[ZS] Zombie Slayer Launch on Armor Games

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    We’re pleased to announce that Zombie Slayer is now live and available to play over on Armor Games. We've tied in this version of Zombie Slayer with the Kongregate version, so if you see a bunch of new people saying they've come from Armor, that’s why!

    Zombie Slayer is currently being “soft launched”, but tomorrow it will have a large presence on the site, so expect a big increase in players over the weekend. So do you usual, Squad them, Fight them, send them gifts, all that good stuff!
  2. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    Ok, so to be clear, does this mean we can NOT have both a Kongregate ZS account AND an Armor Games ZS account?

    I play games on Armor Games as well, and had started a ZS account when I saw it, but then noticed the Leaderboard as having Kongregate people, so I stopped. Don't want to get banned.
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  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This is new territory for us, having two different networks tied to the same version of the game. We are revising our policy for these situations but for now, if you are playing your Armor games as a separate account for all intents and purposes, feel free to continue to do so. However, if you are using it to engage in behavior that is not condoned that is when you might come under some scrutiny.

    I understand that this may be slightly at odds with our position in the past, but as I've said this is undiscovered country. Please bear with us as we nail down some rules surrounding this specific situation.
  4. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    I was actually going to be suggesting something in the Ideas section that has something to do with this.

    I was going to suggest a brand new server where alts were allowed. Instead of constantly scanning for people playing from the same location, why not have a place where it's ok to do?

    A player has only so much time to play the game, so it's not as if if you had three characters on one server, they would all be the top, unless you are one of those lucky people with all the time in the world. People would be just as likely to buy UN's for one account as another, or even if not, having multiple accounts on a server isn't going to deter them from buying UN's altogether.

    Obviously still try to prevent other types of cheating (auto-clicking mice, scripts, hacks), but I imagine that alternate accounts is your biggest violation of the EULA.

    The Kongregate/ArmorGames server could be your test run. Just say **** it, and let the players go for it to see how it plays out.

    No reason to change the rules on the other servers.
  5. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    Station an admin to do temporary bans from community chat in the event of spamming. This is something that is needed RIGHT NOW. People are spamming the chats like hell and it's going to be a major turn off for some people to the game. Either that, or give a few players admin privilege in that chat with the consequence of abusing power being that your account gets banned.
  6. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    Yeah, many people are saying they're quitting due to spam, and a lot are trying to entice others to leave as well because of the spam. I know this is your weekend off and this company doesn't have the brains to give a schedule so at least one person is working during the weekend and gets a couple days off during the week, but if you care about your company's success you'll actually do something about this.
  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback. The "Community" chat right now is available to only "new" users, because of the promotion and mass of players being thrown into the game the chat has been fairly active. We removed the automated chat msg saturday night when a player joins the room.

    We have been monitoring the chat and there seems to be a lot of invite code, squad contracts and boss link sharing which is what we would like to see in the "community" / new player chat.

    What kind of spam have you been seeing? We will also look to add a "close" chat option so taht people that don't want to see the chat do not have too.
  8. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    People typing out one sentence, copying it, pasting it a couple hundred times, then posting. Taking up half the chat space, spamming to the point nobody can see who'd typing simply to piss other people off.
  9. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks for the bug notices, our chat throttling doesn't seem to be working. There will be chat moderation updates released today which should address the ongoing issues.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    With out going into detail Alts can be a huge advantage to players that dont have as much time to play as well. TY BUT NO TY!

    One thing that should be considered is that Kong is already an established game and in time it will become more so as will Armor. Going forward.....allowing players to have accounts on both networks will open a huge can of worms
  11. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Exactly, which is why we're definitely not going to open the floodgates, so to speak. We're still hammering out policy on this, so what I said last Friday is still the word. Stay tuned for changes!
  12. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    I would agree with this. My idea was more for a completely new server, this situation just happened to remind me of the idea.

    Regardless, a person with more time is going to have an advantage, no matter how many characters they are playing.

