[LCN] Update Regarding the Referral and Rewards Program

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Deadly Walker

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    Mitch. The only thing that upsets me is I consider my character as an investment, which I have worked hard for. I have invested plenty and hope that others like me are rewarded for our "past" investments as well as these crossovers have been rewarded for their "future" investments. I, like many others that kept this game going in it's infancy and helped build it into what it has become, hope we are at least considered as having a legitimate complaint and are shown some appreciation. Right now, lot's are not feeling this.
  2. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Member

    Just added to mob? Or have to be added as friend as well?
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I'm still confused about one thing with the 'referral program', you have to be friends with these new comers to get this correct?
    How many people actually would receive these rewards then, because we meet these players in-game so no chance at the offer.
    Basically, it would mean be facebook friends 1st, then get them to join LCN before someone else 'recruits' them? :confused:

    The absolution I know how works cause it's bringing 'old players' back.
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  4. Mary Lou

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    Nothing has been worked out as far as the "old" players are concerned. Nothing.
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  5. FancyPants

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  6. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    @JADES That's exactly right — the feature is designed to help people bring their existing friends into the game who don't already play LCN. That's part of the reason we didn't roll it out to everyone at first, we figured most people already have their friends in-game so there wasn't many targets. Godfather Absolution is set up to help bring lapsed players back and we figured there'd be more options for that than for new people for longer-term players.

    @Mary Lou we're working on it. Looking forward to speaking with people today. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat one-on-one.

    @FancyPants If you see accounts that look like they have a suspicious number of certain items etc. please let us know, I can't guarantee we will be able to tell you whether or not it's the case though. We haven't found a way for people to buy multiple packs yet but if there are suspicions you have it would help in our testing.
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  7. FancyPants

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    OK Thanks. I remember a couple of the users but I didn't save their links. I'm sure they'll show back up in my fight history. I'll send you the info when I come upon it.
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  8. Deadly Walker

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    Here may be a decent solution. This is just from me and I haven't discussed it with anyone else. How about a "Days Played" achievement? It would need to be rewarded generously to quell the uproar. Also, there are several area's of achievement that need to be updated, A and D is one, just off the top of my head... Tons of us are nearly or over double the highest level of achievement now. Just thoughts with hope we can come up with something.
  9. Mary Lou

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    This is the best idea I have heard yet!
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  10. Mary Lou

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    @Scoughman- how do I send you a pm?
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Click on his name and you will see "Start a conversation"
  12. Mary Lou

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    Ya know I get that this is a business, I own a business also, we all have to make a living and are entitled to what we have earned and worked for. I am always looking for new customers and if someone is not sure that they want to buy from me, I may offer an "incentive" for them to do so. If they are not reluctant, I don't offer any incentive. What I do however is take very good care of my original customers. The people that bought from me when I was just starting out, the people that took a chance on me and my product. The longer someone buys my product, the more loyal I am to them. It has worked out VERY well for both parties. To me it is just good business.
  13. Mary Lou

    Mary Lou Member

    thanks JADES!
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  14. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I was wondering why I hadn't seen this myself. Maybe this should have been tagged FB instead of LCN? If any of you are ticked off, come over to KP2, you'll get a much fairer shake there.
  15. Curves

    Curves Member

    i started my account 1,219 days ago. started hunting on the hit list at level 400 so have answered quite a few math questions as that's my fav part of the game & where i spend majority of my playing time. i had to work slow and hard to move up in the game, that was the only way 1,219 days ago, no raids, no welcome wagon or incentives. i was chained immediately, and these players can attest to it ... bad breath, tinman without a heart, kicka, maizy, well most of doa actually lol and a few other legendary groups ... swat, wtf etc. got tired of the constant beat downs so continued to work hard building a strong account & began to spend some cash. even then, took quite a while to beat my main chainers, some i will never beat. NOW, do i not only have the vet high levels to contend with when i hunt, i've got a whole new group of up-and-coming players from mafia wars 1/4 my level chaining me - so now i have to take it from BOTH ends even though i've paid my dues for years on this game to get where i am. it's really a slap in the face what has become of the game. already bounty hunters have probably tripled and the new ones brag in wc there are thousands more coming. i spent an hour on hit list tonight & barely got any attacks in, yet a level 1008 posted in wc he had 29 so far ??? ok good for the new players lol we've asked for a few small things like upgrades to the inventory we've purchased, better stam/energy refills upon leveling, better fight drops as the ones we catch now are pitiful; many players have offered lots of creative ideas and in my 1,219 days here have seen nothing implemented. newer players haven't paid any dues as far as fighting their way up through the ranks, and for that to be offered and allowed is sadly disrespectful to us. i've been around long enough to see people come & go for various reasons, jobs, health, but have never seen such a mass exodus as am i seeing now with vets asking their accounts to be deleted. yet you new people want us to teach you the game, always asking for something more. new players don't worry though, you've inherited the lining of the kano pockets so enjoy. talk about a good thing going bad ... it's rotten.
  16. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

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  17. kingster69

    kingster69 New Member

    Yes Curves I agree with what and totally understand where you are coming from.
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  18. meet_joeblack

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    i got distracted by the curves............
  19. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    Love it, curves, stick it to them!
  20. Zoe Bell

    Zoe Bell Member

    I agree Curv3s and I couldn't had said it any better myself. We were all chained by the highers when we started and never whined to Kano that we were being bullied for hitlist retaliations- we took the hits and never clicked a protection button... I didn't even have a protection buttonhow up for me... I still don't and I put a ticket because I wanted to know what one was... We didn't get coddled and extended new player protection or all the awesome stuff the new players have been given. We were proud of ourselves for building our character and not just buying it... We did bosses to build but people who buy their game don't need bosses all they need is lots of plastic or paper money... they don't need jobs either because the stuff they buy is better than the stuff we can craft... It really is sad... 1/2 of the game features are useless to them because they chose to spend money , buy their game and for some bully higher levels that they ought to be respecting and not bullying , I am saying some because I have seen 1 actually help others... I had a much higher level mob, that is an original LCN player, message me because he was being beaten and chained by a much lower level person who was buying their game and was contemplating quitting the game. I won't teach them how to play- they've already learned all they have to do is spend money and they can do whatever they want :( I will help those I see that aren't cheating by using exploits. I think something needs to be made available to the higher levels to build to establish rank in the game
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