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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Bo Baby, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Bo Baby

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    what is the point in limiting what rewards u are able to receive based on ur lvl? basically, where is the incentive to try and attack at least 25 times if u cannot obtain that reward at the end bc u are not lvl1500?
  2. achievements??

    skill points???

    better exp than reg bosses??
  3. Bo Baby

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    it is a one time achievement thing and u dont get skill pts for the world boss

    yes, u do get better xp, but who cares about xp when others are getting better rewards than u and attacking the same or less than u, and they only give u certain xp according to ur lvl anyway, its not like u'll get more xp at lvl1000 than someone at lvl1500 who does 5-10 less attacks than u so whats the point?
  4. Bo Baby

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    this is basically why a long time ago i stated that this game is catered to the higher lvl players when there was that big discussion about people being able to be listed by any lvl once u reach lvl300 (which i still think is stupid...1/2 ur lvl is all u should be able to do unless engaged upon)

    it aint right for somebody lvl1500 to do 25 attacks and get that top reward and then a lvl100 does 30+ attacks and get those lame rewards...LOL

    just bc someone is older than u, does that mean they are given better opportunities than u bc of their age? if they are then thats favoritism anyway which is what the high lvls get shown...haha

    when u join somebody's boss u dont get less rewards bc u are a lower lvl and it shouldnt be that way for the world boss either
  5. I don't know if you noticed it or not, but when you get to a higher level and unlock a new job, the weapon drops available are better than those before it. And it gets better. When you get to the next boss, the drops for that boss are better than the ones before it. When you start a new Turf War or High Roller...well, you get the picture.

    When it comes to the World Boss, you are talking about demigodfather drops, and then only when the World Boss is defeated. These are really good items that usually end up on the Personal Loadout of average players. If a level 3 got a Commissioner's Badge, that would put everyone else at a disadvantage because at that level even a Stab Vest is a high power item. A Stab Vest is available once every three days, Commissioner's Badge every two weeks, and only at level 1500. Next step up from that you're talking Calendar items and Godfather items. That is why they limit what you can get from the World Boss based on your level.

    There is no harm in attacking more than enough times to get the achievement, you can still get more Experience with each additional attack, and the sooner the World Boss is defeated the sooner you get the weapon that is unlocked for your level.
  6. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    there are only about 10 WORTHY job drops in the ENTIRE game thus far in case u didnt know, and yes i know that the job drops get better than the job drops before them which would be pointless if they didnt, but that has nothing to do with my question

    yes boss drops are better also as the boss gets better, but like i said b4, if u are a lower lvl u get equal drops for doing the minimum damage to the boss so that should not be any different for the world boss since the world boss is none other than a boss as well

    i dont know what app u play but these items do not end up on the personal loadout of so called average players in myspace mobwars...u will NEVER see any of these items on anyone over lvl1500's loadout (unless they are reading this message and change their loadout as a joke...LOL)

    if a lvl3 got a commissioner's badge then that should mean they attacked the world boss at least 25 times...if that same lvl3 does min damage on a miami boss they get the same drops as everybody else bc they met the guidelines so i am not understanding what point u are tryin to get across with that statement

    if someone is really aiming for stab vests then there is truly something wrong wit their thinking pattern anyway...smh, and if anyone under lvl300 is really counting on the world boss rewards below lvl300, then they either play for fun (as opposed to playin to be the best) or they just do not understand the game bc u can acquire items better than the drops they give u at that lvl
  7. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    the world boss is the only thing in the game that is restricted and it is restricted to cater to higher lvls, its not like the world boss comes around every other day so why is it restricted?

    a lvl300 CAN get listed by any lvl on the game, but CANNOT get the same boss rewards for attacking the SAME world boss the SAME number of times...LOL, whats up wit that???
  8. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Wasting your time this world doesn't make sense.
  9. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    now u know what, that is the most logical answer that i have, since the world doesnt make sense i shouldnt think any less from the "world" boss

    i have my clarity now, thanks...LOL
  10. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    Lol np just my part.
  11. I don't understand why I can't buy a Gold Jet at level 3! I mean, I have the money, so why do I have to wait until level 1000?

