[ZS] Zombie Slayer Late Summer 2015 Item Creation Contest

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  1. Maureen

    Maureen Member

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  2. Drakmund

    Drakmund New Member

    Name: Death_Bow
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Daryl "Walking Dead" Crossbow
  3. Alucard Crissaegrim (Weapon)
    This would be an all attack, no def weapon (600+ atk, 0 def), used by vampire hunter, Alucard. Resembles a light, Katana like sword, with a very long blade, curving towards the tip. It Glows an eerie blue color, with a grey spirit energy emanating from it. A silver blade, black leather on the grip, with a fang shaped hilt tip. Just above the hand guard, on the blade, is an upward flaring set of 6 bloody teeth, starting just inside the sharp side of the blade, curving out the back of it.
  4. Gear: Ring of the Damned
    0-100 attack, 500-650 def. A gold ring with black obsidian around the outside edges. A bloody, crimsony red gem (similar in shape to a diamond) sits atop the ring, on a sinister looking, twisting, crown shaped, black obsidian base. The ring glows a creepy red glow, permeating with the souls of the wearers victims. This red aura protects the wearer in battle, creating a sphere of energy around them. Around the outside of the ring are some sort of ancient carvings.
  5. Vehicle: Deadside
    500+ atk, 200+ def. A black, older model hearse, retrofitted with black titanium plating. All windows are covered in black titanium bars. Long, tri-pronged pikes cover the vehicle on all sides, but the front, where a massive, bloody saw blade, controlled from inside the car, is used to carve up the undead. The wheels are much larger than normal, like what you would see on a truck, with a raise kit, to give the vehicle extra height. Blood spatter is present all over the hearse.
  6. G String

    G String New Member

    Name: The Enigma
    Type: Weapon
    Description: A mind reading grenade that exploits brain waves and attacks individual weaknesses of lone or group targets.
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