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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by erm.......maybe, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. erm.......maybe

    erm.......maybe New Member

    I have all the warriors i need and not paying for any extra. They are the most powerfull aswell.

    However bit mixed up with weapons.

    Ive got thousands of free weapons ive gained from bosses, gifts etc, but have not not actually bought any.
    I have 1900 chieftains, but find im still losing against players with less.

    Is it because i haven't bought weapons and relying on the freebies, or am i doing something wrong here??

    Also my attack and defense is 3000 plus. Im also level 2400 plus. You think i would know better, but......:confused:
  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    Everyone has the best warriors and weapons. What matters is it's numbers. For example the best weapon is the SkullSplinter 71/71, but i only have 25 of them. It's the same with warriors. Who knows how many "most powerfull" items your opponent has. It's all a matter of numbers. You just have to struggle to get the best items. i have only 1600 chiefs, and i can still beat some with 2000 or lose to some with 1400.
  3. erm.......maybe

    erm.......maybe New Member

    ty, I see what you mean.
  4. attack/defense does play a important role as well

    my viking has 2000 chiefs and loses alot when attacking simply cause my base atk is low

    and likewise i win alot when attacked since my base def is high

    my weapons/warriors are mediocre at best and im still pullin off wins cause of how i allocated.
  5. Maler

    Maler Member

    yeah, you're right atheistic. i didn't write about that because i have a balanced character : same number of skill points in attack and defense. Forgot that there are other character types :)
  6. Ace

    Ace Member

    Keep an eye on getting the strongest items you can, and also keeping your attack and defense high in order to win all fights. While 3000 isn't that bad at your level, I know there are several people with more :p
  7. jhws

    jhws New Member

    Thanks for all the good answers here!

    Still, I have the same concern as 'Erm.......Maybe' who posted the original question.

    My simple question is: How are the Weapons vs. Weapons actually calculated in the battles???

    There are times, when I am seriously confused when getting that 'Weaker' result in battles in the Weapons column.

    How should those lists (shown when clicking Show Details) be compared anyway??? How can you know WHY your weapons were 'weaker' even when a quick comparison through the columns side by side would tell otherwise?

    This has been bothering me for months, as I have collected quite a lot of purchased weapons, just as well as Boss drops, et.c. Please explain the maths to me! Thank you


    T h o r h a m m e r - Viking Clan lvl 2500+
  8. Maler

    Maler Member

    every weapon has an attack/defense ratio that it's being used when you attack or defend :)D). all of them combined have a number, mine is almost 500.000. add that to your personal attack strength or defense and you get your attack/defense value.
    unfortunately you can't really talk about pure math, because the critical hit factor is random.

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