What in F is goin' on with ENERGY mules?!?!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by clubber, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. clubber

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    I don't want to lvl on Hi5, but on FB. And mate, you're opinion is not bad, about the fight limit and I'm pro with it.
  2. Genevieve Fay

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    just sayng...on all the other kano apps you only get 500 energy and 50 stamina on a level up so theres no incentive to go past 500 energy...seeing as the xp ratio is crap on those. as for people on this game making energy accounts for the purpose of hitlisting...I thought alt accounts were against ToS
  3. not all energy accounts are alt accounts
  4. Ahad

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    Just the majority are as it is a very easy and mindless way to make many billions at the same time as levelling up quickly, while feeding the main accound considerable earnings without having to spend a single stamina hunting.


    etc etc etc

    You get the picture.

    Someone that can reach such a high level in such a short space of time must know this game inside out. Oh wait..

    Kano fixed it! THANKS KANO :D

    Let's put THOUGHT and PLANNING into our builds again! YAY!

    EDIT: Some jackass is going to try and point out that it should be CURRENT+1 but i disagree!

    The levelling up is in the past tense - They have just levelled up and await skill allocation confirmation. Energy, duhhh...

    If i wrote current + 1 that would be skipping a level every time.

    The previous level i refer to is the level they have just levelled up FROM.
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