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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by McGarrett, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. McGarrett

    McGarrett New Member

    Hi all, I write here because I love war mode, but since few weeks I'm bored, It's all time the same, same war mode members, same syndicates ( just 4 :( ) I'm not here for found members for my team, no, I'm here for more fun for the war mode. We need more syndicate, I don't understand why we are few here. REB, DR, DOA, ULT, AG, .... , why never tryed war mode ???? I hope with my message found syndicate and members for save war mode...


    Officer Steve McGarrett SIKU 2.
  2. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member

    MS is worse.. use to be 3 syns 1 joke of a syn & 2 that use to be friends but now hate eachother. recently the 1 turned off there war light, now theres a joke & 1 good syn, some war mode :confused:.

    my syn [FEAR] used to be in war, but when we turned our 'light' on we ended up in between the 2 syns drama,lol...

    i personaly love war mode, & have it on on Kong... wish kano could come up with a way to get more syns to participate:) even if it makes it a standard that all syns be in war mode :D like comon, its a war game, wtf not!
  3. Bocce

    Bocce Member

    I suggested an idea suggesting to Kano install WarMode achievements, both individual an for syns, to attract more people.
  4. geckster99

    geckster99 Member

    have experience playing warmode ; top 10 24 seasons So ...the rewards aren't enough. .You get a quarter of a level.....theres a lot of effort if you play it sincerely to win And yes, it is much the sameness..this is facebook.
    Shouldbe, could be incentive reward weapons/armour/vehicles designed for top three finishes ..that would motivate more.
    Also, even though the rules are there, somewhere, most lower level players aren't aware of how to play it. They freak on getting killed by higher levels.
    Warmode requires a different build...higher health to survive when yre smaller And seems that level 3000 plus players play mostly. And thats a low level these days so theres a lot of damage given. Now if you give health your skill points, on your own fight list (non warmode) , you will be weaker comparitively to those around you but still the advanatage of warmode is that it provides an extended fight list So the joy or challenge or thrill of fighting higher levels is rewarded.
    Plus theres aa lot of syndicates that are boring to sift through to attack or punch As they filled with non-players lol.
    Thats All, up the reward factor by developers/artists designed reward icons.
    Its is a good system in place but its cheap. lol
  5. geckster99

    geckster99 Member

    ...Another alternative is to have warmode tiered for level 0 to level 3000 And (then for) level 3000 to level 6000. So theres 2 different warmodes happening.....or level 0 to 1000, 1000 to 3000, 3000 to 5000 And 5000 plus otherwise younger players will never play.
  6. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member

    we turned our war on , on ms... but "im on the fence with it I don't care that its on but im not making the xp im losing being listed. "

    defidently would be nice to have a greater xp reward at the end of the week...... alot of ppl don't have it on for that reason :(

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