[ZS] Cupid Carnage Valentine’s Calendar – February 13 and 14

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  1. The complete acurate details of this calendar has been a bit confusing but I have enjoyed all the free XP, cash, and the nice drop. Maybe you should consider placing some kind of countdown to the end in the next one you do. It was really cool getting these free rewards -thanks. The only real problem I had with it was when the girlfriend was asking me why I keep setting a 20 minute timer over and over on Valentine's Day .. :) Happy Gaming all.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    I agree with ya Jerome.. Kano should put a timer like in other boss challenge that will show how much time left for the calender to end *if there would be another calender like this* ;)

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Have money/Not much time to play - Use UN to complete the calender
    No money/Lots of time to play - Successfully completed the calender 3 times in 2 days
    No money/No time to play - 100% WHINING ;)
  4. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    I agree that we really need a timer to see how long til it ends. It's not stated directly on the calendar that it ends on the 15th 12 am pst so some people are gonna be confused on when "the end of the day on the 14th" really is". I still think it would be super nice if kano extended the calendar one more day as for several hours some people were unable to figure out how to get help earlier in the day when the links were grayed out. If a bug affects several players negatively said people she be reimbursed right?
    Also for further calendars if your going to make them 20 mins at a time at least allow us to store multiple keys. :p
  5. 38 hours; 20 minute timers; 25 doors x 3; doesn't give a man much time to sleep, or work. It's just too excessive. I managed to get them done, but it was pure torture. Maybe fewer doors. More time. Longer timers. Or a combination of all three would be nice.
  6. The links were greyed out for awhile, but it didn't stop you from opening the doors every 20 minutes anyway. It only added an hour, maybe two depending on how far along you were. Plus it was only temporary. I have a friend who has 61 squad who still managed to get all the help he needed when the problem was fixed.
  7. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Finished 3 times! (I'm FREEEEE!!!!)

    The skill points I got for leveling are really appreciated....please dont do another one like this again though lol
  8. Ronny

    Ronny Member

    A suggestion couldnt you guys extend it to maybe a week, because I barely have time and wanted to finish but I cant stick around to be hitting every twenty.
  9. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    A week? Your asking for a bit much there don't you think? It's a once of special feature, the point isn't for everyone to finish it.

    You could always use UN to get more keys if you want to.
  10. I completed all three calendars on ZS and VC, and I have to ask that if you choose to do this again or something similar, allow keys to be stackable or increase the amount of time in between free keys.
  11. arepgunzo

    arepgunzo Member

    nahh..im enjoy the cash d xp..but please increase the time for da caledar..13,14..that was to fast..please makee it 1 or 2 more days :/
  12. The PaleHorse

    The PaleHorse New Member

    So much for 48 hrs. closed after 36hrs. had i know it would not go 48 hrs, i would have used the 6 UN required to clear it for the last time.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Yeah its pretty confusing.. it said to be closed at the end of 14th, so I figured I had to finish it off before GP reset. Clearly it's not 48 hours but only 36 hours :(
  14. If you can come to the boards to complain, then you can also come to the boards to get the information you need to make an informed decision. I was confused as well and asked for clarification on the 13th. And got it.

    I can understand where the confusion came from, but all it took was a simple question to resolve that issue. Extending the time now, would be a slap in the face to all of us that either worked hard for the 38 hours the calendar was open or who spent UN to complete it in time. I wish all of you had completed it in the time allotted, but I would be opposed to extending that time at this point.

    Jessica had a good idea earlier. For the next time, if there is a next time, a counter would be a fine idea.
  15. slave

    slave Member

    silly people....you keep forgetting one thing, kano is in business to make money. they threw us a bone if you had 21 hours to complete the calendar, if you didnt, and you wanted to complete it, your option was to spend money, which is what they wanted and from the sounds of it was very successful. remember you didnt have to pay, it was your choice!

    i thought it was fun and unique, must have been someone new on the team that suggested it, and no they arent going to give you more days and more time, they wanted it to be CHALLENGING! thats a novel concept dont you think? just wait till the outbreaks in the next city require big chunks of stamina....then we get to hear the nrg players all whine that they cant complete the outbreaks......
  16. alka

    alka Banned

    If they are going to start using Stamina to complete Outbreaks, then I guess everyone will be screwed!!
  17. RIBBET

    RIBBET New Member

    First off i would like to thank KANO for this great OPPORTUNITY i for one loved it!

    To all the people bitching about it, this was an OPPORTUNITY to receive great Exp, cash & gear NOT A FREE GIFT! Stop acting like your all owed everything and start being a little grateful for a change.

    As far as the confusion goes the next time you open up a calender and the "how to play" screen pops up don't just close it READ IT!!! it clearly stated that it ran from 10am PST on the 13th till the end of the day on the 14th.

    "The Cupid's Carnage runs from February 13 @ 10:00am PST through the end of February 14. You may complete the challenge 3 times."

    And for all the ones that think it was to short or took to much of their time, it wasn't mandatory to complete it once let alone 3 times it was an extra OPPORTUNITY and should have been challenging to complete all 3 times! Stop acting like just because something is available to you that you have to do it and KANO is trying to rob you for money.

    They don't make calenders every month they are special and i think it was awesome they had 2 this month, once again KANO thank you very much.
  18. alka

    alka Banned

    I suppose Practice what you preach springs to mind.
    While on the subject of preaching, it's called a Forum for a reason, so stop telling people what to say or do, we can voice our opinion if we want. I'm sure Kano are big boys (and girls).
  19. RIBBET

    RIBBET New Member

    listen here Alka why dont you look at the date on that post and look at the reply right under it!!! I did read it, actually before hand that way i didnt have a reason to cry and blame kano for not understanding it.

    So what is it that i'm supposed to be practicing again?

    Also are you trying to say that you and others can voice ur opinions but i can't?
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  20. alka

    alka Banned

    Me a Troll..lol
    I suppose you could start by learning to read, Mr 8 posts, so I rule the forum..lmao

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