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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SparkleMotion, Jan 21, 2017.

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    you have to agree to go into that chat also, so leave it be and stop the pampering of everyone if you dont like the chat stay out it warns you to enter at your own risk. you have the world chat for the politeness, and leave people and the cussing alone you censor every other chat leave 1 alone this is for the rough necks and those rowdy crowd.
  2. maddog1122

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    You might as well do away with the world chat, by making it so we cannot click on others names, you've made this chat useless to be in. you've also disabled us from being able to do events posted in world chat. you should have just done away with the world chat completely or went back to the speaker points system you had before. I've already quit one of your servers and one game. its almost time to quit all your games. while i agree at least your making changes, your completely missing the point of what we were all talking about. and you say this is based on all the feedback. the feedback I've seen over the last eight years or so, has not said anything about disabling the game further. it's always been on getting rid of the abuse done in the chats, and you just opened another chat that allows that same abuse to go right back to what it was. a friend of mine and me have read the chat LOGSOF THELAST TWO DAYS IN THE LOUNGE AND YOU MADE IT right back to the point of where it was in world chat, you only moved it to a different spot on the game. these latest changes made me glad that I quit that one game and server
  3. maddog1122

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    I don't disagree with you on the subjects of simple misunderstanding! If you have read any of my posts you would also see that being a thief for stealing a kill or hitlist that would be kewl as far as I m concern! however none 0f that is or has ever been the subjects of my posts, i'm talking about the trash talk that harms, a persons reputation, or threats in real life, which i have seen from other of your posts. Kano knows whats right or wrong and they just reopened a chat that has put the trash talk right back to what it was harming others. you don't have to be in the lounge for these same people that are doing all the abused to mention your names, or spread lies about you, hell i even quit one of the games myself and still my name is mentioned in games I don't even play anymore. and I agree that the ones who defends themselves from these types of abusive threats right up until the defenders start doing the same thing back. if they do then they should be punished or banned right along with the ones who were abusing people in the first place.
  4. maddog1122

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    I've also read every word of what you stated and ii still stand by my statements, also my statements were not concerning being banned by simple words or defending oneself unless the one who defended themselves also overstep the line and did the same thing right back at the abusers, then becoming abusers themselves, then I agree they should also get banned., my statements have always been about people who abuse the rules or threaten and abuse people in the chats. and if you misunderstood what I was saying, I'll apoliige for that but I stand by my former statements
  5. maddog1122

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    I spoke in world chat for over eight years without using any cuss words, or threats with certain words being banned. Anyone with common sense, that knows what is wrong by societys would be wrong to use in old jokes or play on words, do you realize that there have been several people that were tortures in society with old jokes. to the point hat those people felt they had no choice but to end their lifes. what may be funny to someone with a sick twisted mind, is not funny to a lot of us! My mom always told me that if you cannot say something nice about a person, then you should not say it at all. As far as I am concern there is no need for any type of trash talk in these games period! but that's only my opinion! making fun of how a person may look, or how they live just to insult them is not what these games were meant to be. But you will always have someone trolling these games to intentionally hurt someone if they can becuz that's how they get their kicks, as you stated, you yourself have been attacked by these type of people! and I respect you for defending yourself against these types of attacks, outside of that I still think that anyone who intentionally trys to insult or harm someone else in these chats should lose their chat privileges in said game permanently.
    and yes, if I did that then I would accept that I lose my privileges too.
  6. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    you mean its for the ones who spend the most and rules the game to abuse people further with no restraining it at all. exactlty what's not needed in this game. I don't chat in the lounge but i do read all the abuse being done there. I'm very glad I stop playing that game also. I have hundreds of games I can play on other servers or disks that I don't have to put up with all that crap anymore. which is a shame becuz I liked mob wars, lcn very much but I had to choose between the game or my health and common sense. while I understand playing a game for entertainment, I don't understand allowing people to promote such hate, abuse and harm to other people or to use it to ruin peoples reputation, or to run their personal life thru the mud either and then stating that it was just a joke or some other lame excuse. and I for one am stopping the games I see this happening in from kano's becuz they just opened it to be done again. if it happens in other kano games like it did on server one mob wars,lcn, i'll leave those games also and take what ever money I spend on games to companys that don't allow that to happen
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    sandy and Kristen,its time forme to quit all kano games, andmy accounts will be deleted soonin all kano games I play, my health has taken a turn for the worse and I gotta spendmy extra time fighting my cancer and going in for treatments. so I wanted to say good bye to all, its been fun, I already quit mob wars and asked for allmy accounts to be taken of fline. I wish you all the best of luck with all the abuse and problems in the chat rooms, this will be my last post in here also.
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    I remember the good old days when you could list someone for saying hi in chat. Sigh.
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    PC world. No fun allowed any more
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    You miss my point entirely.

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