Whats the point of playing anymore

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by maddog1122, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. maddog1122

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    What is the point of playing anymore. I am over 6000 levels and I just went thru all my inventory to see what I could craft and use, there is nothing I can use from the crafting items, even the new items on the new bosses, will not be able to craft when i reach that level, mob wars lcn has become just a cash hog where theres no way anyone can beat the highest players without spending thousands of dollars to even come close to them and still not beat them. Now I fully Understand why a lot of the level 6000 or above players are quitting, becuz theres nothing left to strive for unless you got thousands of dollars to waste just to beat the top two players.

    Kano, your making it where people wont play anymore once they understand at a certain point you cant do anything more without spending alotof money. I know becuz I have spent alotof money already and that's about to stop right away
  2. Jon Ward

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    Same goes for Pirate Clan Maddog. They have catered to the levelers in the game and keep doing so only instead of looking at the bigger picture and seeing their numbers are dropping from active players every day.
  3. Linda

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    Not to mention the autoclickers, bots and scripts, alts and whatever people seem to feel they need to play a online game :p
  4. maddog1122

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    well I talked to the top two players and they said the same problem for them and that they have to buy gear now, but they did say there was a few new items to craft in Istanbul, the thing is will they be high enough in attack and defense that we can use them? If they don't start coming out with stuff that we can use in higher levels, I'll be another one that quits playing soon cuz I am not gonna spend more on a game that wont allow you to play fair without spending a lot of money or using a credit card. a lot of people are on fixed budjects and they cannot afford to continue to pay on a game that is pointless to play. with no objective in sight except to spend a lot of money or going into debt.
  5. Gazember

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    Probably soon they will raise the limited weapons attack and defense stats, and then the game will be all about how much you can spend on them, as even the Istanbul weapons will be some useless crap compared to them.
  6. Naughty Bear

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    I have found that there are members whom have in the past spent nothing on arming and all of a sudden have a lot of arming strength, the amount of arming would cost multiple thousands of dollars, I find this unlikely and feel that there is a cheat that somehow these people are getting free arming. It is time that the best weapons available come from your own efforts such as personal bosses that each level completed gives you a weapon that is more powerful than those you can buy (or steal which seems to be the case). This is a game, and it has gone from a great game to very average due to cheaters. Give the game back to the real genuine players not the bots, levelers and other cheats.

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