[ZS] Zombie Slayer Late Summer 2015 Item Creation Contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Have some great visual design ideas for a sweet new game item? Let’s see what you’ve got!

    From now until Sunday, September 20th, submit your item concepts to this thread by commenting below. The Kano Creative Team will pick their favourite based on how well it meets the submission criteria, as well as how fun and interesting it would be to make.

    The winner will see their entry added into the game as a powerful Limited Quantity item, get a free one for their inventory, and receive a package of 50 Favor Points!

    Submission criteria are below. Please read them carefully! Entries that follow the criteria carefully will have a much better shot at winning. Entries that ignore the criteria will be disqualified and might be removed from the thread.


    Your submission MUST include:
    • A name for your item that is under 25 characters long.
    • The type of item (Weapon, Vehicle, Gear)
    • A description of the item’s appearance that is under 500 characters long. You can check the length here.

    This is a visual design contest! What we’re looking for is the kind of information we would give to our illustrators to help them understand what the item is supposed to look like.

    Creative names are great, but the most important part of your submission is the description. Item creation is a technical as well as a creative process. Give the artist clear and detailed information about the item’s appearance.

    Remember, you have limited space and the illustrator is first and foremost concerned with key visual elements. Think about how you can best specify the shapes, colors, and textures of the image you have in mind.


    Name: Tacticool Assault Rifle

    Type: Weapon

    Description: A futuristic-looking matte tan assault rifle with smooth lines and rounded edges. The magazine is a standard NATO box magazine and is behind the trigger making it a "bullpup" weapon. On the rifle are a bunch of elaborate attachments such as a large scope on the top of the rifle and flashlights and laser sights on the side and a foregrip on the front of the rifle underneath the barrel. The gun is displayed on an angle to the viewer so as to display the entirety of the weapon and its various add-ons.


    Stick to one single item submission per post, please! You can post more than once if you wish, but please don’t spam the thread or your entries may be removed.

    In the past, we’ve allowed participants to include images with their entries. Not this time! We’re looking for interesting concepts straight from your own imagination, so you’re going to have to do this one without visual aids. Entries that include pictures will be disqualified and will be removed from the thread.

    Keep the game’s theme in mind! While we do make some exceptions, don’t be surprised if submissions of ancient longboats don’t gain a lot of traction with our illustrators when they’re looking to make gear for a modern day-based title.
  2. Gear Name: Poseidon Trident
    Resembles the arrow-headed pronged fork, used by the Mediterranean fishermen
  3. VRW4114

    VRW4114 New Member

    Name: Pride of Patu
    Type: Weapon
    Description: A hand carved wooden weapon with sharp edges. Tribal patterns etched in a dark, smokey grey color around the weapon. It has a rope attached to the handle made of fibers from the tree and a pom-pom at the end of the rope made from leaves of the tree (Coincidentally, similar to my avatar ;) )
  4. kinglugia

    kinglugia New Member

    Name: Galactic Kickers
    Type: Gear
    Description: A pair of futuristic-looking boots, or rather, a wire-thin metallic frame of a boot. Within the borders of the frame is an unknown material, flowing yet unyielding. It depicts the galaxies in all its glory, the very universe itself seemingly compressed and shaped into the figure of a pair of boots.
  5. Monica la mitraille

    Monica la mitraille New Member

    A nice zombie outfit gear, best way to stay alive during a zombie invasion by looking already with an empty brain. So need bloody clothes to make it more realistic.
  6. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    Name: Suicide vest
    Type: Gear
    Description: Imagine the most important outfit of a kamikaze slayer, ready to take out a whole mass of zombies at once. It consists of a green military-styled vest (naturally) combined with a black leather belt, both full of strapped-on explosives such as dynamite and C4. A teddy bear and a lollipop can be seen peeking from the vest's pocket.
  7. markieb

    markieb New Member

    Name: The Nagging Wife
    Type: Weapon
    Description: A very large woman shouting with a large shrill sound coming out of her voice, hands on hips with a rolling pin,ths sound pierces through a large crowd of zombies forcing there brains to explode, used has a mass killing weapon.
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  8. Tjak

    Tjak New Member

    Name: TjaksAxe
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Handle is 33 inches long, made from second growth hickory sapwood, all white in color. Grain is 16 annual rings per inch of radius and runs parallel to the length of the handle. Weight is 6 pounds. Toe and heel has a red metal ball. Head is mace comprised of a triple half moon blade at 0, 120 and 240 degrees with a red metal ball on the wedge. Red metal spikes at 60, 180 and 300 degrees. Throat is adorned with the symbols MMXV.
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  9. Guillotine

    Guillotine New Member

    • Name:GOREka Type:Vehicle Description: A heavily armored Truck based loosely on the Gurka vehicle,with Monster Tires,Saw Blades fixed on doors and rear..and Sharp Spikes on the front brush guard(to gore the zombie masses as you leisurely drive to survive.Twin Barrel 30 Cal machine gun Turret mounted on top optional :)
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  10. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana Well-Known Member

    • Minion Maniac
    • Weapon
    • Everyone loves the minions, they are always out to serve the BOSS. Why not be that boss. Minions can come equipt with grenades, knives, fart guns, ice guns etc.
  11. Calamero

    Calamero New Member

    The Very Cross Bow.
    A crossbow with a small blood dripping skull at the front and the bolts fire through the mouth. The bolts have gnashing zombie teeth instead of arrowhead :)
    Damnit I'm off to make one :)
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  12. Drakmund

    Drakmund New Member

    Name: Political Bus
    Type: Vehicle
    Description: Politicians Campaign Bus covered with bumper stickers and packed full of zombie politicians (Trump, Clinton, Bush, etc. etc).
  13. Gavin Dashboard Bobble head Doll
    A uncommon ugly head on a spring perhaps missing teeth and sporting a bloody axe in head
    Must be heavy attack because everyone knows a gavin bobble head can not be good for you
  14. juanmmatam

    juanmmatam Member

    Tesla ZK
    A black Tesla with an antenna to zap zombies






    Weapon..Mai-Tai Moutain Dew Cocktail...Well known drink.Looks safe..... But can kill Several or many Zombies when detonated at one time.
  18. Maureen

    Maureen Member

    Pumpkin head menace, for Halloween! large orange head, fire shooting from his eyes machine gun barrel from his nose, arms are up, to hold bullets rounds that are being held in his mouth! Nice orange and checkerboard suit, because our menace dresses nice!
  19. Maureen

    Maureen Member

    Gear: Fire sweeping witches broom!! Standard witches broom with fire coming out of the bottom, when you sweep!
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  20. Maureen

    Maureen Member

    Vehicles: ghoul machine, antique car, full of ghost and goblins, death would be one of them, with all sorts of medieval weapons!!
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