Why won't anyone help?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Zerataku, May 6, 2010.

  1. Zerataku

    Zerataku New Member

    Numerous times I have asked for help with my boss fight. There's only so much a level 60 with only 40 mobsters can do.

    Victoria Love has dealt 45743 dmg and taken 204 dmg in 204 attacks, gaining 5296 XP and 86703494 coins.

    There's 30 minutes left on my boss battle and I'm at 0 stamina. Nobody has joined the fight to help. Thanks so much for all you've done mob.
  2. Are you playing on FB or MySpace.. If you are on FB there are plenty of mobsters that are looking for boss fights to help out on.You are going to need to send them friend requests. If I am playing I help out my lower level mobsters and if I am online they have sent me an ingame message requesting help. I know if my level partner is busy then I have stamina that I need to waste and I will use it on other peoples boss job. I have a few higher levels that complete my boss jobs so I return the favor and help out other lower levels. I suspect that you will eventually have to add more mobsters to get help. If you are on FB send me an ingame request to join your mob.what is your user name so I will look out for it.

  3. sometimes i have private message help with boss help just posted 1 min a go and if i look on news feed there is no help request from that player ? so i go this players profile and look hes profile feed and all is there and thats how i can help others :)

    best is send private messages to who is online ... easy if u go MOB than FAMILIA (1000) than click on Activity and they are online and ask for help :)

    hope this help for now ... developers say that they still working on this problem !
  4. Vampryss

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    Just out of curiosity, how many times do you ask for help the first or second time? To be honest, I tend to ignore those that ask for repeated help every few seconds clogging up the feed. I personally find it extremely annoying & have declanned / demobbed people because of this. The same goes for multiple Elite requests.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping out and many times I just hit bosses once to help get the stronger power attack.

    Perhaps Kano will consider removing the time limit on boss fights to help eliminate the multiple help requests as well as allow people to get the numbers they need for power attacks, build stamina & finish them off properly.

  5. Salvatore Giancana

    Salvatore Giancana New Member

    Exactly, I was going to say she is probably getting spammed off the page.

    I can only ask for job help once.. do the same for those mob feed ruining spams of Elite/Bosses. I have warned my mob that I will be removing those who spam my feed. The selfish twerps never help anyone besides themselves anyway.

    IMO, this Mob feed spamming will ruin the game. I've already removed 20 people from my mob... and if need be, I will remove the app...
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    A new in-game feed is in the works that should fix all of this. We will try to get it out as soon as possible.
  7. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    I don't think changing the feed is going to fix this. The problem is that the battles aren't lucrative enough for other players to want to help. You should make it so anyone that attacks, even just once, gets a drop item for at least helping unlocking the power attacks.

    Another idea could be to drop better items based on what level of power attack is unlocked.

    Another idea could be to make it so the top attacker of the fight gains the power attack as a one-time use item kind of like an adrenaline boost.

    I know the theory behind the bosses is to encourage character building to be strong enough to take them down, but in reality that's not how the masses are seeing it, especially with the way you have chosen to work attributes into the equation. The masses just see a "boss" they can fight and an option to get help, but no matter how hard they try they can't get help and can't beat it themselves. I have over 1000 friends and it still takes me all day to get a few people to help me.
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    New feed will definitely help users find and select jobs/bosses/stuff to help others out in but agree that it will not further incentivize players to help.

    To address this we have a couple ideas:
    -adding achievements for helping
    -adding special drops that can only be collected by helpers and not by owners

    The idea for power attacks is a good one and one that we have thrown around here and would give people further incentive to unlock higher ones to collect and use against there opponents, I think we will give that one a try!
  9. The Whoorida

    The Whoorida Member

    Good one, I can't believe I didn't think of that

    Also a good one that I had debated suggesting!
  10. Salvatore Giancana

    Salvatore Giancana New Member

    I wish they would hurry on this.. I have already removed 25 for spamming.. some a dozen or more times.

    On the power attacks... it doesn't make any sense at all to use it when you can afflict more damage with 4 hits. At least, make it where you get the same damage as five hits.
  11. Vampryss

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    I see you have already implemented this idea in VC - specifically the Yeti Boss.. nice..

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