VC/PC/ZS/MW:LCN Hidden Recipes and Blueprints

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    WHELER Banned

    Roadster Bike : 1 x jet quad. 1 x rc bomb...
  2. enviscirob

    enviscirob New Member

    I need some help i can not figure out how to get the bottle of grog for some of the hidden recipies and if i have it i cant find it
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    i haven't played Pirate Clan for quite some time, but i'm pretty sure that Bottle of Grog is a gift. Just ask your chieftains to gift it to you. problem solved.
  4. Patti Wasson

    Patti Wasson New Member

    You can find additional solved BB recipes for Viking Clan and Pirate Clan at: I have been trying to keep it up

    combinations ive tried and failed
    Axe sstaff duc tape +( below in braackets)
    hand axe + duc tape + (lightning rod, lightning rod + step up transformer)

    and a few other combinationss... HELP PLEASE
  6. Jonathan_X

    Jonathan_X New Member

    Swordspinner Hat: Thailand Level 835 $8 Billion (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Royal Guard
    x1 Thai Sword
    x1 Stabby Hat
    x3 Gear Part
    Where do i get royal guard?
  7. martincles

    martincles New Member

    Swordspinner Hat recipe

    That should say Royal Guard Helmet, which is a mission drop.
  8. Gunny from PC

    Gunny from PC Member


    Rage Spirit = Velociraptor + Archimedes Sunfire Mirror 47 attack/47 defense

    The Argo = Siren Ship + Love is a battleship 122 attack/122 defense

    The Automaton = Baroness + blackpowder + clockwork parrot 40 attack/40 defense
  9. Tyler Herig

    Tyler Herig New Member

    Im sorry to tell you this but the "Dual Threat Launcher" blueprints were incorrect... I tried it 6 times sorry to be the one to have to tell you that
  10. martincles

    martincles New Member

    Dual Threat Launcher

    Are you too low level to do it or something? You need to be level 300, and have enough money. I'm sure on the recipe, I'm looking right at it right now.
  11. Ronny

    Ronny Member

    Does anybody still do these i'm level 1,685 on Zombie Slayer and trying to make the Coffee hose any ideas.... Here's what I've figured out it is a weapon... Slapped a weapon in there my guess it is crafted with a Mr.Coffee or a travelers mug maybe both and something else. Need help thanks.
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  12. martincles

    martincles New Member

    Nearly a solution

    I just passed that level myself, and got a little help from someone. I'd feel bad giving up someone else's secret, so I'll put you where I was and offer the same clue:

    I'd reasoned that the Harpoon Cannon, the Barista Apron and Weapon Part were needed; which just leaves you one gift to figure. Go through the gift list, and figure out which would be handy if you were running a coffee shop.
  13. Ronny

    Ronny Member

    Mmm ill try out what I think thank you.
    You have successfully crafted the following item:

    Coffee Hose
    86 Attack
    77 Defense
    Quantity Crafted : x1
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  14. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Yay I get to contribute something.

    Thunder Axe: Image

    Throwing axe (Lumberjack drop)

    Tazer Baton (Outbreak drop)

    Destructive part

  15. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Coffee Hose: Image

    Barista Apron (Store)

    Harpoon Cannon (Fisherman drop)

    Water Purifier (Gift)

    Weapon part
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  16. martincles

    martincles New Member

    Dag nabbit!

    Eraser, you got to it three days before I was high enough level to solve it. I mean, I had the recipe figured, I just wasn't high enough level to do it yet.

    You have successfully crafted the following item:
    Thunder Axe
    375 Attack
    0 Defense
    Quantity Crafted : x15

    I'll meet you at level 1915, to solve the War Wolf.
  17. addition to VC hidden recipes, where to find ingrediants/materials

    Sokol KV2 Spacesuit for the hidden recipe Space Soldier, is found in the challenges section it is the 2nd completion reward. Not sure about the un uniform or un helmet. Will post when I know. If anyone knows would you please reply, also looking to find where to get Lada C, and Russian Express Mouthguard. Thank you.
  18. It is the Russian Express Mouthguard you are looking for.
  19. Pieman

    Pieman New Member


    Anyone know the recipe for Skullnado?
  20. mark-ten

    mark-ten New Member


    Required Location: Afterworld
    Level Unlock: Level 5810
    Crafting Cost: 1,400,000,000 coins

    Master Explorer

    Required Location: Waterworld
    Level Unlock: Level 5660
    Crafting Cost: 1,000,000,000 coins

    Poison Syringe

    Required Location: Underworld
    Level Unlock: Level 5210
    Crafting Cost: 600,000,000 coins

    have eny one solved them yet ?
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