    I didn't expand too much on my idea, but there would be more to it. For instance, I would employ the following ideas as well:

    1. Only one character can be logged in at a time.
    2. You are unable to actually do anything to/for/from your other characters.
    3. The character you are not playing is essentially removed from play until you log them back in.

    Just an idea! :)
  13. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    Looking forward to the update. Honestly, I have played some on armorgames.com, but don't want to do anything wrong, so I want to know what the official rules are going to be.
  14. Please at least allow the option to mute the person(s) in the chat that are causing the trolling/spamming. :)
  15. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    I think it's completely fine, right now I've been using my armorgames account to be on there, help teach the new guys how to play and have fun. Sure it's going to be a bit rough, but it's like that for any newbie who decides to join a game late. Also alts are an advantage against people who don't have as much time to play? So are calendars, world bosses, arena, faction wars, hitlist, ect. 3 day calendars cater to the active people to get ahead, World bosses allow people who have more time to sit at the game to get more bonus XP, Arena allows players who have the time to play to get ahead in levels and possibly win UN rewards, Faction wars allow factions with people that have more active slayers to win, hitlist allows people who can put more time and effort into the game to acquire more cash. So tell me how having this second account is going to help more than any feature already put into this game?
  16. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    You must wait before posting again.

    How long before that disappears?
  17. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    You really need to fix the filter. I go to give someone on Armorgames instructions on how to publish squad contracts and i say "publish it" I'm told not to use obscenities and banned from talking for a while. You shouldn't stop people from talking for using obscenities, you should only censor it out to prevent errors like this from happening.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Alts are a fact of life in these games and they always will be. Alts are also the biggest issue in these games as they are far more rampant than other type of cheating and can be used to ones advantage in most if not all aspects of the game.

    Dont take me wrong here....I firmly believe that majority of players that have alt accounts dont use them to malicious extent that some do. In fact I believe that most players that have them are fairly casual players that have them so they can either keep to themselves and play, try out differing strategies or simply have another account to play when they run out of juice in their other account but still havent sated there want to play yet. In a perfect world it would be great if players could have multiple accounts ....but lets be real. just as in life a few ruin it for everyone else. there will always be those that have to take things to the extreme, allowing alts would just be giving the malicious players the liberty to wreak havoc and I assure u they will.....especially if already established accounts are combined with an all new platform that is just starting out.

    Certain ideas have been suggested as far as checks and balances to keep thing regulated but I just dont see how some of those things are realistic. Alts are completely illegal now and it been proven time and time again that attempts to curb there use is pointless. Why would we think that allowing them under a particular set of circumstances would be any easier to police? Personally I think it would only make an already daunting task even tougher as we ushered in another shade of gray to an already murky area.

    With all that said though I look forward to what Kano might come up with and ideas offered up by the community. Who knows...maybe they can make it work. My only hope is that they first clean up the mess in there longer standing platforms . If they are going to allow alts on another platform....rid Fb and kanoplay/ms of them first.
  19. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    I have what's considered a controversial opinion about alts. I personally like when my enemy has alts. It add more accounts to the game. Bigger fight list, more hits going up, more helps, more bosses, ect. It populates the game and I couldn't care less who's controlling who. It also means I can kill them twice, or three times, or four times, or however many they have, you get the picture. I personally couldn't be bothered to play one. When I'm home I'm already jumping between 3 different games(at least) and other things on the internet, but I mainly have the armorgames one to help guide the new players and give them tips in the game. For me it's the same as trying to play on two platforms, I quickly get bored of one and end up just sticking to one and one only. I give it a few weeks maybe a month before I get bored of mine, but if other people want to continue let them. If they gain an advantage that's cool, they earned it. By putting in the extra time and effort it takes to run alts I believe they earn any advantage they get. I think alts help the game more than anything, and you also have to remember that it's ZS we're talking about. 40 attacks to a person a day, much harder to level up, you don't really have to work for any items except earn UN for the special ones. As much as all the people who get mad and cry about alts would like to disagree, they are good for the game.
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  20. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The chat is an ongoing project and we certainly don't want to censor things like that! We'll work on making it less stringent.

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