War Mode needs Immediate Changes

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mzinga, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. mzinga

    mzinga New Member

    War Mode has turned into 'Alt Wars'.

    We need immediate changes to War mode. Currently there are many 'alt' characters that are getting created for the sole purpose of listing all characters in war mode that are under level 300. Unfortunately there are a ton of these types of players. Enough so, so that these 'alt' characters are among the highest war point totals for the week.

    I would like to propose that to participate in war mode, you must have a minimum level of 300. Alts are killing war mode and taking out the true intent.
  2. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    How can you tell there all Alts ?
    as im not a war mode player myself
  3. mzinga

    mzinga New Member

    It is pretty easy to tell they are all alts, but regardless if they are or aren't.. Level 60 players should not have the ability to get war points easier than regular players. This is a flaw in war mode now, and is getting exploited. And please tell me that Dora the Explorer is real.. I would love to see the 'ACTUAL' person who owns that account.

    It comes down to this.. There are a lot of under level 300 players in war mode with tiny bounties. Somehow some groups wind up having 3-4 maybe 5 characters in this level range. Those characters then roll through the people in war mode and list players for pennies while racking up 10 points per hitlist. It translates that these level 100 players are the leading war point players. It just flat does not make sense. All hits are not created equal.
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  4. Mirana

    Mirana Member

  5. ronsreggins

    ronsreggins New Member

    i say they should be at least level 750 or higher to be involved in war mode
  6. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    This should be posted in the idea section.
  7. Pranav Sood

    Pranav Sood New Member

    i would like to add
    1 . there should be no restriction ( out of xp range ) for any level for 5 attacks / 4 punches/and 1 hit list no exception what ever level they belong to ( if in w/m you should be prepared for being att/punched /listed )
    2. a listing by a low level opens the window for 24 hrs . when the window does not open with 5 attacks / 4 punches then why should it open with the listing an leave one to be chained by the higher level
    3.the points awarded to a loss is only 1 less than a win kind of defeats the purpose of being strong b'coz lower levels just up and attack 5 times and the difference is just 5 points . it should be reduced to 2 if not 1
    4.if one suicides on you while attacking points should be awarded to the winner
    5.ambushes should not hold while in w/m 5 attacks or rigs for that matter for 1st hit list
  8. gods people

    gods people Active Member

    I think this is a good idea as i play war mode to. the board was swarming with alts. not a pretty sight. some of these points where bought up last season by me and siku but never heard anything from it.... syndicate wars needs some restrictions and changes for it to be viable as part of la cosa nostra. if not rename it ALTWARS.
  9. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member


    so from what i gather from your post lower levels have an advantage over higher players
    i dont play war mode as from feedback i got it wasnt that good but thats my personal opinon
    but if lower levels have an advange over higher levels and alts are being made to exploit this then yes that sounds unfair
  10. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    if the issue of the winning groups did not create atl groups to attack daily and cheat there way to the top by the means of getting stack loads of points then players like myself would not have to create an alt for the purpose of killing the alt groups to stand any chance of winning...
    Im dora and peter, and believe me none of those 2 accounts listed lev 300's only the alts created by the other team.

    Remember the target has to be "in range" to get the points

    im happy knowing that without any alts in war mode RNB would walk all over any opposing team full stop end of story

    you will also be happy to know ive given details of my sweet Dora and Peter to the devs, now i suggest other groups do the same and show us what you got playing only 1 account or are you CHICKEN bwahahahahaha

    Q RNB
  11. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    They have no advantage what so ever, best a very low alt can do is attack 5 times and punch, the higher level can attack punch and kill numerous times getting far higher points... What a load of bs
  12. DMQ

    DMQ Member

    Thats the funnist shit i ever heard..

    "Me and SIKU brought up these points"


    Dont ya mean me and siku can get loads of point and win war mode week in week out because we created an alt group to get our points then when Q RNB sussed us out we made a second group and decided it would be a good idea to post here denying our involvement and try shove the blame on him ??

    SIKU are busted >.<--- Full stop

    hahahaahah Stop trying to act like you lot dont know about anything it lmao
  13. wsmdel

    wsmdel Member

    alts kill the game, i never bothered with war mode cant see the point of it , but may be you will find a solution for war mode that would benifit the rest of the game... even if it was as extreme as video sign in.....
  14. mzinga

    mzinga New Member

    I 100% disagree..

    How is it that Dora can run around and list everyone for pennies and still get 10 points. The fact that Dora has more war points than anyone in your group explains my point exactly. You IM'd me on Sunday how many war points Dora had. It was 2X what I had.

    I can't list Dora for points..

    We don't own any of the CJM people, and our assumption was that you owned them. That is why I'm asking for below level 300's to not be allowed into war mode.

    Lets just take that group out of this discussion. Do you want me to list all the people that dora merrily ran around listing. How about kick ass? How about the other 3 alts? There are 4x the amount of people below level 300 in war mode that are alive every day that no one can pick off unless they have something low enough to attack and list. Which is what your group has been exploiting.

    I laugh at RNB being able to take 'mop the floor' with us, but that is not what this conversation was about. It was to remove the blatant cheating from the game, that you even admitted to.
  15. mzinga

    mzinga New Member

    Again, they can list people for pennies on the dollar getting earnings from their 'MAIN' companions to keep them in cash to list. I have to list you and Harley for 800 billion.. While Dora can list a level 100 for 100k. We get the same amount of points. That is totally incorrect.

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