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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Akamadoushi, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Akamadoushi

    Akamadoushi New Member

    Is it possible to make stuff without blueprints? I crafted both of the available blueprint items, then tried putting some other stuff together. At first, I randomly dragged stuff onto the bench, then I followed the pattern of the blueprint items with other things (i.e. trying to put a Gut Hook Hunting Knife bayonet on my Swat Team MP5) and after about 10 different combos I couldn't find anything that went together.

    Does anyone know of any items that can be made without blueprints, or do we have to wait until new blueprints are added?
  2. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    As it stands you are limited to creating items defined by Blueprints. You will notice that today we released 20 more Blueprints which should give you much more variety.
  3. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Will be nice to see what stats are on the items before we actually take time/money out to make them. Made something that cost 3 ak's and a stalingrad sword, it cost me 720million in total yet gave me a item with stats I could equal with a normal store bought item for less money.

    Russian Roulette 44 attack 34 defense - total cost 720million
    Whip Chain 44 attack 34 defense - total cost 200million
    520million spent for???

    Only advantage is lack of upkeep but then co-op boss weapons are also better, don't cost anything and have no upkeep too...
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    .I don't think we are being shown enough information about the weapons we are crafting, before we craft them.
    I just crafted a:
    Beheader-Tron 3000
    Level Unlock: Level 385 Missing Item(s)
    Required Location: China
    Crafting Cost: $800,000,000

    I couldn't find the weapon in my inventory so I went an attacked someone to see if I was using it, an I'm not. So now I've gotta spend more time an money upgrading it in the hope that it will be better then the weapons I'm fighting with. i don't really see the need for this feature really. Hopefully it will just take a little bit of time to get used to it though.
  5. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Good feedback, we posted an update which now shows the Attack and Defense of the item you would be creating. Hopefully this gives you all the information you need to make a decision on if you want to create an item or not.

    We will continue to post new Blueprints, some of which you might find more useful.
  6. AbNo

    AbNo Member

    Meh. I'm a hoarder. I'll build it anyway.
  7. Is there ever going to be anything for higher levels to create in the workshop ?
  8. the workshop items are worthless.
    they are weaker than my stronger drop items.

  9. AbNo

    AbNo Member

    Good thing no one is forcing you to build them.
  10. mistress bearcat

    mistress bearcat New Member

    I'd like to see item combinations suggested by players, with an explanation of how the items fit together and how they work.

    Or for create your own workshop items, how about adding duct (or duck, your choice) tape to the item list? I can see that becoming popular!

    Why is duct tape like the Force? It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
  11. Peggy Bundy

    Peggy Bundy New Member

    maybe ... but still totally useless .... any high level squad member can offer u much cheaper boss drop items (u can still waste ur money on workbench items though ... if u like~~~ ;)
  12. thank you captain obvious. of course no one is sitting here making me move my mouse in the direction of the workbench.
    my point was and is... that the weapons are pointless in terms of att +def when boss drop weapons are better
  13. I'tl be much better when we can craft Pixies and Devil Imps, aparently you can only get them right now by punching Boris.

    I like the little flying stars best - att / 450 def / 550
  14. shhh dilli dont tell everyone. and its called deaths messenger you get from punching me :)

    you punch, you die
  15. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    Ive created two rocket cameros and there are none in my inventory. why is this?
  16. i dont play ZS but is that a destructive item? if so then youve most likely used it up
  17. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    its a vehicle
  18. jon french

    jon french Member

    Yes its a car, but it is not a Vehicle, its a Destructive, you would have used them up fighting.
  19. meezy

    meezy Member

    As i was saying in another would be awesome to have some kind of guide to use for deciding what you want to build in the workshop. Hell, maybe in item list or Maybe some advice for those of us under level 400..perhaps whats the best armor you can get at that level, etc..something..
  20. prin

    prin New Member

    yesterday i used my precious money for 2 UN subjugations 100/0 at 350,000,000 a pop they were not cheap. They never did show up in my inventory. This has happened to me before but with less expensive items such as that glass infused paddle thingy. i've purchased several of those, some show up, some don't. is it something i'm doing wrong? 700,000,000 was a great deal of money to me. i will have to repeat outbreaks for days to recoup that money. the thing that really bothers me though is that i really needed the 100 attack that wasn't costing me billions in upkeep to fight with! i did use the contact us thing at the bottom of the zs page. it looked like it had to go through facebook to get to the right people so i don't know if they even got it...i've had no response as of yet.

    ok, no one answered me and no answer from kano, so i had to figure it out for myself. geez, i'm such an idiot. i spent all that money on friggin destructives! ACK!! won't do that again!! I would be nice though if it told us how it would be used before we bought it...or maybe i didn't see it?
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