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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by bigmike63, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. bigmike63

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    With all the scripts and bots running and getting most of the bounties!!!! There is no need for the message in your feed that there is a hit go get it!!!! By the time you change screens its gone! Hell by the time hit list flashes the hit is gone it does not even show up on the screen. C'mon devs you see it happening make the game fair!!!:(:confused::mad:
  2. some just stay clicking on the bounty list over and over so thats possible.

    there was a hitlist fatigue but supposingly that didnt stop the bots only hindered real players

    kano is clever though and will most likely come up with something
  3. lapsedpacifist

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    really, i thought the exact same thing for a long time, until i got strong enough and started working the hitlist. hits go FAST, cause that's all some people do.

    however, i cannot disagree, there are most definitely people automating this process against the rules. kano does a good job of catching them for the most part, but there are still many who utilize tools that may not necessarily be automated, but still give them a speed advantage over other players. all of this, i remind you, is strictly forbidden.

    BNPLAYN Member

    Yes I can think a few people are more than likely running a bot. and since they put a delay in the hit list for the upper lvls we barley see anything but a glimpse of a name anyways.

    I have 1 of the fastest damn computers out there. I know I built it for FPS gaming not these apps. So when some nub beats me to the punch there is something up. I look to see who doing the killing when it's a glimpse and it only seems to happen when 2 people are on. But more when this 1 guy is on. And I beat his a$$ down left and right. So I would love to know how that weak guy can beat some of these guy's on the list. I know for a fact that he uses his other accounts to list. so he can kill them off the HIT LIST that way he can try to take my spot as # 1. But he will stay # 2 until I get a FPS game worth my time. Or i simply get tired of the people like him running multiple accounts destroying the top leader board and other aspects to the game. but hey most have already left the game because of them. And they have been reported to KANO and they simply do nothing about it. So I doubt they would do anything about bot's either...

    But like I said Ya I am sure of a few running a bot...

  5. SkylerF

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    Don't forget Eddie's healing and weather bots!

    Jokes aside, that message lets me see who my friends are bountying and who is bountying them.

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