WTF? Boss Battle System and Theory

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Elise Falcony, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Health - 44,650,000
    Attack -22890
    Defence -22618


    Im with weapons
    Health -3000
    Attack -1292
    Defence -436

    Single Attack - 450 dmg - 550 dmg
    Power Attack (+1025/825) - 2800dmg-3500dmg

    Im without weapons
    Health -3000
    Attack -1
    Defence -1

    Single Attack - 450 dmg - 550 dmg (!!!)
    Power Attack (+1025/825) - 2900dmg-3300dmg

  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi Elise,

    It depends on the boss, but each boss has a minimum threshold for Armed attack and if you don't meet that threshold then your damage will be capped based on a couple factors (this applies whether or not you are armed against this boss). Judging by the information that you've pasted here, that is most likely what is happening. I'd recommend dropping more skill points across the board into Attack/Health/Defense and that should help with those numbers.
  3. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Thank you, but i want to know

    I want to know what parameters to up and how it will increase damage. The game is not so much sp to spend on less useful option, so I'd like to know what to up and how it will affect the damage.

    Let's say I do not see any reason to up the defense. Why do I need protection if my damage is completely dependent on the attack, but the defense only gives me protection from enemy attacks.

    And enemies attack шт the game is not important. So i not need up defence.
    Also i not need up health, bcse my hero is immortal.

    But you say i need to up health and defence - why?
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  4. Zues

    Zues New Member

    Have you noticed when you deal damage you also receive a small portion of damage

    For Example:
    +66,950 coins | +13 XP | -39 Health Lost | 82 Health Damage Dealt

    (Sorry i have no boss to show an example on.)

    So lets say your character has only maximum of 100 health but his stamina is 50 with 500 attack, ok so you attack somebody and win/lose because you dealt only 120 damage but you received 85 damage in return.

    But you only had 100 health, so now your health is depleted and your severely injured most likely you lost that battle because of your low health, but if you had for say 1k health, you would of dealth more damage because your able to withhold more damage in return for your 1st attack.

    Get my point?

    Also i assume if you have a high defense, you would less likely receive a high amount of "return damage" based on your 1st attack, health, attack power, and your equipment. so in truth defense can you help even though it seems like it doesnt, you wouldn't want to be attack people and killing them whilst receiving a such high amount of return damage that your healing your character for every 2 fights won, theres no profit there.
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  5. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Yes. But if you have 1000hp, in one attack enemy cant hit all your hp. And You not need to up health more than 1000 (or dmg loose x6)
  6. Zues

    Zues New Member

    It was just an example lol but lets say they have invested all there SP into Health and Defensive skills and are a defensive built character with 4 high equipment averaging around 100 attack each with 300 def each?

    if you have a high health set and high attack more than likely you should win the fight, considering you have up to date high equipment and clan inventory.

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