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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by jgrave10, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. jgrave10

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    Hey everybody... I'm having trouble finding any information regarding the roles of a guild leader and officers... What privileges / powers are extended to the officers appointed within a guild? What role do the officers fill within the guild? Thanks...
  2. leader and officers are only ones that can accept request to join.there also the only ones that can boot someone out.

    other than that ive yet to find any role other than there suppose to keep the guild in line but i know not all are like this.
  3. jgrave10

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    So the leaders are granted all powers except removing or changing the leader?
  4. the leader is only one that can change leader.officers dont have that power.

    leader and officers can delete posts made in guild feed(officers can even delete posts the leader made unless thats a bug)

    other than having power to remove and add to guild they dont have other power

    oh yeah there the only ones that can make alliances and make enemies with other guilds
  5. jgrave10

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    Hey Thanks For Your Help...

    "oh yeah there the only ones that can make alliances and make enemies with other guilds"

    Dumb question... So are you saying the leader is not able to make alliances and enemys with other guilds? Moreover, it would seem that the officers would have some sort of approval process within the guild on such decisions. The leader seems somewhat impotent here if the officers can make alliances and enemies without going through the guild leader... Obviously a wise leader should trust the recomendations of his officers but at the same time be the final athority on such actions...
  6. im saying only the leader and officers can send alliance and enemy request(and approve them).
    both leader and officer can remove but if request after request is sent and approved i think eventually 1 party will get tired of keep removing

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