[LCN] WTF Have You Done To The Hitlist?

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Stiletto Babe, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Stiletto Babe

    Stiletto Babe New Member

    I have no idea what you have done to the game Kano but damn trying to get a kill off the hitlist on my laptop sucks now!! When I press attack and get in my first hit on someone it's fine but after that the attack button bounces all over the shop. Like a new style moving target game! WTF?! Makes me dizzy trying to hunt in the blitz. I noticed you changed the way my fight screen looks so maybe that is why the hitlist is arse about face? It ruined the enjoyment of my last blitz.... It has NEVER done this before so please undo whatever it was you tried to fix.... thanks.

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  2. XtremePredjudice

    XtremePredjudice New Member

    having the same trouble and I hate hunting on that tiny little phone screen and pounding away. Maybe Kano will be selling shotguns for FPs so we can enjoy the skeet shoot....PULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
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  3. Darkstar

    Darkstar New Member

    yep seeing same thing
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  4. Mayor of Lammytown

    Mayor of Lammytown New Member

    You know, there are a lot of problems I have seen rise up in the game and it is related to KANO itself, not the gamers. I thought I was bouncing around my MacPro but even holding it steady on a desk the pointer moves around and around but never back to where I keep placing it. This is obviously a flaw, but is it also designed for certain machines or people. I was away for 10 months and returned to a land of pick pockets and strange actions. This thing is EXPENSIVE to play. Yes, my pointer slides around in the most mysterious of ways as if it is trying to sneak off away from my favorite Bounty Blitz. Regular hunting on the HL is a frustration and not at all a battle of players. it is a game of "where's my pointer/Waldo". Please fix. Please stop ruining the game with expenses. Was nothing learned for the destruction of Mob Wars? Who could be so blind as to not understand what it is that drives players away, devoted players?
  5. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Well I have yet to see the jumping button, but this is not Mob Wars either (so I find that comment irrational at best) If KANO made it harder for bots/scripts to collect a bounty KUDOS to them, finally listening to some players on the abuse.
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  6. Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer New Member

    I don't see any jumping on my phone, tablet or pc. Could it be you just need to hit the command button.
  7. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I hate to break the news too each an everyone of you JADE I will have to disagree on your comment about the bot/script Kano will never be able to stop them unless if they put out a Bot Detection within there Games, an more then likely if a Bot knows you are reporting them all they are gonna do is turn off there shit for a few days an once they are in the clear then they will turn it back on an if anyone trys to ban them all they will do is Create New Accounts each time unless if something is done, but as you can see that I have personally complain too Kano that they need too add a Bot Detection on all Platforms for years an they have yet done anything so at this point KANO DOES NOT CARE ABOUT LOYAL OR HONEST PLAYERS, BUT THEY DO LISTEN TO THE CHEATERS IN THE GAME AN IT RUINS THE LOYAL PLAYERS REPS cause of shit like this!!
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  8. Mayor of Lammytown

    Mayor of Lammytown New Member

    I refer to MW as is a lesson in allowing bots and scripts to overtake and destroy a great game. Lessons are not always as we wish to categorize.
  9. Micaylah

    Micaylah Active Member

    The whole bouncy thing has been going on for days. Like every1 else, I am not amused! :(

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