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    Being the first one was shut down do to calling out the DEVs about being biased about what goes on in chat. it seems to me every time someone does this they close the thread my question is why they say we were of topic which was not true. Guidelines

    I’ll get into more detail around these below, but for people who feel pretty comfortable with their understanding of WC, you can skim over these as a quick refresher.

    Please Do:

    Respect the chat, even if you don’t respect each other
    Mute players that make comments that bother you
    Remember that World Chat is aimed at a general audience
    Be aware that if the context of comments isn’t clear, we have to go with our judgement
    Respect each others privacy
    Report comments that you think violate our rules

    Please Do Not:

    Abuse other members through offensive or hateful speech
    Accuse others of violating our ToU
    Antagonize those that have been already removed from WC
    Make comments about out of the game personal stuff
    Have or make sexually explicit conversations
    Spam with nonsensical comments, symbols or repeated phrases
    Make comments or jokes about abuse or pedophilia

    Respect the chat, even if you don’t respect each other

    Players can disagree, not like each other, or disapprove of another person's life choices and that is completely fine. What isn’t okay is when these feelings take to world chat. Insulting a person based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, looks, personal history, job, or their family hurts the community and will result in chat suspensions.

    OK: “I don’t think that’s right”
    Not OK: “You’re a fat idiot for thinking that, I bet you poop your pants”
    OK: “You suck at attacking, you’ll never get me!”
    Not OK: “With your eyes that far apart you must need two screens”
    OK: “There’s no way you’ll beat me, your character is weak garbage!”
    Not OK: “You’re a waste of space, go die”

    All of the above examples are made up, and in some cases quite exaggerated, but it clearly illustrates what we mean. You can trash talk a person for their in game abilities, but insulting a person in game for things they are or are not in real life is not welcome in WC.

    Mute Players

    We know in Support that this isn’t something most players like to do, but I can’t stress enough how important this tool is. There are so many times where someone is being kind of annoying, and rather than muting them a player will retaliate with something worse and end up banned. Take the high road, mute annoying players, make enforcement easier on us and avoid potential suspensions for yourself.

    If you write to us in Support and tell us someone is abusing you or bothering you in World Chat we will always investigate the situation, however if we check in and see they aren’t muted it means you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself first. If you aren’t willing to protect yourself it makes it a lot harder for us to come in and do it for you, so please use that mute button! There’s also always the chance that we won’t agree that a comment breaks the rules, so rather than rely on our judgment, you can mute them right away and avoid reading their posts.

    World Chat is for a General Audience

    A point of contention between some players and Kano has been who is world chat directed to. Our games are for adults and you either need to be 18 to play or have parental permission, but that doesn’t mean that all adults are going to be comfortable with the same kind of conversations happening. Some people are okay with sexually explicit conversations, swearing, insults and the like but a lot of people aren’t.

    Think of it this way, if you were at the grocery store picking up some eggs and cereal would you be talking about sex loudly enough that the women in the next aisle could hear you? Probably not! If you and your friends want to have those kinds of conversations start up a group chat and have them there instead.

    Context and the Problems it can Cause

    If there is a lack of context in World Chat we have to go with our best judgement, and sometimes that ends up with people being chat suspended.

    OK: “Did you have fun with those kids as Mall Santa again this year?”
    Not OK: “I bet you love it when all those kids sit on your lap ”

    One comment gives us context, so we know you’re not implying anything unsavoury, the other sounds like a borderline implication of child abuse. We do check for comments before and after a reported post, but the more context in comments the less likely someone is to report you, and the less likely we’ll have to err on the side of caution and suspend some chat.

    Respect Player Privacy

    Don’t share links to Facebook profiles, or phone numbers. Avoid using real names unless it’s been their name recently in game (like a few weeks), or they’ve mentioned it in the chat. Not everyone is comfortable with being called their real name in an online game, and we need to respect that.


    If something violates our Terms of Use, or you think it probably does, please report it to us using the report tool. Then, promptly mute the player in question. Chat reports are almost always handled prior to tickets, so there’s usually no need to send in a ticket as well; in almost all situations where a ticket is sent in, the report has already been dealt with earlier that day.

    We also ask that you only report things that actually violate the ToU. If someone is being annoying, posting recruit links, or disagreeing with you, that’s not a reason to report them — we can’t step in, so please mute them instead.

    Don’t use Offensive or Hateful Speech

    This is pretty self explanatory. Racial slurs, bigotry, sexism, swearing at each other, or comments intended specifically to hurt people. Think back to the grocery store example, if it’s not something you would say to the guy who took the last box of Corn Pops, don’t say it in WC.

