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    The upgrade part involved in the crafting is usually a dead giveaway..

    With the exception of one weapon that uses a gear part, for some reason :confused:
    There may be another exception, but i don't use the workshop lawl they're all downgrades.

    I too, spent far too much. Spent however many billions crafting a Stealth Bus then spent time upgrading to lvl4... Only to find it doesn't actually get used.

    As for decent items without upkeep:

    Weapon- Boss drops
    Gear- Challenge rewards/Japan^ boss drops (Civic / GoD / Surfer / Big Game Hunter)
    Vehicles- Challenge rewards / Japan boss owner drop / God of Death / Surfer / Big Game Hunter
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    Actually the workshop is quite pointless in ZS, because the items are far too weak. We have only 20 vehicles, 20 weapons und 20 gears to use in fights. And only the strongest of your inventory are used in fights. If I spent my UN sometimes to buy a limited item, and do some bossfights of high level players, I have a lot of very strong items. So their is no use for the weak stuff from the workbench.
    Apart from that, they are too expensive to create.
    Only the destructive parts are going to be used while fighting, but is it worthy to spent all this money for just one fight? I dont think so.

    The hidden recipes are impossible to find, especially when they need destructive parts to be crafted. If I like to fight sometimes a day, there is no way I can collect enough of them, just to try some recipes.

    My suggestion:
    NO destructive parts in recipes,
    maybe the possibility to "upgrade" bossdrop items like in Pirate Clan to Silver, gold, elite items,
    less expensive costs,
    better stats
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