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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by JADES, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    The fact is if dead in-game you have no need to use WC. (If real important heal or get someone to relay the message) This would kinda work like any regular boss, if not healed you can't contribute. (and not a stupid raid boss before you say it)
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I find your post annoying stop whining
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  3. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    I agree it's not a nice place to visit, some are very rude and their chat is distasteful, they act like teenagers in heat. I thought that would be a place to get help. they filter some of the stuff, but some of the names like God Damn I find very offensive they sure don't filter those. I would like to see a help tab, on chat where people could actually ask a question and get a honest, respectful answer. We are trying to learn the game and the "how it works" is not always that clear to everyone. Everyone was new once and it's a game not real life.:)
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    First off it is support that deals with reports, not the Dev's or the owners, or the artists , etc, so it takes nothing away from the game, it may take support Support a little longer to investigate the cheats, but at least they act quickly for those that violate the TOS of WC.
  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    There is a help section that pretty much explains 99% of the game, it is on the top right hand side of the Game page, there is a knowledge base, also, unfortunately 90% of players cannot be bothered to read anything.
  6. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Let's keep the post on topic. What does any of this have to do with the World Chat? All it does is clutter up the forum posts and makes it uninteresting and deters others from joining the fun.

    World Chat on Kong doesn't get used much as Kong chat is available. However if a player was being abusive, racist, bigoted, malicious, etc... they should not only be banned from the chat but the game. Fortunately most of us just like to play the game and hopefully get a little enjoyment out of it. Keep the trolls under the bridge and out of the game.
  7. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Add a star rating top right of screen, basic idea if don't want to read 6 pages of bull chit.
    Concept is "if dead in-game" you can not sit on world chat and continuously talk chit. There is no need for this, it's just a loop hole for people to try and play mind games. It's not helpful to the game in anyway.
    Don't tell me MUTE option either, that chit rarely works for more than a day, before see them magically appear again
  8. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with Jade.
  9. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Bleh, I like to hit shooters whilst at work, I don't bother healing as I can't play properly, I do post my shooter help to world chat though so maybe make it so you can post game links even if you can't "chat" :p
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  10. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    that's one of the craziest ideals yet jade! then only a few who are the strongest in game would run people thru the mud all the time without anyone being able to stand up and speak there mind. Morelike being censored to speak if that ever happens, and don't you think that theres enough rights of speech and things being censored now! and you want even more?
    spimple way to cut that down would be to bring back the speaker points

    People are also taking advantage of running peoples names thru the mud and want to even be able to do that without anyone being able to stand up and say anything to them, cuz those people keep them dead. whats a eyesore is one or two people running and posting repeat messages of someone taking protection or that they keeping calling them names and instulting them. that's a eyesore everyday. World chats used to be a place you could comein and have a friendly chat about most anything within the game rules. Now its a cesspool of haters who want to be able to say anything they want and rule over those that are lower levels. or new people. you all seem to forgot that you were once lowe rlevels and had the same right to speak as anyone else does, wether they are alive or dead in the game.

    What happened to the days when a person could come into the world chat and say hi to his friends, talk about almost any subject about the game, wether it was how the game is lagging to killing someone who was being a jerk with out all the name calling and fifty people jumping on one person to drag their name thru the mud when it was not deserved. or how about when one of the highest players or strongest players buy their way up to their levels and keeps posting over and over how someone got protection on them to get a break in the game to play normal and the rest of their friends start attacking that person and doing the same thing. that's what I see the world chat has become and that's one of the reasons why I don't post in there anymore. and most likely it will also be one of the reasons when i quit all these type of games. people may not want to have speaker points to speak but at least it kept a lot of this stuff from happening every day, and normal conversations did happen back then and I miss those days.
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  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

  12. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    yes please
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  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    What does shooter's have to do with world chat????
  14. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    That's where I post my help links, whilst dead.
  15. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    Please please. Make it so. No Talking Dead in world chat! Hospital is okay, but not dead. and only above level 200. I don't want someone breaking out their mini to talk chit and get banned.
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  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I would rather they made it in the tavern, that you cannot be dead and talk shit
  17. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Yes totally Kirsten agree or close the Tavern down its a mire and an embarrassment to the developers - it is worthless
  18. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Or. Kano charge people to post in Tavern :D
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I actually like the Tavern on FB pirate clan, we have alot of laughs, except for players talking while dead, as if we won't get even with their trash talk at the next opportunity, but it is a coward who talks trash for hours while dead in the game lol
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  20. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Agree. pirate is. Fine. - not the same in LCN :(

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