Wrist Gun and Driving Gloves no more

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Patrick Read, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Patrick Read

    Patrick Read New Member

    the Wrist Gun is a wepon with big def low atk, the Driving Gloves is a piece of has low def and big atk

    now we have for a little wile is the Riot Police Electro Shield 170 Attack 104 Defense and its weapon counterpart the Riot Police Stun Baton 104 Attack 170 Defense :cool:

    :'( i cant get ether of them i got a Wrist Gun a few days ago from a sale and now i have no UN >.<
  2. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Keep leveling and you will get more un. Also by doing challenges and other things that will allow you to accumulate. All items will eventually go back on sale so long as there not the limited quanity items or from some type of feature challenge. Limited time items will always come back around since there on timers it just replaces them with older ones from the past rotating.
  3. Patrick Read

    Patrick Read New Member

    they r limited quantity 900+ left of both of them get one for cuz i cant :(
  4. Michael Massey

    Michael Massey New Member

    Don't forget the vehicle in that group Riot Police Tesla APC with 230 attack it's the highest attack I've seen;) I'm here trying to figure out the death deal with the best chip/RP ratio because I want all of the new items.
  5. Patrick Read

    Patrick Read New Member

    :/ i want that to but its 30UN n i am having hard time trying to come up for 25UN but it dos look realy kewl but i can only look @ it
  6. It's probably not true that the wrist gun and the driving gloves are obsolete. Chances are you're not going to using the Riot Police Electro Shield for defense anyway. Nor would you be using Riot Police Stun Baton for attack. At least once you get a full load out.
  7. Patrick Read

    Patrick Read New Member

    well then what would you call a full loadout? cus if u see on front page for a few days that Mechanic Plasma Torch is cool and id rather have that than my Kano Charge Cannon
  8. A full load out is going to vary by person. For me, a full load out would be UN weapons for every unit I bring into battle in which the secondary stat is at least 100. With boss drops crowding the three figure range now...100 is the least I'll accept. For example, a weapon with 100 defense. As for vehicles, both stats have to be over 100. I have a full load out on weapons and gear at present and I'm short 3 vehicles.

    At this point I could purchase any weapon or gear I want. Right now, I'm getting wrist guns as I can to add to my defense, but at some point, I'll be purchasing those 200+ attack weapons.
  9. Nelson Yoong JunNam

    Nelson Yoong JunNam New Member

    It should have enough time to earn 25 UN in a week .... one days lvl up 2-3 if can , and the UN on Boss if you hlp a lot in coop boss with 2 stamina ..you got the change to earn 1 UN point ...you should started to earn now ...for Daily ;) it possible to lvl up 3 time if you keep playing :p...
    Rudolph Rocketlauncher
    225 59
    Future Blaster Rifle
    229 62
    Driving Gloves
    179 98
    Riot Police Tesla APC
    239 73

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