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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MOJO1916, Dec 31, 2010.

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    SO CONGRATS on the 221 days old...many kudos to the upgrades and all the effort..YOU REALLY have played a blinder...AND SO I WILL STEPP UP AND SAY IT

    congradulations kano..job well done

    SO NOW ...wish list for 2011

    1 PLEASE revisit the limited cash from properties..your holding the game back..

    2 FIX the amount your charging for health..its a simple change for ya couple of %
    will make all the difference..there enough coming up the leader board...for them to see
    the DIFFERENCE....theres no need for it to be so high

    3 FIX the problems with been attacked after your dead....its simply impossible for the attack to
    continue after you have already lost the exp...

    4 WHY is the banker talking so much % from the hitlisting..YOU KANO are getting
    sureal with the % you keep...its paid for ..let the winner gain all the cash

    5 Is there a possibility that the outbreaks to level 2 ..using a second level on the same
    jobs...to keep the game moving instead of waiting for another country.......

    ONCE AGAIN ...thanks..and heres looking at your first Birthday celebrations
  2. have to say i totally agree poggy.
    im loving this game. i used to play mafia wars and got bored of it.
    ZS works on similar principles like jobs + fights but ... ZS feels much more personal and involved and of course the zombie factor..

    Congrats on a great app and it is really well done i know there must be a ton of effort involved

    as for the negatives, which is why the forum is mostly here

    I don't like the banker taking 25% for hits either. it changed recently. it used to be like 10 or 15%

    The jobs do need a level 2 as like pog said it is tedious waiting for new countries and its unfair to expect you guys to bring a new one out every week. and lets face it, your gonna run outta countries very soon. i think Africa is maybe your next best bet then you are starting to get into smaller countries (and yes i know Africa is a continent)

    The ingame messages are good for some things you want to say. especially you punch you die. i love that one. there is one required for when low level new players get picked off the hitlist they say why are you picking on me. there should be one that you can let them know its a bounty collected and thats part of the game.

    death deals.... one would have been fine.... i feel you guys got a little... not lazy... but something where you seemed to say F it and just put a bunch of death deals because you were out of ideas on what to do. the death deal is tedious. you cant spend more than 1 chip at a time if you want to finish it in time. i feel maybe you guys can have a competition for 50UN to suggest new ways of challenges

    world bosses - nothing wrong there just wanted to say i love them! maybe could hold a competition for 10 - 20 UN creds for suggestions to help you guys out with your development?

    anyhoo thats enough rambling. best to you guys for 2011. :)
  3. Gina

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    Happy days
  4. I agree with everything except number 5. At least at this point. I'm finding the outbreaks to be tedious enough as they are. Things may change when I reach higher levels, though.

    It's simply ridiculous considering how little hourly income one can make that the cost for healing is so high. The cost for gear, particularly vehicles is also outrageously high. Currently, I'm pulling in about 4 million an hour. I'm simply not making enough cash to keep up. Property upgrades are now taking weeks.

    Death deals are boring and the rewards are simply not worth it. I can't wait until all I've gained all the achievements so I can move back to the shooters.
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  5. Jessica

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    Congrats to Kano for hard work on ZS its the only facebook game I've kept playing. On the 2nd level for outbreaks idea if they do that I would hope they add achievements for bosses above 10 too as completing the outbreaks of each country is already worth more skill points than killing the bosses to 10.
    Also I'm wondering how much does healing actually cost you others? For me it is only costing 2.3m in 480s with 7.2k health and I'm making near 33m after upkeep per hour..
  6. MOJO1916

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    wait for it
    currently 14 mill a heal and gOes up ....if i am doing bosses ..over a 10 min peroid.goes as hig as 18 mill...so its NOT ..whinging..its a reality..that ppl should be aware of..rise through the ranks..I AM DELIGHTED TO SEE PPL FINALY COMING UP..ITS HARD WORK..
    but if dill and me are to be the firSt ones..to take all the pain..well i will gladly tell ya what we are going threw...%%%%% are too high..and KNAO can do something for the rest following..the game
  7. Jessica

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    14-18m? That is pretty insane I would have guessed it was around 5 maybe 7 mil tops..
  8. I agree happy new year, and Thank you for all your hard work making ZS such a wonderful game to play. I'd never spent a penny on any myspace apps before ZS, dispite playing them for 2 almost 3 years.... within a few months I was breaking out my CC for ZS.

    1. Multiple Teirs on Outbreaks. Minimal, Severe, Critical, Catastrophic lol something to that effect. double the number of zombie kills needed to master the outbreak each level.
    2. Ability to buy multiple properties. I'm not talking about opening the flood gates completely, if we do multiple teirs on outbreaks, set the limit at 1 additional of each property for each time a country is cleared. so at most people end up with 5 of each property.
    3. Adjust world bosses so that I don't miss out on being able to attack it while I'm at work or sleeping. Let the number of attacks stack up so those of us who pay, don't feel penalized for having jobs to fund our games. I'm not suggesting we let them stack forever, no more than 6 attacks stored at any given time. at 4 hours between that's 24 hours worth of attacks. 3 I would think would be optimal, save up 12 hours of attacks. that gives me enough time to get to work, work, get home and use up my attacks.... so long as there's no accidents on the highway lol
    4. UN Item Sellback. Many of us bought our UN gear under the belief it was going to stay the best in the game, within reason. Now items are coming out that at level 1 are higher than my level 4 UN items. I'm not asking for full refund, just half of the sale price would be fine. 11UN per weapon and gear and 13 per vehicle. That seems rather reasonable to me, considering you know the points will just get spent again. Especially when you consider that there's a good number of us who spend hard earned cash for those UN points.
    5. There have been a few rashes of Racist names on the game. These seem to come in groups. A group of players will suddenly change their names to be harassing to wards a specific player, and or racist in general. I have reported these names everytime I've seen them, yet instead of something being done, or perhaps before something can be done, the players change their names again and wait a couple months before doing the same thing all over again. I can appreciate that it's nearly impossible to make a perfect filter, people will always find a way around those, still, it is something I would like to see disappear from the game entirely.
    6. A pay raise for the Devs, Supermods, and CS personel who have to put up with all our @$#% in these forums, in e-mails, or even on the phone. Reading my feed I wonder if sometimes us players make you feel less like professionals and more like babysitters. I'm not sure what you're getting paid.... but it's probably not enough.
    7. If I'm a stock holder in Kano.... would I be able to get UN with my dividends?? LOL sorry that joke has been in my head for better part of a month now.

    Again thank you to everyone at Kano Apps, and the forum Moderators and SuperMods, you have an often thankless and difficult job, but you do not go completely unappreciated by everyone.
  9. WELL ITS SIMPLY MASSIVE ????? has Lynn been talking again...pmsl.

    My lowest heal at level 1409 is - Heal: $13,091,228

    and can climb to 24mill + when rapid healing....thats 6 hits then heal....ridiculous.
  10. MOJO1916

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    CHEERS imagination is now on over drive...will be in touch with Lynn......

    HUH cos kano is not doing it for the love of us..THEY WANT our limited cash back

    and eric..HOW COMES NO ANSWER..HOLIDAYS ????

    and yes ..its still a rising achivement ..and should be regonaised...K U D O S
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  11. I know a TWUNT that'l get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves. I know a TWUNT that'l get on your nerves, get get get on your nerves.
  12. dog

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    hows about a half stamina //energy refill for 5 un

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