[VC] Viking Clan Late Summer 2015 Item Creation Contest

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  1. ilulissat

    ilulissat New Member

    Name - Mighty Hunter
    type - warrior
    Description - A inuit strugling behind a dogsledge in a snowstorm
    on the sledge is a big polarbear
  2. Nochnoi Dozor

    Nochnoi Dozor New Member

    Name: the Ghost Train
    Description: steam train in ghostly white shape, the lighthouse lit in pale yellow light in mist sees the blur forms of trees
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  3. Mychael Wellmann

    Mychael Wellmann New Member

    Name Dragonbite
    Type: Weapon
    This Broad Sword derives its name from a time when viking clans were being shredded, torn, and eaten by Dragons. A viking blacksmith was tasked in creating an equalizer for his chieftain. The Blacksmith sent his apprentices to search for iron, silver, dragon teeth and scales. The requested items were brought to him. He forged the the blade to a double edge; using the the iron and silver. Both edges of the blade were sharpened with the Dragon teeth. The hilt and pommel provided the needed weight to balance the blade, with the total weight ranging from 2-4 lbs. The Blade had a slight taper, which helped bring the center of balance closer to the grip. The Blacksmith then crafted the dragon scales into the grip, then he crafted Dragon claws as the crossguard. Copper and silver were used to inlay the pommel of the sword. Upon finishing the sword the Blacksmith fell into a deep slumber. Then a Valkyrie named Skalmöld (Sword-time) descended from Valhalla to Bless the sword. The next day the Blacksmith presented his created heirloom to his Chieftain who wielded the sword with strength and power thus ending the battle of Dragons against his clan.
  4. Shutterbug

    Shutterbug New Member

    Name: Fall Fairy Maidens
    Type: Warrior
    Description: A tree with bare branches. The leaves are falling to the ground. Each falling leaf has a fairy in its shape; all of various fall colors - crimson red, yellow, brown and green.
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  5. Shutterbug

    Shutterbug New Member

    Name: Fall Fairy Leaf Maiden
    Type: Warrior
    Description: A bare tree. The last leaf falling off the branch is that of a fairy with crimson red, yellow, green and brown coloring in the shape of a leaf
  6. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    Name: The Variant
    Type: Warrior
    This warrior lives in Valhalla and is a judge of good and evil. He has one all seeing eye, and wears a viking helmet with horns protruding on both sides. One horn is white and the other black. On his breastplate is an insignia depicting two intertwined snakes. He holds a staff with skull carvings in one hand. His lips are pursed in a half smile, half smirk as he decides how each fallen warrior will be dealt with.
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  7. Name: The Blood Eagle

    Type: Warrior

    This bird of prey descends from the smoke filled, night sky with bloody talons bared as the fires and battle rages below. His weapons are the black eyes only visible due to the unearthly purple iris used to sight his unsuspecting prey, powerful wings, a razor sharp beak, and blood stained talons.

    His shrieking war cry freezes the Warriors below mid-battle. His black and purple feathered wings silently slicing through the air. It isn't until a split second before impact that the frightened warrior hears anything and turns to defend himself. Too late. Massive claws sink into his skull through his helmet. His sword falls to the ground. Just as quickly, the screams fade into the distance causing mass panic. Opposing sides unite to save themselves from this mythical creature that hunts men by night.

    Meanwhile, the blood eagle feeds.
  8. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    Name: Ragnarung. Type: Weapon - spear. Description: Angled view from right to left. 2 1/2 meters long, 9 inch long broad spear head with elongated diamond shape (like chandalier lightbulb) with 4 long sharp ridges. Spear head=iron, color=burnished aged silver. Haft=fire hardened ash with natural markings in dark contrast to haft's golden color. Glowing runes of strength and virility etched at the markings. two 1 foot long areas with leather strips wrapped for gripping. Image of a wailing head eminates from the runes which drip with blood.
  9. Morganese

    Morganese New Member

    Name: Odin's Hunt
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Two banners one appears fluttering in the wind making it to look like two ravens joined in flight searing through the sky representing Huginn and muninn. Second banner appears at ground level, represents two wolves Geri and Freki running at full sped coming together to form an arrowhead. This represents shape-shifting into a deadly weapon enhance with Odin's powers. The representative being they are the harbinger of war, plague and death to all that see them.
  10. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    Name: Daylight Spy
    Type: Warrior
    Description: Hooded, plain mask, blue gloves, blue soft leather boots, blue clothes armed with short sword, shield, and light blue dyed leather armor under cloak. Green runes cover flowing light blue cloak, inside of cloak looks like open sky. When cloak closes, runes form a pattern which allows spy to "shift" between dimensions, becoming a ghost. Cloak's runes have a low glow when activated so is ineffective in the dark. Runes on clothes and armor protect spy from becoming a real ghost when cloak is active.
  11. Killer Whale

    Killer Whale New Member

    Name : Third eye of destruction.
    Type : Weapon
    Description : The third eye on forehead when open clairvoyance flames shoot out of this third eye. The destructive power of fire from the third eye can have devastating three worlds. the third eye emits energy enough to destroy all evil residing in the universe.
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