[LCN] What is going on with kano and raid seasons

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Dcasso, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Dcasso

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    So last season we had the 10% less xp and damge pr attack that they never really acknowledge in the debate we had here or came with an explanation for
    This season we have favor point discounts that aren't real. What is next

    Normal good deal on fp on kong is:
    250 kreds for 275 fp (when it is on offer, and that is called a 50% discount as I recall)
    This season we have:
    500 kreds for 400.

    My simple math gives:
    1,1 favor points on every previous season -> this season 0,8 favor point pr kred. How is this not explained somewhere that you decided to lower the offers from 100 fp for 90 kreds to 100 fp for 125 kreds. An increase of 37,5%.

    Well, just means no fp spend from my side this season.
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  2. RafeDavid

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    Can confirm that the 50% offer is still given to "some" players. It says only offered via Stripe so don't know if that is the loophole why some get this offer and others don't. I've heard explanations behind the discount offers in the past but I don't believe any of them because I know what my experience has been. Back when I was a frequent purchaser of FPs I NEVER and I mean NEVER got any discount offers. When I would stop buying after a couple of months all of a sudden there would be a discount offer. Then when I just started using those the discount being offered lessened. Basically if you support KANO and the game by being a frequent buyer you get squat. Those who rarely or never support the platform get the best offers. Some day businesses (not just KANO) will figure it out reward those who have been loyal to you; don't take them for granted and only offer the sweet deals to the new pretty girl in school. Just because I have always been here having your back doesn't mean I always will be. One of these mornings when I wake up hopefully I truly 'wake up'.

    50% off select packages of Favor Points for YOU.
    Offer Expires In: 4:55:40
    50 Favor Points
    was $10.00 USD
    Now only $5.00 USD!

    105 Favor Points
    was $20.00 USD
    Now only $10.00 USD!

    275 Favor Points
    was $50.00 USD
    Now only $25.00 USD!
    (Discount only available via Stripe)

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