When are the best times to bounty hunt?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Dumb as a Stick SLT DLS, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. There has to be good times and bad times to hunt, when do all of you have the best luck?

    I'm not much of a hunter in LCN, but it would be nice if I could improve the number of targets when I do. Sucks using my entire time and never seeing a target.
  2. It seems one of the best time to bounty hunt is when ever Veebeebelly or Don Corleone 1980 are on because those two are listing almost everyone...
  3. Diva

    Diva Member

    LOL! For some reason, I have always had great luck on Friday evenings (I live on the East Coast of US). Maybe it is because people have had a long work week & need some down time? I don't know.

    Most people would argue that any evening is good, but Fridays are my favorite.

    Sometimes you just get lucky, and that's part of bounty hunting you know:

    It's part skill & strength
    It's part finesse
    And then it's just part dumb luck.
  4. don corleone 1980

    don corleone 1980 New Member

    oh i don't list everybody .. but it's on my "to do" list ;)
  5. @ don, could I get a list of times when you will be on trying to fill your to do list?
  6. Umm Don perhaps not everyone but your to do list is probably not that long..lol :cool:
  7. don corleone 1980

    don corleone 1980 New Member

    @ stick .. everytime the numbnuts family decides it's been to long since they punched me lol. slowed down on the listings a bit bc i got the achievement and working on city. when i have a nice income there will be a few that will get some special attention

    @ strictly .. you're right
    my to do list only contains these few names :
    - Angelina Jolie
    - Monica Bellucci
    - Scarlett Johansson

    i'll die a happy man when i can take them of the list lol
  8. who's the numbnuts family? target list? I like war! :)
  9. don corleone 1980

    don corleone 1980 New Member

    i think it's 2 or 3 families targetting me .. altho they seemed to have given up lately
    only a punch here and there

    i make friends easy in this game :cool:
  10. bumpy955

    bumpy955 New Member

    i think i collected one of your bounties dumb lol ive had a good night collecting lmao:)
  11. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    Since you were feeling left out ... here you go: Mamono has killed don corleone 1980 and claimed your Hit of $7,762,770,684. ;-)


    Best times for bounty hunting are different for everyone . Personally i think the best times to bounty hunt are..
    1, When schools finished for the day ( LOL)
    2, Your internet providers ''offpeak'' this is the time you have more bandwidth available , and thus a quicker connection
    3, The weekend
    4, Browser selection also makes a big difference
  13. don corleone 1980

    don corleone 1980 New Member

    thx Vinnie, it's a nice change from the boring punches ;)
  14. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    No worries. I was collecting money for the $1,000,000,000,000 bank achievement, my 300,000,000,000 spending spree on you the other week set me back a bit :p
  15. What browser? I use chrome with an ad blocker.


    I use chrome too, i like it , its fast and ''uncluttered''... Theres a new update for Safari which they say is good also, im yet to try it out! :)
  17. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    You're a genius Emily! Thanks.
    I didn't know they had this for Chrome.
  18. Sniper0817

    Sniper0817 New Member

    Hello All;

    There are many different times to hunt, but you have to try it out to see what works best for you. I generally hunt 1st thing in the morning EST and later at night. I do this so that I can see more bounties appear from different time zones. I like to use Operan and Maxthon browsers. You can strip them down to be pretty efficient. Happy hunting all
  19. I have a new ad blocker now too, go to adsweep and put it on chrome, way faster again:D
  20. i bounty some one who baunty my mob and than i get message : why u bounty mu mother or my husband hahahah well im not sherlock holmes lol

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