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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SparkleMotion, Jan 21, 2017.

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    There are some great responses to this thread. I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but the subject matter can be so touchy, and people see things so differently that it is hard to even know where to start.

    I don't think we should run WC as if we were in church. Hell, I don't even go to church. But I do know what common decency is. I also know game banter is what keeps the game lively, and is one reason I am still playing after all these years.

    The main problem I see is that people confuse “game related banter” as an excuse to take things to a personal level. What I do for a living in real life, or what I look like in person is NOT game related. Blast my avatar all you want for the choices I make, but leave my personal life out of it! Most of us come here for some type of entertainment. We use our avatars to play a character that can either be a total jerk by continually attacking players so much that they wish they had never logged in, or we play our avatar with some kind of resemblance of how we might want to be treated if up against a player we cant beat. Either of these ways of playing can change at anytime as the game evolves, or as we get bored with a certain style. The point is, this is a war game and I fully expect to kill, and be killed. What is not acceptable is to come on and hear nasty comments about how I look in real live, or comments about my family, and as of late, certain players imply I am cheating simply because after 6 years, I happen to know how to play well and am moving up on the leader board.

    As far as having to be alive in game to be able to speak in WC, I can understand why people want that, but I also think it is not really a good idea. What if I had just bountied a player and wanted to post the results in WC, but I suddenly died before I could post the results? Yeah Yeah, Heal you say? No, some times we all need a break, especially if in war and need to get off the computer anyway. And there are times, the banter gets so interesting, that it is enough to make me want to heal just to be able to fight those running their mouths.

    In conclusion, look at it this way, if you would never dream of saying something to an opponent in real life, perhaps you might want to use words that are a wee bit more tactful in WC. If we all use a little common decency in WC, there would be no need to even have this discussion.
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    I have to say this is one of the most civil, positive, and constructive threads I've ever seen on the forums. Kudos, guys.

    I'm only in here for a sec but I just wanted to say, there's nothing that sucks more than getting a report, reading through a few pages of context, feeling like you have to ban someone and then later having the situation explained to you and realizing it wasn't an issue. I have had it happen to me more times than I care to dwell on, even now that I take special care to go and check the logs thoroughly each time. It's so hard for us to know the backstory when people are friends on FB and chat elsewhere, and on the other end, even when I know two people are friends, there are some posts we just can't have in the chat no matter what, so we need folks to help us out.

    AlterEgoT's got it, the more we have to moderate the chat by hand, the more people will get banned for posting things that aren't really an issue. And it sucks for us to have to do — with a small team, we end up having to spend time making people angry instead of working on stuff to make the game more fun. I would love it if we just didn't have to moderate the chat at all because people were keeping it friendly all by themselves. And honestly, that's why we always harp on using mute. Everyone has the power to avoid having to hear anybody troll them simply by hitting that button.

    If people choose to leave people unmuted and wait for us to solve it, there's no guarantee we will feel the same way about a post, or that we'll be able to get to it quickly, or that you won't end up banned yourself for responding aggressively to someone trying to troll you. And honestly, if you found something offensive, you're probably not the only one and we'll notice even if you have that person muted. Ha, maybe we could just look at "players most muted" on a regular basis to look for the biggest chat offenders — of course, if everyone did that we wouldn't have to moderate anything.
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  3. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

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    World chat is the LAST place anyone should go to get a question answered. Do you know how many times I have seen incorrect information posted intentionally to mislead someone? If you want a question answered, then come to forums or ask someone you trust.
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  5. I understand WC waxes N wanes but of late it has seen a nose dive in players talking let alone posting punch links .I got to wonder why make changes now when its so dead ? What made WC so great was when many people gathered posting punch links joking and yes heated banter. We are all meant to be adults in here and in game yes? I for one dislike being censored or scolded.If I want a adult baby sitter I can just google that and pay for it ...wait ok NVM...but yeah thats about it leave WC and the adults alone play games with other things .
  6. WorldB

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    Unfortunately this doesn't work for new players (what? we have new players?). They may not know about the forums, may want to play and don't want to wait days for someone to explain the game to them, and/or don't have trusted people because, again, they're new to the game.

    There's also nothing to stop a player from posting an incorrect answer in the forums and while it may be responded to eventually with other information, the same goes for the World Chat - bad information can be responded to by other players.

    It's up to us, the community, to make the World Chat work. Whatever the end product, the more we define it rather than the game company, the better it will be for us.
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  7. SparkleMotion

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    It definitely sounds like a lot of people are concerned with us over moderating. I get how that's a concerned, and I think that I would agree with you when you say that's been the case previously. It's a hard balance to strike, but we're not looking to stop people from trash talking and having banter in World Chat. Yes players can mute each other and I'm looking to put a lot more emphasis on that going forward, but that doesn't mean that people should get to personally insult one another. Calling someone names because of how they look, or because of something you've heard about their family, things like that aren't trash talk, it's bullying.