    OK: The occasional swear or slip up, “Sh!t, my tax bill is so expensive this year.””
    Not OK: “I fukin hate people like you.”

    See next post for the rest!
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    Accusations and the Problems They Cause

    If you think someone is cheating, write to us in Support at support.kanoapps.com, and don’t tip them off in World Chat. When you accuse someone openly it makes it harder to investigate because players know we’ll be looking into them. We can’t always investigate immediately, and if play behaviour changes by the time we look into it we’re less likely to take action.

    OK: Writing to us about your concerns
    Not OK: “I know you’re running four accounts - you’re scum!”

    Avoid Antagonizing

    If you believe someone has been removed from World Chat, calling them out in the chat is against the rules. If they were removed, there was a reason: we know that, they know that, and having people mock them for it is just salting a wound. They’ve lost their privileges, that’s all there is to it.

    Make Comments about Personal out of Game Stuff

    This ties in again to the be respectful from the beginning. You can make comments about people and how they play and are in game, or even have discussions between friends about real-life situations that the player is comfortable talking about in public. However, it’s crossing a line to bring up personal problems, struggles, a person's family, etc.

    OK: “That sucks that you’re feeling sick, my sister is under the weather too.”
    Not OK: “You’re such a drunk, I bet you get that from your parents.”

    Avoid Spam

    This one is pretty straightforward as well. World Chat is for conversations, so if you’re in there repeating the same comment again and again, or you’re posting random letters or numbers, not making sense, that can be considered spam.

    Don’t Joke About Abuse!

    Jokes about abuse or pedophilia will result in a chat ban. Talking about someone fondling a child or beating their wife is not acceptable.
    If you have real concerns that someone might be breaking the law and hurting another person, you need to contact the authorities in your area.

    Thank you for bearing with us while we went over everything! Just one last thing to go over and then we’re done here and you can move along.


    The general rule is 3 strikes, you’re out. You will be given a warning, then a one week suspension, followed by a month - after that you’ll be removed from World Chat. Players are welcome to write back in and appeal to us for their privileges back, we’re trying to offer more second chances but ultimately it is our decision based on previous behaviour whether or not someone will be allowed back in.

    That is the rule, but there will be exceptions. In some cases players will be immediately, and permanently, removed from chat. These are rare cases but would occur in the event of a player saying something really horrible.

    Examples: “I’m glad your kid died in that car accident”
    “(Insert minority) are a plague on society”
    “(Player name) molests children”

    As always we will use our best discretion when handling chat issues, but we’re hoping that with a very clear, descriptive list that we won’t have to moderate too much.

    Thank you for reading, and as always please post below with your questions, comments, and concerns! Anything off topic or not constructive will be removed so we can maintain a positive conversation.

    [EDIT] For the next week we will be giving players one extra warning, to accommodate for those that may be unaware that rules have changed. The warning will include a link to this thread to help prevent this from happening again in the future.
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    I sense a finger moving over to a "delete thread" button...
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    It would not surprize me in the least it would just prove me right! iam tired of people not being treated the same.
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    I understand that the public needs rules. I mean, I can still remember a time when I liked people. (Then I got a job and had to fake sincere concern, over and over and... ya, I used to like people). I agree 98% with the guidelines and laws persuint to a chat openned to everyone and anyone. Most people know how to have a good time, but there are those that forget that this is a game, wear their feelings on their sleeve and have egos just praying to be brushed up against in a way that (in their mind) would justify their meltdown. My request is to back off with enforcing these same rules in Syndicate chat. My friends, gang, mob-family are quite the exceptional bunch. Very intelligant (for the most part), very helpful (for the most part), and very non-politically correct (because we are simply correct LOL). We are AZZH(O)LES and we do make it known we have crude humour and filthy minds. Infact the gutter would be a step up for some of us. Foul language and insults are the norm and some may even take offense to being praised or haveing the words 'please' 'excude me' or 'thank you' thrown in their face. FU has been our generally accepted greeting in lew of GoodMorning. So what are the chances of haveing the word police removed from syndicate chat? So I do not have to re-write my messages 5x over and made to sound like Dudly-Do-Right all the time?
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    Crickets chirping, and a voice in the distance keeps repeating, "Beuller? Beuller?... ".
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    What is Beuller ?
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    Sandy, in the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off the history teacher (a very boring monotoned voice individual) is takking attendance and comes to Ferris' name:"Beuller? Beuller? Ferris Beuller? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?..."
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