN, VC ,PC or Mob Wars come to that, will tell you that piling skills into Energy is a waste as you will reach a point where the Energy becomes useless as you complete all the jobs and you need the skills in strength and defence to fight.
    It's only this game that seems to promote ALTS with it's setup, and judging from your post it seems it's ok to have alts but at reduced Energy refills :(
  12. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    As it doesn't affect me any more, I don't care about this update. It merely encourages me not to start playing ZS on FB and hi5, as it would most likely cripple my Energy-heavy build.

    As for energy-leveling. Yes, I do it. And yes I'm quicker than most players out there. No, I usually don't fight, I only chainlist people to annoy them. Heavy energy is a way of playing on ZS, if some players are upset that Energy-freaks outlevel them as if they themselves were standing still, I can only say: Maybe they should have read the Help section. They should get over the fact that they're slow and search a way to speed up.

    As for Energy in other games: I plan to go for 4k Energy on Pirate Clan, most likely I will go to 4k Energy in VC and maybe 3k on MW.
  13. The only reason to why energy is so popular is that stamina xp is crab ! the xp for boss fight and fight in general should be higher. And we should get skill point for completing bosses, not only for level 1, 5, and 10 but for every 50 level or so.
  14. alka

    alka Banned

    Also, I don't understand why Energy should have a free refill and Stamina not.
    As for Das liebe Beil's comments , the only Energy levellers that chain me give me free exp so please carry on. The other point is, what good is levelling so fast and using all yer skills for Energy when someone 500 levels below you is gonna kick yer ass?
  15. 500 levels lower??

    someone pure energy couldnt even hold off a level 20 that built properly
  16. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I'm not a pure energy player, pure energy would hinder my speed more than augment it. I do currently increase my attack and defense value, sometimes I add a bit to health, too.

    Sure, almost anyone can beat me, but in the end, to me the result counts. And attacking me a lot will either get you countered, as I have the money to waste on expensive counters, or get you chainlisted, so that you lose all xp gained by attacking me.

    And for me merely the place on the World Leaderboard counts. I don't expect to keep up my current pace for free. And people who know my MS Viking's build know that I love having high defense.
  17. Kano u braking the rules again !!! i mean good way :)
  18. jon french

    jon french Member

    The refill levels dont look that bad to me to be honest, you can still have a high-ish energy account if you so choose.

    The bit no-one seems to have commented on that i find most interesting is :-

    "We may tweak this further and may be something we add to stamina to give higher payouts at higher levels"

    So, were saying MORE than 1000 Stam refill at high levels (as long as you have more than 1000 Stam to begin with)?? - Yumski if so!!
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  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Ya, I thought it was applicable to put that teaser in there to gauge interest.
  20. zombie slayer are lucky !!! how about Viking come and kick some zombies around lol
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