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    rule 4
    No Whining. No complaining about the game being unfair. We are aware of the occasional imbalances in the game and plan to smooth them out in time.
    So Question
    when i see this on a player, how does that happen thought this was a battle game, didnt know kano baby sat certain players
    ******** is under protection from you and you are unable attack.

    many thanks long term kano user
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  2. Linda

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  3. Hi linda
    no i didn't know about this. so its only on someones account for 3 days, then they are vulnerable again, or do they have protection for the duration of there gameplay. I thought this was a battle game ?
  4. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    After 3 days have passed they are vulnerable again to be attacked. If you check out the thread above you will see the details of how this feature works and how it is that you can be blocked by another player.
  5. thanks have read it now. many thanks for your advice
  6. Fusheng

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    you saying you unhappy because the player has used the protection feature
    i found that amusing as you must have had to attack him 1000 times without retaliation before he can activate it
  7. The Protector

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    Well if they get on hitlist you can still attack them that way.

    So if ya got a friend ya can have them list that player and you can get attacks in.
  8. no fusheng wrong didnt attack him 1000 times and thanks protector
  9. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Is it a level below your range??

    I think it's like a couple of hitlists and then they can activate it.

    Not 100% sure on that..but if its someone below your range then it takes less to activate it I think.
  10. yes protector he was lower than me , he got too familiar so i took offence and listed him a few times. i will leave him now
  11. Fusheng

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    sounds like he deserved it lol
  12. Joe Bloggs

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    Sorry to hear that you ran into the "I wet my panties" button. Irritating little addition to a fighting game. No more keeping 'em dead on your own, so grab some friends, get them to list some and have a party all over his/her/its deserving corpse.

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