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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Elise Falcony, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Elise Falcony

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  2. Zues

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    Cant really see the image, but you have to consider the amount of chieftains he has and that you have, also each chieftain can bring in like 10 weapons and 5 warriors i think, so if he has only 50 cheifs and you have 400 more than likely you should win the battle avoiding his equipment stats.
    Idk if that helps any
  3. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    i add bigger picture

    i have 800 chieftans he has 800. also my items better than his and i think i do 900/800*1.1= 1.2 - 20% attack more than his def.
  4. Zues

    Zues New Member

    you have a larger amount of warriors than he does, and each warrior can bring in 1 weapon to use, increasing both attack and defense.
  5. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    and why i lose?
  6. Zues

    Zues New Member

    was he using a boost?
  7. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    No. No. No. No. No.
  8. Demonik1

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    you lose because your personal attack strength is lower than your opponents personal defense strength
  9. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Good answer.
    Now say the same thing with numbers. Why i lose.

    If you want i can give you list with all info - how many items i and he have
  10. Linda

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    The percentage is there in your screen shot, you attack is less than his defense ,looks like 3.43 % less, but even if you won most of the fights there is a randomness to the fighters where you can lose one of them.
  11. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned


    Now with digits

    I have 1 atack +1300 equped weapons
    I have 924 chieftans.

    I have 8800 warrioirs with attack 25 and (9240-8800) with attack ~28


    I have 4620 weapons -

    2800*40+ 38*1600+220*40=181600

    My full attack - 181600+232200+1+1300=415 221
  12. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    His def

    3995*36=143 820

    his defence - =202270+143820~350k

    Difference - 55k.

    I think hi hasnt 55 000 personal defence
  13. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    And why i lose?
  14. Linda

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    For me it is a game, if I lose I add skill points where needed, if you are losing add to attack and health, no numbers needed . Your Personal attack = (skill points) is lower than his Personal defense = ( skill points) it is not rocket science. :) everything counts .
  15. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    you're wrong.

    In a battle used not only the personal parameters, also warrirors and weapons.
  16. Linda

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    I am not wrong,I said" Everything" counts, you are lacking in attack, it is obvious from your screen shot. If I played a game that and had as many questions as you I would not be playing, as it is I have been playing for three years and have no problem figuring out what I have to do to be stronger,no digits/numbers/ or equations needed. Enjoy your game.
  17. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Are you cant make mathematical operations?

    My attack stronger than his defence on 55k. His personal strench can give him 800*5=4000 defence if he put all stats to def only
  18. Gazember

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    Yes, you already made the right conclusion, the personal attack/def has a lot bigger impact then you think, a simple addition suggested by the Battle Strength tab on your profile its a little misleading.
    I think it has to be multiplied at least by one hundred, ore more.
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  19. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Thank you ь
    I agree that there is a coefficient wich multipkier defence and attack, but i would like to receive more information, and not wanton divination.
  20. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Let me try and address some of these questions, here.

    First of all, there is no single build that will be 100% effective in any battle, ever. Each battle comes with its own set of modifiers plus some additional considerations thrown in, so you will never be able to make a character that is completely effective against all foes. The different set of circumstances per batte makes an absolute mathematical calculation about stats pretty difficult.

    Secondly, I've seen in a few of your other threads that you think health and defense aren't important.

    "And enemies attack шт the game is not important. So i not need up defence.
    Also i not need up health, bcse my hero is immortal."

    This is technically incorrect, Health, Attack and Defense all contribute differently in battle (even though your character never really "dies"). It's all spelled out on the Skill Allocator screen:


    If your attack is one and your health is the bare minimum that's why your seeing strange outcomes in battles against bosses and players. The game even warns you that your fight skills are too low.

    Try putting some skill points into Health/Att/Def and you will see an improvement. Hope this clears things up! :)

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