Weekly Facebook giveaway -- win a Limited Time item set!

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    We're giving away some sweet Limited Time item sets in each of our games for this week's Facebook giveaway.
    To enter, visit one of the linked posts below and leave a comment. Please note that your comment must be on the original post, and not any shares, to be valid.
    We'll close the contest tomorrow at 3:00PM PDT, so get on it while you can!
    Mob Wars - https://www.facebook.com/mobwarslac...874240207368/1597868083607970/?type=3&theater
    Viking Clan - https://www.facebook.com/vikingclan...540541488416/1209726682469791/?type=3&theater
    Pirate Clan - https://www.facebook.com/pirateclan...433045292186/1431785290223616/?type=3&theater
    Zombie Slayer - https://www.facebook.com/zombieslay...817585636822/1389879824430586/?type=3&theater

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