    Maybe they should also make it so that lower levels can't attack a boss that they haven't unlocked yet...
  12. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    Is this not incentive to level up quicker though?

    I know i am inclined to play more Pirates because i want that Ocean Guardian to dance on my lap...


    Of course i meant to post this from Ahaygnahad who has my pirate in his sig but no

    I don't think i meant that at all, i meant to assist me in killing the landlubbers aboard my ship!

    Anyway, i'm a mile and three quarters in addition to an uphill stuggle away from level 2000 so for now i will just have to guard the ocean myself.


    I disagree with locking lower players out of bosses that they haven't yet unlocked, that is a good thing about having higher levels in our mobs. It gives us a taste of what is yet to come, gives us something to look forward to.

    Gives us some very nice drops in most, if not all cases.

    I think that might have been a joke to prove a point though.

    Can i haz a Gold Jet at level 500 if i pay double????

    C'mon, half the level... Double the price... Is that not a fair tradeoff?
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  13. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    that comment was just uncalled for

    u might as well ask to be able to do a lvl1000 job at lvl3 also right??? u clearly do not understand the my question by makin that ridiculous response

    ur comment would make sense if u were not able to attack the world boss until lvl1500 but since this is not the case why waste everyone's time with that garbage???

    however, it is very ironic that ur 2nd statement is exactly what i asked in the first place which means that u feel the same way without u even knowing it...its over ur head i know, u'll get that on tomorrow
  14. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member


    show me someone that has gone from newbie to lvl1500 in less than 10

    there is only so much lvl'n that u can do and by the time u get there somebody else that has been doing the same 25 attacks as u happens to have 10 or more of the highest boss reward than u do that u cannot make up bc they happened to be lvl1500 when the world boss first came into existence and u happened to be just coming into the

    if ur gonna limit everything to cater to the higher lvls then why allow us to assist them on jobs that we havent unlocked yet, why allow us to assist them on challenges we havent unlocked yet, etc...

  15. I see. You are concerned that there is someone who reached level 1500 and has stopped doing everything except the world boss and is just waiting for you to level up to 1500 so he can smack you around because he has more Bulletproof Balaclava's and Commissioner Badge's than you could get because you were busy leveling up while he was resting on his laurels.

    Forget the fact that this is implausible, but you can still ambush him and not attack him if you want to.
  16. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    well that just came outta left field but u truly have no clue what i asked so its all good

    at least ur response was comical, but it is not even in the same zip code as whats going on here...
  17. sparkyvee

    sparkyvee New Member


    Why SHOULD you get the rewards that higher level players get? They have invested more time/played for longer, or played the game better, than those at lower levels.
    Rewards go up for everything as you get to a higher level - better bosses and drops, better job drops, better workshop items, higher xp from jobs/helps (to offset the incredibly high xp needed to level up)

    What you are basically saying is that you want everything NOW - put the time and effort in and you get the rewards.
    If the higher levels DIDN'T get better stuff than the lower levels then they wouldn't bother helping on the World Boss, it would never get finished and lower level players would get NOTHING for their effort. A level 2000 will do 10X the damage a level 500 does on a World Boss - so why should they not get a better reward?

    I am a mid-level player, I have worked hard to go up the levels to get better stockpile stuff, from all drops - why should someone who has just started the game get the same reward as me? And why should I get the same as someone who is 1-2000 levels above me?
  18. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    a higher lvl does more damage bc of their lvl, bottom line, if i attack the SAME boss i should get the SAME rewards or else they need to only allow certain lvls to attack certain world bosses since its like that

    attacking a world boss goes both ways and if enough of the lower lvls feel the way i do and stop attacking the boss then they higher lvls would get NOTHING for their effort and since there are at least 100 times more lower lvls than higher lvls i think they need to be given rewards based on how many times they attack the boss, not based on their lvl bc if lower lvls stopped playin the world boss would NEVER get killed

    THAT'S WHY!!!

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