Warning, Fight Skills are low for your level msg

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Benjamin C Snarr, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Benjamin C Snarr

    Benjamin C Snarr New Member

    I'm getting this msg:

    "Warning Fight Skills are low for your level. Health / Attack / Defense play important roles in fight outcomes and rewards earned against rivals and bosses. Increase your fight skills."

    Currently I have:
    Energy 600
    Sta 181
    HP 500
    Attack 125
    Def 100

    Does Health affect Boss Drops?
    Does Health affect XP per Hit on Bosses / Fighting?
    What does my HP need to be so that it does not affect boss XP and drops?
  2. Lisa Marie Mcknight

    Lisa Marie Mcknight New Member

    Hi, I'm new to the game so I can't answer all the questions. What level are you on?

    I'm at 194 and my attack and defense are both quite a bit higher than those u have listed. it's seem you have focused getting your energy up as high as you can first which isn't a bad thing as you can do more jobs and gain experience, plus ur stamina is quite good. Trouble is that since your defense or attack strengh is low you lose a lot of health so u r constantly paying to heal plus ur not really doing damage when you attack so ur missing out on experience points (i think- someone please correct me here if I'm wrong).

    My advice is when you level up next concentrate on adding your defense and attack. I hope this babbling helps:)
  3. Benjamin C Snarr

    Benjamin C Snarr New Member

    I'm level 162. I have max mob size for me level so I never loose when i attack unless i get ambushed, as for defending, its hard to tell, since cannot seem to find any kind of Fight log,

    How much XP do you get from most boss Hits, I just hit "Level 4 London Coop Boss" and got "+$454,816 | +88 XP | 6 Health Lost | - 5 Stamina | 3,202 Health Damage Dealt" how does this compare to what you get?
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I'll see if I can get a developer to chime in on this thread with some math; I'd only be able to give you my best guess based on my experience with the game. :)
  5. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Hi Benjamin,

    This warning is just a reminder to let you know based on your current level that your combined Health/Att/Def are "low", which basically means you are putting many points into Energy/Stamina and neglecting these other stats. This can potentially result in your being weak in PvP fights against other Mobsters and also against bosses.

    To your questions:

    Does Health affect Boss Drops?
    No it does not. Health does not affect boss item drops.

    Does Health affect XP per Hit on Bosses / Fighting?
    Yes. Your Max Health plays a roll in determining not only the XP you earn from fighting but also the Damage done and Cash you can earn.

    What does my HP need to be so that it does not affect boss XP and drops?
    We do not spell this out as such but if you are getting this warning then you should see some immediate comparative gains by increasing your health. A quick test if you have some unused skill points on hand would be to start a boss fight and do a couple of attacks and make note of XP/Cash earned and Damage done. Pump in some health and you should see some immediate gains.

    And of course increasing your Attack and Defense will help you when Attacking and Defending respectively.

    Hope that helps, if not post back with follow up questions.

  6. Benjamin C Snarr

    Benjamin C Snarr New Member

    I upped my HP from 500 to 1000 to see what kind of gain i would get, and i noticed the Damage Dealt almost doubled across the board.
    Is it not strange, that I now take twice the dmg for having twice the health in PVP Fights,
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ benjamin. Unfortunately thats the way it works. No matter how bad ass u become and increase your positive numbers and stats The negative numbers and stats grow right along with them. Seem a little counter productive and pointless? Yep...your right. As u progress in these games you will find that the more you do and the more you excel things become more difficult, expensive and with no real positive impact on your account. In fact as u climb you will encounter huge jumps in EXP needed per level, not just the normal increase per level but mammoth increases. You will find achievements less frequent and less bang for your buck when it comes to bosses and adventures. You will find that no matter what u do with your account that u will always be limited by the the numbers of the lesser players. If u excel at a particular aspect u will encounter limits restrictions and delays.

    It may sound like Im being negative but I assure u Im not ....Im just keeping it real so u dont have unrealistic expectations. These games are fun as heck but take them and enjoy them for what they really are and thats just the social aspect and to quell ones curiosity of whats around the next corner. They're really not intended to be competitive , reward hardwork and dedication or loyalty.

    It sounds to me like your a fairly low level, thats a really good and fun place to be as thats where Kano focuses most of its attention in terms of new content and improvements. So dont be in a hurry to level up.....just kick back and enjoy the ride my friend!
  8. ben

    ben Active Member

    what wasnt mentioned is that by increasing your health you will get LESS drops off the bosses.. the more you hit the boss the more chances for drops.. the less you hit the less drops you get..

    this is a proven fact as me and wrath have tested this out ourselves and have a thread on this somewhere.. more health more exp but less drops.. less health less exp but more drops.. catch 22 really..

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2013
  9. Benjamin C Snarr

    Benjamin C Snarr New Member

    In the last First test I put 50 SP into Health from 500 to 1000 and now do almost twice the dmg and get alittle more XP per hit. I did the same thing with attack this time. I put 50 SP into attack, from 125 to 175 and noticed no change at all to anything.

    It seems that Attack and Def are only used to win or loose a fight? and that Health Determines the Damage, XP, and Cash.

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