    Our main goal of the clear rules and guidelines coming out this week is to return world chat to its former glory. Maybe even make it better than it's ever been before, a place where enemies can trash talk, but also where new and old players can make new alliances. I'm over the moon at the response we've received from all of you in this thread, as well as in WC and tickets.

    I promise we're going to do our best to formulate rules that will help to enhance game play, not make it worse.
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  8. Sir Opinion Alot

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    banter is one thing its the repeat abusive manner people do things, ways they words things to insult people and hide behind loopholes in the rules. World Chat is what i thought was a place alot went to chat with friends that wasnt in the same syndicate, alot of the stuff we see should stay in the respected syndicate chat and people do not need to repost what there feed says 100 times a day. You know i would rather see a more peaceful world chat. We LCN players have always had a facebook page and chat for the limitless of your convo. a holds no barred no rules chat, thats where the crap should go and stay IN THE LCN ARENA
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    no way leave people alone,if they act like kids or causes personal harm, they don't b need to be there period. we are not talking about the people who act like adults or friendly banter, its all the other crap since they allowed it to become a free world chat. Bring back speaker points, a lot of those type of people will dropout becuz they wont want to buy extra speaker points we didn't have all these problems back in the old days with the speaker points
  10. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    very nicely said sparkles about the personal attacks and bullying. personally I think the trash talk is way out of hand, friendly banter I agree with being alright. the thing is, people are not doing that.

    prime example: I tried to talk to a couple people tonight about all the crap being said in the world chat tonight and that it doesn't matter if someone spends money or not. next thing I knew a another person come sin telling me to quit licking the highest spenders arse. that highest spender was not one of the people who I was talking to and my statements to my friends concerned both sides that was bullying with their nasty trash talk. As far as I am concern if the trash talk isn't about the game then it doesn't need to be in world chat period.
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  11. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    very well said sir, yes all of it should say in the lcn arena on face book and not in game, but it seems that three syndicates have their members keeping all of this going on in game chat and keep it going. the game is to kill your opponent or punch them and vice versa and its been a very long time since we had that type of chat. hope someday it goes back to that way.
  12. Nah nah what makes WC work for players is its fun .<~~~~period .You take away the fun in a game that is "fun fleeting " at best you going to push more away . Leave it alone and let people use it as it is ►A messy ,rude ,punch you ..list fest it is .
  13. maddog1122

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    even now sparkles after you warned people to stop last night the name calling and hurtful comments are still happening right up till you start enforcing the new guidelines, what use are new guidelines, if there sno immediate enforcing of them. you know the one or two syndicates that are causing trouble in mob wears lcn, but becuz one of the syndicates has the strongest player now and who's spent the most in here for themselves and their crews, still nothing has been done to stop the crap and we are telling you straight out, that we are tired of the same crap day in and day out. please put a complete stop to it. without telling us that new guidelines will be put in place and allowing it to keep happening. its been almost a year now in mob wars. and still happening.
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    it might be fun for you and a few people, but to me its not fun and several people have already left the game becuz it isn't fun, fun is the fighting, fun would be suggesting new things for the grou plike making our avatars into graphics that we can actually see fights or people hunting other people in the game. no one likes being made fun of becuz of disability or called names that has nothing to do with the game itself. no one likes threats to real life or their personal life brought into the game when it was not brought there by the person that their names and life is being dragged thru the mud, no one is having fun when people make up lies or takes a piece of what someone says and twists it into lies and being called liars themselves for something being taken out of contest or only part of a statement. if you call that fun then i think I am in the wrong game personally. we have already lost thousands of good people becuz of these problems and more are leaving the game every day. some may check back in from time to time to see if changes are made. but just like mafia wars, people wont stick around for long under these conditions.
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  15. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    The guidelines should be posted later this afternoon in a new thread. We'll be announcing the changes in enforcement, people should start to see a decrease in previous negative comments over the next week or so.
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    thank you I appreciate it and will wait to see what happens
  17. chAZZ

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    No need to profess my ignorance here, I am sure that will become painfully obvious if not now then soon. I have posted in discusion, Aqlso sunmited a ticket,
    In supprt's main page it says to click on 'view ny tickets' . I think they forgot to install that button in my support room. I have run combs through the carprtspyglasses across the walls, I even told a froup of kids not to touch it and they couldnt find it either.
  18. sorry now putting the player in hospital , and posting in wc is not allowed ? it's a game profile , player name , no one actually killed him , in a fighting game. Again your game your rules, but rules need to be known , and wc has it self a spam system that does not allow players to post to much or the same. Think the pertinent question is to know how many times a player can post in wc that killed another without breaking any rule .
  19. Rodney Rangel

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    that's a duhn duhn
  20. Kirsten

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    what ? you were not allowed to post that ya killed a player,?????????

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