War Event Duration Update (Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    One of the more frequent bits of feedback we get around the War Events is that they are a tad too long, running for four days from Friday to Tuesday.

    To that end, we’re planning on making an update for this week’s Guild/Faction War events in Viking Clan and Zombie Slayer respectively to change that timing to three days. This means the War Event will run from Friday October 26th at either 10am or 4pm Pacific, depending on the game, until the corresponding end time on Monday, October 29th.

    We’ve also adjusted some of the timers in the War Event to account for the shorter duration. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been adjusted:

    • 3 Day Event
    • 11 minute, 15 second respawn timer
    • 4 token refills per day (12 refills total)
    • 67 tokens per refill
    • 4FP/UN per refill (works out to same total FP/UN to be spent on refills as the current event)
    • 2 minute, 2 second token regen time
    • max tokens raised to 400
    This is not a permanent change right now, but if the 3 day event feels right we can keep it around for a while and potentially bring it over to Pirate Clan and Mob War: LCN as well. Let us know what you think of this change, and make sure to pass this on to your Guild/Faction mates so they are aware!
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  2. Abbie Grubb

    Abbie Grubb New Member

    I love it, hope everyone else does as well.. :p
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  3. elrusso08

    elrusso08 Member

  4. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I have a Question tho if u are decreasing the Days are you gonna increase the Rewards? cause it would help out alot in this case since we are gonna have to fight harder now!
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  5. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    There are no changes to the rewards for this event. It shouldn't take you any more effort, you can just get the same amount of actions done in a shorter amount of time.
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  6. spookierthanu

    spookierthanu New Member

    Just knocking a day off the event would be fine. Changing the respawn time, cost of refills, and tokens per refill is simply overkill.
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  7. Alfredo Scarface

    Alfredo Scarface Active Member

    I'm taking it by the fact there isn't a mention of token regen time that it is unchanged. I hope so.
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  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    You are correct, token regen time is unchanged.
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  9. Alfredo Scarface

    Alfredo Scarface Active Member

    Thanks, Smack, just good to get confirmation :)
  10. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    not sure the extra cost for a refill is the best move. it does average out to the 4 extra tokens gained overall (50*16=800 , 67*12=804) but its pretty pricey. if there was an option to buy 50 tokens for 3 fp or 67 for 4 fp that would work i think. More options given to people the better. No matter the choice a person would choose would count towards 1 refill, so still only 12 max with the shortened time.

    Decreasing the amount of time for token regen should also be reduced a bit to compensate for the reduction of a day off the war. The kill achievements take a lot of time to gain and cutting a day off means 600 less tokens or for a good guild a minimum of 5 kills from tokens spent.
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  11. VladimirT777

    VladimirT777 New Member

    Will 2604 be the "NEW MAXIMUM" number of Tokens a player who uses all 12 refills (who also doesn't over-stack tokens) receive over the entire Guild War? 1600+804+200=2604.
  12. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i dont think it is really overkill as there are achievements that require a massive amount of time to get namely the kill achievement and a day taken off lengthens that time quite a bit if this is a thing to go forward hence the necessity to what they have done in keeping everything proportionally the same but in a shorter time.
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  13. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I think this was an oversight on our part. It is our intention to have the same amount of actions (give or take a small handful) over a shorter time period. We'll crunch some numbers and share any updates here
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  14. VladimirT777

    VladimirT777 New Member

    The old "MAXIMUM" was 3132 Tokens. With a 2604 "NEW MAXIMUM" tokens per GW, average player and Guild, scores will decrease approximately 17%.
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  15. Alfredo Scarface

    Alfredo Scarface Active Member

    Can I suggest that you postpone it for this war? It's too close to this war now to be crunching numbers. This applies if token regen time change is being considered. If regen time is being considered to be made lower, I'd also suggest editing the maximum to exceed 300.
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  16. Irnbru

    Irnbru Member

    i like this update well done kano.... NOW can you change up warmode please add some rewards!!!!!!
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  17. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I have updated the OP with the following:
    • token regen reduced from 162 seconds to 122 seconds
    • max tokens raised from 300 to 400
    What this means is that you will be able to earn the same amount of tokens over the duration of the event and it will still take about 13.5 hours for your tokens to max out. Thank you all for your feedback today and we look forward to your feedback during this weeks event.
  18. koo22

    koo22 Member

    I love it.....been saying for years Guild Wars is way too long! Having it end on Monday makes a lot more sense...THANK YOU.
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  19. VladimirT777

    VladimirT777 New Member

    Thank you for adjusting Token Regen time, and Max Tokens. problem solved.
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  20. spookierthanu

    spookierthanu New Member

    Honestly, I believe that with a day being knocked off that those day's refills should also be knocked off. Whoever is concerned with the achievements just needs to keep playing.

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