[ZS] ZS Battle Arena Issues / Temporarily Disable Attacks

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    huh? losing health for being inactive? what are you talking about? im confused.
  2. TonyDu

    TonyDu Member

    Yep. I saw that too. lol
  3. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    and its down again. will it be a surprise when its coming back?
  4. Yep.... I did lose a % of my health, through no fault of my own, as I've been waiting all day to play...
    The kill I did manage to get put me back to base health.
    Am just aghast at the continued unprofessionalism of the Developers.
    But hey... what did we expect huh?
    Expect nothing and never be disappointed...
  5. So what

    So what Member


    I appreciate that this is NOT going well for you .....you have my sympathy

    but your just wrecking our heads ....



    if you just BIN this one

    C ...ENOUGH .....please

    Just reload and pick a day next week

    it will be best all around

    Kind regards
  6. slave

    slave Member

    im going to give kano some constructive criticism

    your wasting our time on this arena

    1- we cant attack consistently, constantly frozen
    2- apparently this is not true for all players
    3- if this is true, its an obvious unfairness and the plug should be pulled
    4- if you thought you fixed it you didnt
    5- i would be embarassed if i put this product out to my clientele and expected them to be happy

    and on a final note...im sorry to all the players who waited around for this, cuz it is a total waste of time
  7. So what

    So what Member

    You've been killed from a booby trap by A************.
    5 minutes ago delete

    went back into arena and magically rehealed ....and got all the exp back

    tried to die again as im OFF

    You've been killed from a booby trap by *********.
    26 seconds ago delete

    You've been killed from a booby trap by ********.
    28 seconds ago delete


    you can read my feed


    Thanks for trying ...but its just NOT your last 48 hrs
  8. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    ok this is obviously unfair, i just got sniped, which means not all of us are getting lag. WTF IS GOING ON HERE???????? @so what, im logged in pretty much 24/7, i just dont shut down my pc very often lol and i leave facebook, zs, and potfarm up all the time lol.
  9. W T F

    W T F New Member

    Its not only the BA thats messed up, even the game itself is tanked. I give up for tonight.
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    OK, well that went a little rougher than we thought but we got it working. A few more things to work out but the game should definitely be playable now.

    Again we apologize. We thought that this was related to server upgrades that we did yesterday, but when we reverted the change and brought the arena back we were having the same issues.

    We have isolated them for the time being, the arena should be good to go now and for the last 30-min or so. Sorry it took so long to get an update.
  11. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    keep trying
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Are you guys seeing slow page loads?
  13. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    For every 20 clicks, 1 is getting through. I've lost 3 good size kills because of the major lag when I get someone under 1,000,000 health. Is this going to be fixed????????
  14. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    Opponent not available for an attack please try again. Opponent not available for an attack please try again. Opponent not available for an attack please try again. Opponent not available for an attack please try again. Opponent not available for an attack please try again. This is what my game looks like. Will it continue to do this?
  15. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks everyone for being so accommodating during this arena. We are experiencing higher then usual arena requests to our servers today and have made adjustments to keep the arena and rest of game playable.

    This arena will run as is but we've prioritized some development projects that should create a better gameplay experience in future arenas. We will keep everyone updated on improvements and feature additions to the battle arena.
  16. Opponent not available for an attack please try again...after you have made a cup of coffee...or if you are lucky you might be able to make it down the shop to buy a paper...before you can attack again ;) Big Raspberries to you Kano :)
  17. I'm surprised there was an issue at all. You've been doing arenas for a long time with no problems. Hopefully the next one will work correctly.
  18. slave

    slave Member

    eric im glad you said it will run better in the future arenas, cuz this is the worst gameplay in ANY arena we have seen, so you really werent putting yourself out there on a limb, reinstalling the code from the first arena would run better than this

    im not sure your really listening to people so heres my bit

    when you attack someone you can click 15-20 times to get one attack to register, in between that you are rewarded with opponent not available for attacks which is completely bs cuz there is no one else attacking them

    if an opponent has a 100 million health it takes 10-20 minutes to finish him off instead of 1 minute as in past arenas

    what do you think people are going to do when a person has 1 billion health? do you really think people have the patience to wear out their mice clicking 15 times to register one attack and spending 2-3-4-5 hours on a person only to be timed out when the kill is ripe?

    congrats on finally getting an arena to go the distance, but if you look at your bottom line of un spent on this one, im betting it will be the lowest one yet

    but as far as you guys thinking you have fixed this your wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off.
  19. Oh I wonder why??
    Oh yeah ... *lightbulb*... the new BA achievements might have something to do with that, do ya reckon??
    The next one is going to be even busier, as this is the one where you'll be rewarding the achieves after, isn't it??
    I dunno what was more stupid last night, the BA being so skewey, or me actually sitting there trying to play it.

  20. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    my question is this. if we are all playing the same arena, and we are all getting the same lag, how are some people still able to snipe kills???? i smell a rat!!!!

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