Value of Skills vs Hired Guns/Mob Size

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    I know this might sound a little too extreme of a question BUT my question is basically, with mob size being an apparent huge factor in battles (I have seen full mobs able to beat smaller mobs 1500 levels above them), how many skills would balance or counter hired guns? Put more simply... if all things were equal (including levels, skill allocation, items, mob size, etc.) and when Mobster A attacked Mobster B, the battles were 50/50 on who won let's assume. Then Mobster A added 2 hired guns, how many skills would it require for Mobster B need to allocate to Defense to counter the difference in mob size to maintain the balance? Is that even possible to figure out? LOL Or is it a situation where mob size IS the deciding factor in LCN and there no getting around that?
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    Crafting and boss rewards , loot, inventory, personal loadout also come into play, in fact everything counts :) but you definitely want a full Mob/crew
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    One's mob count and inventory plays a factor along with allocation of skill points.
    It's very possible for someone with the full size mob to lose to someone smaller in size.

    So basically,there really isn't a right or wrong answer to this.


    LOL Kind of the answer I expected. However, somewhere in the mix of everything, there is a "value" or formula to all of this with a "variable" factor that is random (otherwise each attack I make on the same mobster would be exactly the same damage and experience). I realize that items, drops, allocation makes a difference, only a fool would not take those things into account. But the question was really simple, it was not how many skills do i need to win against somebody or why am I losing or winning, the question was just does anyone know any idea of how many skills are worth say 2 hired guns. Maybe a better way to ask would be to say let's say Mobster A attacks Mobster Z and loses every time. Then Mobster A adds 2 hired guns and wins a fight against Mobster Z. If Mobster B is EXACTLY like Mobster A before the 2 hired guns, how many skills to Attack would Mobster B need to add to also win against Mobster Z?

    I was just wondering because when it comes to FP's, often I have the choice of getting Hired Guns or reloading stamina and doing another 6-8 levels giving me 30-40 skills. I was curious to know if putting those skills to Defense or Attack was equal or close to the value I would get if I added 2 hired guns. But if no one has any idea, I will just "wing it".
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    Hired guns first,hands down.

    Long as your inventory is fairly up to date and your atk/def don't totally suck..should be fine lol.

    If someone is constantly winning then they might just have a heavy attack.
    If someone is constantly holding off your attacks then they might just have a heavy defense(my viking is a great example)

    If they both win and hold you off and your mob size is roughly the same,then they might of gone atk/def and neglected everything else which hurts in the long run.
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    It would be good to know what each purchase is worth in terms of what our attack defence is, so you are are right to ask.
    I doubt Kano will give the answers to the makeup of each item or skill point allocated as there does seem to be a lot of randomness with these apps, and any tutorial will only show what buttons to click to perform an action.

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