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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Elise Falcony, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Elise Falcony

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    I do not need. I want to understand how and what to sharpen hero.

    Not a problem. It is impotant to understand what and why.

    I want to understand how these parameters affect the attack on the PVP and PVBoss.

    Wrong. If I put it not the fact that I see. May be meaningless warning disappears, but what it will give me the result I see.
    For example, I just increased xn in 1000, I did not see results.
  2. polishpimp

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    Like Mitch said...pretty much all attributes play a role in figuring an outcome in some way, shape or form. If u build too lopsided of an account it will definitely have some severe drawbacks in other areas. A while back Kano even went as far as to put in minimum benefit limits when attacking someone. So basically no matter what u do to your account the outcomes (for both u and the other party involved)are governed by limits set forth by Kano. Kano wants players to have more balanced accounts so they continue to put in limits that stifle are choices/strategy. Ive actually all but abandoned an account in one of my games that was closing in on the #1 spot at a record clip because one of these game changing limits put in to place well after the fact. You wont get any sympathy from kano on this one.

    Kano is not going to reveal how everything is formulated so Theres no point in continuing to ask (personally I think percentages plays a big role). Your example seems pretty simple to me....the opposing player has much more def than u have attack. Its also important to note that the numbers add up very slowly and u often will have to add a huge amount to notice any difference. Lets also not forget that the opposing players are adding to their numbers as well.

    In some categories/situations the formula actually changes (without warning)as u increase your numbers. A simple example of this is battle arena health. You will find that it increases rapidly as u add to it but only to a certain point before it begins to grow at a much slower rate despite the fact u may be adding as much if not more to your health as u had been previously
  3. LOL just reading through old posts. You got the last word, baby, cuz everyone who's anyone knows you wrote the book! :)
  4. Gogolak

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    kano reserves the right to edit or remove posts whether or not they violate the TOS. i've had this happen to me before, too. if it's a simple "yes" or "no" in agreement to what others have posted, it may be deleted. if it is not related to the thread it's in, it may be deleted. if it appears to be spam or antagonistic in any way towards other forum members, it may be deleted. if a forum member complains about the post, it will be deleted.
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    This is a game 'owned' and run by Kano therefore they can do what they like. You also have to bear in mind that this platform is owned and run by Facebook so in effect there are two 'owners' higher up the ladder than any of us players. Facebook can and do take action in whatever way they wish is this is their platform. Kano can and do take action in whatever way they want to as well as this is their game. We, the players, are merely pawns in this however, it is in Kano's interest to listen to what we say in order to have a game played by members of the public - us. That is why they appreciate our feedback and take note of our feedback and even take action as a result of our feedback. Just don't forget that we are the end users and MUST play by whatever rules Facebook and Kano decide to instigate. If we follow the rules we don't get banned and can have a lot of fun in here.

    I find the Forum interaction another interesting facet of the game, especially once you have done everything 'do-able' for the day. You can come in here for a chat, learn stuff, interact with other like minded people both players and Kano staff. The main thing for all of us is to ENJOY THE GAME and not get stressed over it. If you don't enjoy being here then push off and go get a life somewhere else.

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